Cousin and nephew sex stories

Having those thoughts about your cousins or nephews is about as normal as normal can get, we’ve all had them! After being around them for so long as family, it’s easy to forget that they’re just that, and not a good friend you spend the occasional evening with. Even then, the mischief and antics you get up to are a firm foundation for the roots of pent-up passion to take hold.

Real cousins & nephews having sex

Even after you stop seeing them as often, it can be a good idea to indulge in some cousin sex stories to give you that outlet! There’s a myriad of different scenarios that could take place, a dominant cousin, showcasing the sultry undertones of the object of your desires suddenly being in control, a submissive cousin, detailing how someone cute and timid can be an incredibly fun partner beneath the sheets! There’s also the more gentle side of things, or even rougher, having the dynamic become aggressive and demanding. Even within that, there’s a wealth of kinks and fetishes that can play out.

Erotic cousin and nephew stories

Getting started with browsing through our stories is the best start for you, finding your niche in this genre and getting lost in the near-endless fantasies available! Indulging in our fantasies is what they’re there for, so don’t wander around aimlessly, get stuck-in with a tantalizing story! Whether you’d like to read about a budding dynamic between two cousins that evolves into something special, or a rough and lecherous tale of pent-up feelings boiling to the surface, feeling the intensity of what unfolds.

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