Outdoor sex stories in public

Outdoor sex stories are tales about giving into the urges we all have, though in the comfort of nature, the seclusion of a back-alley, or even in a low-traffic public area! The kinkiness of being among the open air, your moans and squeals swallowed by the sky, the constant threat of being found, that’s what triggers the deep-set urge to find yourself in these scenarios.

In nature, you’re able to feel free, the world around you as pleasure wrack your body and mind, caving down against the grass, feeling the crisp wind against your skin, the subtle echo of your moans in the valleys around you. Though in a more urban setting, you’ll be battling with stifling those moans, feeling the rush of excitement at seeing people walking past you, not caring to look into the alley as passion builds. Being found out would be the final straw to force you over the edge, the shocked, judgemental eyes causing a shiver across your body.

Whether you’d prefer a public sex story involving bondage, being completely helpless to being found out, or even rough play, being pushed into the dirt of onto the cold floor as pleasures build. You’ll also be able to sink into dogging stories, going out into secluded areas with the intention to fuck a stranger, letting them use your body in the crudest way possible, with complete anonymity, you’ll only feel the trickles of pleasure and satisfaction once they leave. Whichever one tickled your fancy most, pick one of those up and lose yourself in an evening of risky public sex stories!

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