Cheating sex stories

If your wife is cheating, you will find it here. Cheating (wife) sex stories are a perverse and steamy story genre to delve into, showing the dynamic between a couple and how one takes advantage of that. Behind their back or in front of their face, there’s no limits to the scenarios that could take place. You’ll be able to sink into the feeling of either being in the place of the cheater, or the person being cheated on, whichever you prefer, there’s plenty of stories to suit you.

Cheating wifes & husbands stories

You may prefer a more subtle story, showing how one partner goes behind the other’s back, toying with their heart almost as much as they toyed with the other person’s lust. You may also prefer an overt tale of cheating, the other partner painfully aware of what’s going on, but either too scared to confront them, or too spineless to object to the entire situation. You’ll be able to live through that excitement, wondering if they’ll get caught and just how far they will go to sate their inner-lust at the expense of their partner.

Your wife caught cheating

These cheating sex stories can even go into the multiple-partner territory. Perhaps having them pursue multiple people at once, leading each one on and using them every few days, taking their turns without realizing what’s going on. No matter what you enjoy most about this kink, you’ll be able to find a myriad of saucey tales to satisfy your desires on, just remember to only read one at a time, just in case the others get jealous.

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