Bisexsual stories

Bi sex stories are able to scratch the itch from both ends, detailing partners that are comfortable engaging with both genders, you can enjoy the steamy situations that arise from them being so open with their sexuality! Though you’ll also be able to see a multitude of other kinks take place, building on the dynamic already in place and expanding on things to end with a much kinkier result.

Free erotic bisexsual stories

Just a few of the kinks that can take place are situations that involve forced-bi, BDSM, and even aspects of D/s dynamics! You’ll also see a few bi sex stories that have juicy tales of girlfriends coaxing their boyfriend into trying the other side out, or even forcing them to. Perhaps even a man who manages to convince his girlfriend into letting another woman into their relationship, enjoying the feeling of having two women vying for his attention.

Nifty bi-sex stories

It’s not just an open platform for other kinks to come into the mix, but a nuanced and interesting dynamic as a whole, leaving so much to get involved with. So get stuck in! Look around and find what you’re looking for, there’s definitely enough bi stories to sift through, you’re sure to come across what you’d like by the bucket! Take a look and indulge yourself, though make sure you have the time to get lost in a tale or two, because you’ll find yourself circling down a rabbit-hole of bi sex stories before you know it!

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