Licking both sides

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Although I was eighteen and felt that babysitting was beneath me, my father had fallen gravely ill and could not work. I knew my family was struggling financially, so I was eager to do whatever I could to help out.

The job was for the church pastor's son and his wife, Olivia. Being raised in the church, I knew the family. They were nice, kind, church-going people. The father was the nerdy type, so I didn't feel threatened in the least.

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In any case, I babysat for them a couple of times without any issues. As I became more comfortable with the family and their patterns, I began inviting my boyfriend to the house after I had put the kids to bed. At that age, we were always looking for a private place to have sex, and this fit the bill.

One evening, my boyfriend was particularly horny, and we were going at it all evening. We'd already had sex twice that evening, but my boyfriend insisted on having it again. I knew it was getting late, but despite my warnings that we were running out of time, he kept insisting on more. He had me aroused, and I deemed it quicker to just let him have his way than to try and sway him otherwise.

So, of course, as he was ejaculating in me for the third time that evening, we saw the car headlights flash through the window as a car turned into the driveway. There was an ensuing mad scramble, but I did manage to sneak my boyfriend out the back door and straighten myself out. It was a very close call.

As the parents entered the house, I was still trying to straighten up the room. Although they didn't say anything, I could tell Olivia suspected something. Yeah, I was flustered, dishevelled-looking, and out of breath. My hair had that "just fucked" look too. Of course, she knew I was up to something. It was just plain dumb of me to think I had gotten away with it.

After a quick briefing about the children, Olivia offered to drive me home. I thought it was a bit strange as, typically, it was always her husband that drove me home. The drive started off very quiet. Olivia wasn't saying much, and I was now beginning to suspect that she was onto me.

Without saying a word, she drove directly to a vacant, dark park and stopped the car. The tension was thick as I nervously sat there in silence, waiting for what was to come next.

She abruptly broke the silence: "I know you had a boy in the house this evening."

I had a feeling this was coming. I wasn't saying anything. I neither admitted nor denied anything, as I didn't know just how much she knew.

"I know you had sex with him also..." she continued.

I got caught red-handed. All I could think about was how much trouble I was in now. I told that selfish jerk it was getting late. Was she going to fire me or, worse, tell my father?

I was trying to think of a way to counter if she said she was going to tell my father, something like, "I am of legal age and an adult, so there is no need to bring my parents into this."

But then came the knockout punch...

"don't worry, I'll keep your secret safe."

Oh my god. I was floored. I just looked down at my feet in silence. I didn't know how to respond or what to say without incriminating myself. I remained silent.

She reached over and held my hand softly. I was confused and looked up at her. I couldn't help but notice how well-dressed she was. She was wearing an expensive-looking low-cut black dress with high heels. Her hair and makeup were perfect. As she slid across the car seat, her dress rode up, exposing a sexy pair of legs in black stockings.

It's fine, really, it is. With that, she leaned in and kissed me right on the lips.

What the fuck? I certainly didn't see that coming. I pulled back in surprise, but after a momentary pause, she kissed me again. I didn't know what to do, as this was the last thing I expected her to do, so I kissed her back.

Hmmm, maybe I wasn't in trouble after all.

As we started to make out, so many thoughts and emotions were going through my mind.

I was confused on many fronts. How in the world did she know about James and me? Why is she kissing me? What the hell have I gotten myself into now? Where is this going?

My young mind was still swirling.

Things moved very fast as Olivia's hands began roaming and exploring my body. A hand slipped under my top and began caressing my breasts. I recall thinking how soft her hands were and how she tenderly stimulated my erect nipples. Not like the boys who pinched and tugged at my boobs. This actually felt nice.

As we kissed, Olivia's hand began moving up my bare legs.

"Can I please lick you?" she asked.

I flashed her a nervous smile, still unsure of what I had gotten myself into now.

She parted my knees, and her head fell down between my now-parting legs. Her lips landed right on my pussy lips, and she began licking and slurping away. A finger easily slid between my wet vulva as it had been stretched all evening. She knew exactly what to do. As she sucked on my clitoris with her soft lips, she masterfully curled her fingers up into my G spot.

I had never experienced anything like this before. Olivia lifted her dress up, reached down into her pantyhose with her other hand, and began touching herself.

Jolts of pleasure were now shooting through my entire body. All the questions and doubts that were swirling around in my head were washed away with erotic pleasure. I began to quiver and shake. Olivia's mouth was now locked onto my clitoral area, and she began humming and sucking away as her fingers feverishly stimulated my vagina.

The vibration from the humming was more than I could take, and I arched my back as a massive orgasm shot through my body. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I let out a deep moan. This was by far the most intense orgasm I'd had up until this point in my life; not to mention something my boyfriend had failed to do that evening.

Olivia's lips were still locked onto my overstimulated clitoris as I convulsed and violently shook. I had to push her head back because I couldn't stand it any longer. Olivia had a big, wet smile on her face as she watched me gasping for air and finally going all limp.

Olivia continued masturbating while kneeling on the seat over me. In frustration, she grabbed the crotch of her pantyhose and tore them apart, exposing her perfectly bald pussy. I had never really seen another woman's pussy before, especially one that was so hairless and smooth.

She motioned for me to slide further down on the car seat, which I did. I had a pretty good idea of what she wanted. She then struggled to climb over the top of me and planted her wet, glistening pussy right on my lips.

Wow, I guess it is my turn now.

I couldn't believe how smooth she was. I began to lick and slurp her wet juices. Olivia was very wet--much wetter than I ever got.

Olivia began to ride my lips and tongue, moving back and forth as I stimulated her clitoris. I was surprised and intrigued at the size of her clitoris. I have a tiny, pearl-shaped clitoris. Olivia's was close to an inch long and very swollen. It very much felt like a miniature penis as I rolled my tongue over it and sucked on it.

With one hand on the dashboard and the other on the ceiling, she let out the most erotic, deep moan I have ever heard. Her orgasm seemed to last forever as she continued to shake and quiver.

"Oh wow... that was incredible," I moaned.

Olivia rolled off of me, kissing and licking her juices off my face.

It was one of the most erotic experiences I had ever had.

We then kissed again before she drove me home. Before getting out of the car, she made me promise to have sex with my boyfriend again the next time I babysat. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I jumped out of the car, ran into my room, and masturbated myself to sleep. The events of that night kept me aroused until the next time I babysat.

I was now babysitting and having sex with Olivia.

I developed a special relationship with Olivia as we were very similar in so many ways. She was my first female lover. I was now officially bisexual.

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