Forced bi sexuals story “You Know You Want It”

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My boyfriend, Tanner, and I had been in an open relationship for several years. It worked out pretty well for us. We were both free to go on as many dates or have as many hookups as we wanted. We usually kept theses encounters separate from our own relationship, but that was before I met Davis.

Davis was a hot, muscular bisexual man from Tinder. We hit it off on the first date, though we knew that it wasn’t going to be anything except sex. 

“STOP! Hey mate, now that I got your attention I’d like to share with you this new site I found with literally anything you can think of, ranging from orgies, grannies, teens, incest and you know.. the kinky stuff. I made this review just to help a brother out. Peace.”

– Jake A.

“So your boyfriend,” said Davis, taking a sip of his drink, “he’s not into men at all?”

I shook my head, my dark brown ponytail dragging across the back of my neck. “I wish. It would be so fun if he was. I secretly have always wanted to have a threesome with two bisexual men.”

Two men having forced bisex

A smile crept up Davis’s face. “Maybe you can talk him into it.”

I chewed my cocktail straw for a second, thinking. “I mean. . . maybe. . .” 

The conversation with Tanner that night didn’t go so well. He couldn’t believe I would even think of asking him to be with another man when I knew he was straight.

“Okay, what if we just had a threesome, but you didn’t have to interact with him?” I said, secretly hoping this would be enough to get my boyfriend to agree to a night with Davis.

Tanner sighed. “Fine. But only if I don’t have to touch or do anything with the guy.”

I walked over to him, threw my arms around his neck, and gave him a big kiss. “You’re the best boyfriend ever.”

The night of our threesome rolled around, and Davis knocked on our front door at 8 p.m. I answered it, with Tanner right behind me. They shook hands, and we all piled onto the couch, making small talk for a few minutes.

“Should we move to the bedroom, babe?” said Tanner, rubbing my shoulders.

I bit my lip and looked between him and Davis. “Yes, let’s.”

We all walked into the bedroom and Tanner took the lead. He laid me down on the bed and began to undress me, while Davis stood back and started taking off his clothes.

“Oh shit, you waste no time,” said Tanner as he looked over his shoulder to see Davis standing there, completely naked in our bedroom. 

Davis and I exchanged a brief glance, and I watched as he approached Tanner and started to take off his pants.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” asked Tanner, holding his hands up in the air.

“Babe, it’s fine,” I said from the bed. “Just let him.”

“Sorry, man,” mumbled Davis, smiling sheepishly. 

Tanner scanned his face for a minute but was distracted by me pulling him down in between my legs so he could eat my pussy. While he buried his mouth right against my clit, just how I liked, Davis got onto the bed and knelt beside my head. 

“Yes, baby, suck my cock,” he whispered, as he slowly pushed his way inside my mouth.

Between Tanner’s skilled tongue working my pussy and Davis’s thick cock filling up my throat, I was in heaven. All it did was make me more and more horny, and my mind raced with thoughts of Tanner and Davis messing around.

I came hard and fast against Tanner’s mouth. Davis looked down at me with an expression of awe and arousal, and I couldn’t resist doing what I did next.

After Tanner stood up and undressed, I pulled him onto the bed and gently pushed his head in the direction of Davis’s hard cock.

“What are you fucking doing?” he cried, looking at me with a furious expression on his face. His green eyes narrowed at me. 

“Just try it, baby,” I said, trying to push his head down again. “It turns me on so much. Don’t you want to please me?”

Davis let out a long groan as he forced Tanner’s face onto his cock. “Yeah, man. Nothing wrong with sucking a little cock.”

I watched as my boyfriend finally just let it happen and started slowly moving his head up and down on Tanner’s cock. His little gagging noises were so cute, and I could see the spit pooling at the corner of his mouth. 

I got on my hands and knees and started to suck Tanner’s cock. This seemed to relax him a little bit, as my tongue glided up and down his shaft. It made my pussy throb to have him giving head alongside me.

Finally, Davis pulled Tanner’s mouth off of his cock.

“That’s enough,” said Tanner, looking disgusted.

“Is it though?” I asked, giggling. I turned around and reached for the lube we kept in our nightstand, to Tanner’s horror.

“What are you doing?” he asked, sounding nervous.

I held my finger up to his lips. “Shh, don’t worry about it. Just come here and fuck me.”

I pulled him on top of me and helped guide his cock deep into my pussy, which was now dripping wet. He slid right inside and let out a loud, relieved groan. He only got to thrust into me a few times before he jerked his head back.

“What are you fucking doing, man?” he asked, glaring at Davis.

“You’ve never had your ass eaten before?” asked Davis. “It feels good, you should try it.”

I wrapped my arms around Tanner’s neck and turned him to face me. “Come on, baby, you’ll love it.”

Tanner didn’t get a chance to answer, because Davis was already diving his face right against his asshole. I could hear his tongue slurping my boyfriend’s butt, and it only made me wetter. 

“This is so fucked up,” Tanner moaned, his eyes filled with shame.

After Davis had got my boyfriend’s ass nice and ready, he pulled him down onto the bed so that we were all in a big spooning position, with me at the front. I reached back to grab Tanner’s cock, sliding it back into my pussy.

“Fuck, that feels good,” I sighed, happy to be filled up again.

“What is he doing then?” demanded Tanner. His voice was still angry, but he was fucking me just the same.

Davis must have rubbed a glob of the lube against his asshole then because Tanner suddenly yelped, “Hey! That’s cold!”

“Shh, baby,” I said soothingly. “Just focus on fucking me and let Davis do what he wants. You’ll probably enjoy it just as much as he does.”

As Davis got behind my boyfriend and slowly started to press his cock into his virgin ass, Tanner’s voice changed from an angry growl to a high-pitched whimper that I had never heard from him before. He was pinned between the two of us, used at both ends and unable to go anywhere.

“Your cock,” grunted Tanner, as Davis dove into his ass, “fuck, it’s big.”

I twisted my body around so I could look over my shoulder and watch Davis fucking my boyfriend’s ass. 

Davis had a huge, devilish smile on his face. “Yeah, it’s fucking big, but you like it, don’t you?”

Tanner couldn’t even answer. His mouth kept opening and closing, but no words were coming out. 

“Shit, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned suddenly, “FUCK!”

It seemed uncontrollable then, his orgasm. His eyes were wide with surprise as he came, like he couldn’t believe he was actually getting off from a cock in his ass. He twitched inside me as my pussy clenched around his cock, milking every last drop of cum from him. 

Davis pulled his cock out from Tanner’s ass just as Tanner pulled out from me.

“Let me taste that cum,” growled Davis, dropping down to all fours.  

He shoved my legs apart and dove into my pussy almost like a feral animal would, lapping up my cum. 

“Tanner, you have to help get Davis off. It’s the least you can do.”

Tanner recoiled. “I’m drawing the line there. No way.”

I smirked. “Babe, his cock was just up your ass, and now you’re drawing the line? Get in there and eat his ass!”

All the color drained from Tanner’s face, but he reluctantly did as I asked. He got behind Davis, who was still eating my pussy with a noisy hunger, and slowly began to eat his ass.

“Touch his cock at the same time,” I said.

Tanner groaned. With his tongue sliding along Davis’s asshole, he reached around and started to stroke his cock. I loved the view from where I lay, and also loved hearing the sounds Davis made against my cunt as my boyfriend pleasured him. 

“Shit man, right there,” groaned Davis, pulling his head up from my pussy. His lips were glossy with sticky wetness. “Fuck, I’m gonna blow my load, HOLY SHIT!”
Suddenly, Davis’s cock shot out a huge load of cum that sprayed right onto the bed, splashing against the inside of my legs. Tanner did a good job and kept eating his ass through the entirety of Davis’s orgasm, which only prolonged it.

Finally, after Davis was finished cumming, the three of us collapsed onto the bed to catch our breath. I nudged Tanner with my shoulder.

“Was it as bad as you thought?” I asked.

Tanner rolled his eyes and sighed. “Babe, we’ll talk about it later.”

But I could see the smile on his lips anyway. 

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