A new neighbors desire

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There was some restlessness in the neighborhood lately, as a new family moved in; Ben paid little attention to the event as he was not interested too much in what other people did. 

Despite his relaxed attitude, he heard the doorbell three days later, in the evening. He didn’t expect any guests, therefore, he was a bit surprised. As he walked towards the door to open it, he kept wondering why any of his friends would come without calling him prior… 

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“The fuck, we don’t live in 1955 anymore…” 

Those whispers churned by his lips would soon fade as the door opened.

“Good evening,” a gorgeous blonde smiled at him; her round glasses and thin nose impressed him instantly because they hid a pair of gorgeous azure eyes. Next to her, there was this feisty brunette, slightly chunky pushing up a pair of large breasts that trapped his full attention. 

At first, the man was taken aback, and looked at the two women with puzzled eyes, especially since the brunette was carrying some sort of sliced cake in a transparent plastic container.     

“Good evening?” he muttered moments later trying to choose whom to look at it. 

“We are Lisa and Ella, your new neighbors and we thought it be nice to meet and introduce ourselves to people.” the blonde added with a squeaky thin voice. 

The woman’s restlessness looked odd to him, especially since Ben did not expect such an encounter. 

“Ugh… I am Ben… nice meeting you!” 

The following handshakes were filled with thrill and ecstasy, as he could feel their energy through the first touch. 

Dumbfounded as he was, the man did invite his new neighbors in. 

“Ugh, would you like to come in, I mean…” 

The brunette offered the cake while shaking her head. 

“We can’t sorry, we have prepared something at home, we must return.” 

Those words sounded like a deal breaker now, but fate decided otherwise as the slender blonde sought to propose a different thing. 

“But you can visit us if you want; we have drinks prepared and we can… have a good time.” 

The sparkle of that bitches eyes changed suddenly, the moment she uttered ‘good time’. Whatever she meant by good time, Ben was now in on it

“Just let me put this cake in the fridge; thanks again for it, it’s really nice of you.” 

“Ohh don’t mention it, it was our pleasure.” 

Meeting a lesbian couple and hanging with them was the last thing Ben had imagined, but now his curiosity was stirred and he just had to find out. 

They all walked to the house, a bottle of chardonnay was opened, and after a few glasses, the atmosphere had relaxed already. 

“So, how come you ended to this neck of the woods, it’s not New York or anything.” 

Lisa giggled slightly. 

“We had our reasons, trust me…” 

Trust was quite an expensive commodity to trade so easily, but Ben would make a compromise that evening, especially as Ella had abandoned her coat allowing those gorgeous tits to emerge through the almost see-through white tee. Those fine round nipples protruded through the fabric calling his name in a strange language. 

He tried not to fucking gaze at it but it became impossible at one point; the wine was playing tricks on him already, and he was fighting the desire. 

“I trust, you, do I have other choices?” 

The well-built man with broad shoulders and dark eyes looking like blueberries attracted the two gay women like a fucking magnet and Lisa could barely control her emotions.      

Her smirk was more than obvious, and what he said next clearly surprised him. 

“Ella and I are gay, and soon to be married, I hope that doesn’t upset you in any way.”

“Upset?” Ben replied quickly as he could only think of one thing. 

Fucking two wives must be a splendid premiere, one he had never imagined. 

“My god.” He added with a gasp. 

By now he had completely fallen into their trap as the two women had seen him from the first day and planned to ‘do him’ asap. The two were gay indeed, but such occasions couldn’t be missed. 

Ella drew even closer now, her tits falling on his chest almost; the man had never seen such jugs up close thus far, and with the wine running his mood, he fucking glared at them as he was feeling their soft touch.

She saw his ‘greed’ and hunger and since the plan was made already, the woman looked at him. 

“You wanna touch them?” 

Ben had turned mute and without reaction. 


The bitch pulled one right there in front of him, urging the man to touch her breast. 

“C’mon, it won’t bite.” She smirked once more as Ben finally dared to kiss that nipple. 

“Ahh, fuck…” she moaned with all her energy as her fine skin was close to taking fire. 

Lisa watched the whole scene from the side, but couldn’t resist anymore, therefore she jumped in; she pushed Ben’s head, grabbing his dark brown hair tightly. 

“Just watch,” she whispered once their soft kiss was over. 

She now straddled her fiancé, pulling her shirt off at the same time; the kisses and gasps in between turned poor Ben harder than fucking wood, as those fine asses relinquished all their clothing. 

That beige leather couch looked like a setting from porn movies, with him sitting inches away from Lisa and Ella as they were rubbing one another turning those fine cunts of their soaking wet. 

Ben’s eyes followed the fucking steam in between, and how their luscious curves would wind in right there in front of his lustful eyes. 

Those bitches spanked their ass, biting each other tits and nipples as they screamed out their pleasure. 

“Ahh, yess, fuck…that’s it baby” 

Lisa would be the loud one while they both looked at him, with tempting eyes teasing his fucking ass to the brink. 

“You can join if you want…” Ella muttered in the end as if that ‘if you want’ had any meaning. 

Two women who had sworn a pledge to stay away from cock would now choke on that shit like there was no tomorrow. As Ben approached, they stopped rubbing each other directing their full attention towards him. While Ella pulled off his tee, Lila unzipped his pants wither fucking teeth, falling to her knees ready to suck his junk with all her energy. 

“Shit!” the man gasped as her hand touched his burning cock. 

She started at that mushroom head with intense hunger, rubbing and caressing his balls with both hands at once. Ella continued kissing and caressing him from the back, as both those bitches wanted to allure him until Ben lost his fucking minds.

A quick kiss on that head and then she gorged on it, making its head tap on the back of her hungry throat. 

“Hmm, yes baby, fuck… I love it!”she kept moaning while sucking him balls deep. 

The feeling was amazing, and now Ben’s wine would think for him, stirring the man’s confidence; he grabbed Ella’s neck and pushed her on her knees as well, as he just craved having two bitches sucking his cock at once. It was a fantasy he’d always had, and since the two were gay it made it even greater.  

They were gay just in title because now both Ella and Lisa looked like they loved some cock… which made them a pair of glorious bisexuals.

“Yeesss, fuck me!!” he groaned while Lisa sucked him and Ella licked his balls. 

His girth would swell inside their mouths as Ben fucked each of them in turns, and it appeared those cunts were craving yet more and more.  

Spit trickled down their chins as they sucked all of it, rubbing their cunts at the same time. It was the perfect signal Ben had been waiting for, and now he pushed Ella, over the edge of the couch, yearning to fuck that plump ass… the sound of those clapping ass cheeks already echoed in Ben’s head. 

“Ohh yeahh…” she smirked as he rubbed her wet pussy right before thrusting his fat cock full in. 

“Ahh!” she gasped suddenly. 

That bitch was left without a breath, and he just loved the feeling. 

“You’re mine!” he groaned slapping her ass with both her hands leaving red stamps on it.


Lisa was standing now with her legs spread in front of Ella, while the latter was licking her wet clit. The pleasure conquered them while their naked bodies were coated in warm sweat. Ben had immersed at the moment full-heartedly at this point as he fucked Ella with all the energy and stamina he could muster. 

“That’s it baby!” she smirked while Ella and Lisa were squealing in unison. 

“Fuck me, harder, give it to me… yess!!” she kept on begging as Ben increased intensity up to a point where those butt cheeks were jiggling to their fucking. 

“Is that how you want it? Huh you like it hard?”

“Yes daddy, yess… harder!” she yelled at this point while her face leaned on the couch. 

That ass stood gorgeously in the air portraying its perfect roundness, and that teased Ben to a fucking busting point. 

“Ohh fuck, I am cumming… shit!” 

Those words were more than enough to trigger the two women, who quickly fell back to their knees to swallow the man’s load. They sucked that blasting cock in turns until the cum came out, showering them in glory, while they kissed one another with cum in between. 

Their strangely sparkling eyes betrayed ecstasy and satisfaction, as they smiled both as if they touched fucking heaven. 

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