Masturbation stories

Our free masturbation stories delve into those deeply personal and intimate moments, the times when the only thing between you and ecstasy is yourself. No matter who the story may be about, a celebrity, fictional character, or someone entirely unknown to you, you’ll be able to experience that personal moment first-hand, peering into their lives and taking a perverted glance at their pleasures. Whatever the mood they may find themselves in, you’ll be there to take in every tantalizing, lust-filled second.

Female caught masturbating

No matter the scenario, whether they’re simply trying to sate their lust, or are trying to keep themselves under control from doing something much more depraved, you’ll be able to enjoy their desperate attempts to sate themselves. The freedom and desperation that comes with being to the point of panting with arousal, you’ll be able to see them in their most open moments, completely vulnerable and lost to their pleasures.

Masturbation with or without toys

These evenings alone can be entirely alone, their own bodies used to pleasure themselves as the night drifts away, or they can have their own toys handy, using them to hurdle their way to mind-blowing pleasure. The idle buzzing and cries of pleasure signal the first of many earth-shattering experiences of the night, and as you read on, many more to come.

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