Jerked off by hot stepsister

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I've always been an only child, living in the beauty of having divorced parents who always seem to want to apologize to me for their failed marriage by buying me stuff and giving me money. That is glorious, staying up late playing video games, hanging out with my friends, being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. 

Unluckily this paradise didn't last long, my father, being the wealthy man he is, hooked up with his secretary, what a surprise... And before I knew it, they got married in a blink of an eye. It is not that I don't like my new mom, is just that I hate my new sister, Amy. She is this immature, little brat who always gets what she wants, and my father seems delighted with her. 

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Stepsisters helps with my boner

The day I met her, I had friends at home, we were playing video games as always when she suddenly decided to break into my room and introduce herself to my friends. I wasn't pissed just at the fact that she interrupted us, but she decided to wear a skimpy outfit that day that made my blood boil: she had a crop top that barely contained her tits, no bra, you could see her nipples poking through the fabric, and she paired that with very short shorts, her butt was coming out of it. 

My friends all began drooling over her as she walked towards me, reaching out, and saying "Hi, I'm Amy, I guess you're my new brother." She had this stupid smile on her face, and when she leaned over, I could see her tits hanging from her chest. I swallowed hard, took her hand and said nothing, my cock was reviving inside my pants, and it wouldn't be right if she was there and saw my boner. 

I was so mad, I instantly led her out of my room and locked the door, so, the rest of the evening became unbearable to me, all of my friends mocked me about it, saying I should probably lose my virginity to her, asking me if I would ask her for blow jobs or sex. I had enough. The following days were confusing, they were filled of accidental encounters with her. 

We have a gym at home, and I usually work out late in the night, but when I walked in to exercise I noticed the lights were on, I thought it was a burglar, so I stepped in at my job instantly dropped, it was Amy doing squats wearing only her panties and a workout top. 

 She just giggled at me and invited me to work out with her, but I wouldn't have been able to concentrate with her nakedness dancing around at the gym.  Another encounter we had was in the visit's bathroom, it was watching TV in the living room and went to the visits' bathroom to take a leak.  While I was at it, she suddenly walked in on me, I instantly stop peeing and pushed my cock back inside my pants. 

Amy just stayed there at the door, giggling and blushing, "I’m sorry, I said there was nobody in here," she said and right before she left she said "nice cock by the way."

What?  How do you walk in on someone and then compliment their cock?  All of this encounter was very disturbing to me not to mention the fact that she walks around the house barely dressed, with her bouncy tits and jiggly ass.  It has been incredibly hard on me; I can't even concentrate on my homework and the shit I’ve got to do. 

It's so hard being constantly hard, and it's upsetting to me to not be able to control it.  But one night I touched bottom, I was walking down the hallway and her door was slightly opened.  Just because curiosity killed the cat I want to see what she was doing only to complain about her in my mind but holy shit, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and she was on her bed with her legs spread open completely naked and sliding a dildo in and out of her sweet, moistened, beautiful cunt. 

I thought I would die from the way my blood pumped so fast into my cock; I never had a boner as hard as the one I got that night.  She held her tits as our other hand moved her dildo in and out until it almost disappear inside of her, and her moans were incredibly hot

After staring at her for a bit I couldn't take it anymore I had to take care of the problem that was hanging between my legs, so I ran back inside my room, making sure to not make any noise, so you wouldn't find out. Once inside I laid on my bed, did the lube from my bedside table, and got comfortable.  I removed my pant and focused I'm taming my aching cock; I fisted it and began to move my hand up and down its length.

I felt an instant relief when I added pressure on my cock, my head throbbed so hard I thought it would explode from all the blood contained inside. I kept on moving my hand, concentrating now on Amy's tits, the way they bounced with each of Amy's movements was hypnotizing, and I replayed that image inside my head over and over again.

I began to moan, with my cock in my hand, and Amy's name on my lips when, all of a sudden, the door to my room opened and Amy walked in. "What are you doing little brother," she said with that immature giggle.  The second I laid my eyes on her, I realized she was completely naked, and as she walked towards my bed, I quickly moved my pillows over my crotch to cover myself.

"Don't be so shy, I’m your sister, and we should be able to talk about these things," I must have been dreaming, I mean this shit only happens in porn videos, Amy sat on my bed and gently remove the pillow covering my crotch.

"Let me do this for you, it’ll be a little secret,” she told me as she slowly reached out and took my cock in her delicate hand. 

"Amy, we shouldn't...  do this..."  I tried to stop her, but she just moved on.

"Do what?  We're not doing anything wrong; I’m just helping you, I’m just giving you a hand,” she giggled. 

Every time she moved her hand on me her tits would bounce right in front of my eyes, and that would make my cock throb so hard against her hand that she would throw a giggle and squeeze my cock a little bit, just enough to torture me gently. "You're so hard, don’t you want to touch my tits?"  she asked, and without hesitation I instantly moved my hand towards her chest. 

 I grabbed her tits and squeeze them, I pinched her nipples teased her, they felt so delicious in my hands that I could barely hold all of them, they were so juicy and big. "You like them?  It's been a while since anybody touched my tits,” she continued to jerk me off while I lost my mind in her hypnotizing tits. 

Suddenly, she spread her legs a little showing me her precious little cunt, dripping her sweet juices on my mattress, my hand traveled down, and I began to circle her clit just to repay her the favor.

"Mmm that feels good,” she told me in a very sexy voice, but I slid my fingers inside her wet slit.  We stay like that for a bit, but I knew I wouldn't last long, not with her moaning a wetting my bed. 

Then, I began to reach the point of no return, Amy kept her movements in the steady rhythm, and that was driving me to the edge. Before she could say anything, her entire body froze, and she began to release the most sensual and exotic moan I’ve ever heard.  That I felt her cunt pulsating around my fingers, trying to hold me in. 

 The sight of her face filled with pleasure wasting much for me to take, and I began to spill out my orgasm on her body. I came so hard I thought my orgasm lasted for ages, and it felt so good to see Amy pleased and happy with me cum all over her tits.  She was like an ecstasy, in the bliss of her orgasm. 

Then she looked at me and giggled, "look at this mess, now I have to clean it all up."

"I'm sorry,” I said to her, embarrassed, and exhausted. 

"That's okay,” she told me that she began to clean herself with her own fingers, licking the cum out of her hand. " Maybe next time you can finish inside me, so we keep things clean." That completely blew my mind, and I don't know if she did it to torture me, or keep me interested, but I swear I was hard all day, every day, just from thinking about it.

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