The Banging Millionaires: Chapter 1 (Brother / Sister)

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Hi, my name is Sanjay Rajput and I am from Rajkot, India. I currently live in Los Angeles and this is the story of how I banged my sister to become a millionaire. My family was very poor in India and we struggled to make ends meet. There were days we used to sleep hungry because my father didn’t have the money to buy food for us. My sister and I were very close to each other. She was just a couple of years younger than me. She was the heart of our family as she was very cute. I loved my sister and took care of her. And, when she had to sleep empty stomach, I would be irate. I also started working in a tea shop and was getting paid very little.

So, we were really struggling to make ends meet. Also, my father borrowed so much money that every day lenders would come to our house and threaten us to beat us up or even rape my mom and sister. One day, I was out working in the store. My sister came running to me and said, “Please go to our house, some people have infiltrated our house and our mom and dad are in danger.” I ran along with my sister and when I reached there, I didn’t go in front of the house. I took my sister to the back of the house and from the back window, I saw a couple of men raping my mom and two men were holding knives to my father’s throat as he was tied to the chair. Once those men were finished, the other two took their turns with my mom and after fucking her, one man slit her throat with his knife.

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Another man slit my father’s throat and blood spilt all over the floor of the house. My sister was screaming but I put my hand in her mouth to prevent her from creating any noise. Tears were flowing down from my eyes as I watched my parents die. There was another man that came inside the room and beat the hell out of those men saying, “Did I tell you to kill them? I told you to fuck his wife. Now, who will pay the money? I want my money back.” One of those men said, “Don’t worry boss, he has a daughter, you could sell her for a good price and get your money back.” The man said, “Rajesh, you are a genius. I never thought about that. Where are his kids?” One man said, “They would be back in time so, we will wait and catch them.”

Their boss ordered them to stay right there and he left. But, as soon as he was about to leave, I looked at my sister and she fainted. I made a huge blunder and couldn’t control my emotions and screamed. I couldn’t bear the pain of losing my entire family. My sister was the only person left in this world for me. But, those people who were waiting to catch us knew that were lurking behind the house. They ran after us and I took my sister in my arms and I ran as fast as I could. I knew the road connecting the train station from the back of our house better than any of those men. So, I ran and got into a running train holding my sister in my arms. People were looking down upon us as they should. They complained to the railway police and they took us in custody and I narrated everything that happened to us. So, they let us travel on that train as the man that killed my father and mother was the most powerful man in the state of Gujarat.

Mumbai: The City of Dreams

That train was travelling to Mumbai and I didn’t know that until I reached the station with my sister. The doctor on the train helped her to get back to her senses. But, I knew that my struggle would start from now. I had to survive and arrange food for my sister. It was probably the hardest time of our lives. However, I got a job as a labour in a construction site. My sister used to help me with the work as well. We arranged a slum for us to live in. And, as we worked, we never had to sleep empty stomach. We missed our parents. But, I was just 12 years old and my sister was 10 when our parents died. But, since then, 10 years had passed and we managed to create savings and bought the slum that we rented.

I was working as a guide part-time and construction labour whenever there was a job available. My sister was also working as a tour guide and our English improved a lot while spending time with foreigners. They used to tell us about their cities and I and my sister dreamt that one day we will have enough money to go and visit those places around the world. Mumbai is the city where dreams do come true. But, my sister and I never thought that our dreams would come true in that manner. Yes, one day, my sister and I were giving a tour of the city to a couple of men. Their names were Robert and Shawn.  Robert told us that he was a film producer and director and Shawn was an actor. They are here to look for actors to be a part of their new movie.

They were very nice people and offer my sister and me a role in their movie as the film was based in India. When I asked him what type of movie he was making, he sent me a link to his movie on my phone to check out. And, he said I should watch that movie with my sister. When we reached our slum, I played the movie and it was a sex scene and two people were having sex and the man who was having sex was Shawn. I stopped the movie as I felt awkward watching that in front of my sister. Robert called me and asked me whether I liked it or not. I told him, “Here in India, we don’t do this kind of film. Thank you for your offer.” Robert told me, “Before you reject my offer, I am sending you an address to my hotel room. Come with your sister and let me explain what it is.”

The Hope of a Bright Future

I thought I am in my country and they are foreigners. They just cannot do anything to us. So, I took my sister with me and went to meet Robert and Shawn. The guard in front of the hotel wouldn’t let us enter because it was a luxurious hotel for rich people. But Robert came down to escort us to his room. It was the most luxurious room my sister and I ever witness. Robert saw that we were bewildered. He said, “Do you want this life? Do you want to be rich?” We both said yes unanimously. After that, he showed me a few movies of Indian people who were having sex in front of the camera and they were also living a very rich life.

I asked my sister, “Are comfortable doing this?” She said, “If it was you, I would be comfortable.” Robert heard that and said, “Yes, your brother will fuck you. We want to create a scene on Indian brother / sister sex.” Shawn came in and said, “If you two are ready, then we can take you to our shooting room and shoot the scene.” I asked, “How much will we get for doing this?” Robert said, “20 thousand dollars.” I calculated the sum to be around 15 lakh Indian rupees and that was massive for us. They made us sign a contract for 20 scenes. Once we reached the shooting set, Robert started the camera and started asking questions like an interview.

After that, he told me to take off my sister’s clothes and he told my sister to do the same with me. Once we were both naked, he told my sister to take my dick inside her mouth and suck it like candy. She did that and you know what I loved it. I never had a feeling like that in my life. Also, I found my sister’s body quite attractive. He told me to press her head on dick and I did that and she was about to puke. Next, he told my sister to lie down and ordered me to lick her pussy. I did that just the way they told me. I also inserted a finger inside her pussy. Now, it was the time for the glory shot. They knew that we were virgins.

As ordered, I inserted my dick inside her vagina and I saw blood oozing out and my sister was screaming in pain. I wanted to stop but Robert and Shawn said that it was normal as it was the first time. I should keep going otherwise my sister will a lot more pain. So, I kept fucking her and after some time, I realize that my sister wasn’t feeling the pain anymore and she was enjoying what I was doing. He was creating pleasure sounds that would make me more excited and I would fuck her harder. After a while, I experienced a sudden rush of energy from the inside as I ejaculated inside her. I never experienced such white fluids coming from my penis. It was exciting. Robert handed me a cheque for $20,000. I gave it to my sister and she hugged me. We felt like rich people while going out of that hotel.

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