The Banging Millionaires: Chapter 2 (Brother / Sister)

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In the last part of my story, I told you how my sister and I got to know about the porn industry and how we got into it and earned a huge amount of money for the very first time in our life. We signed the contract for 20 scenes. I now realize that Robert and Shawn were very generous and because of that, they paid the entire sum once we shot our first-ever scene. But, we were true to our words. We went to their hotel for the next five days to complete those scenes. Whatever they said we did. But, it was only between my sister and I. We didn’t allow Robert or Shawn to get involved in sexual acts. Once those scenes were over, we took leave and the next day, Robert and Shawn were gone too.

My sister, Deepika, told me that she hoped that we would get such work again and again because that would make us a great amount of money. We also started having sex in our slum to improve our chemistry as Robert told us. He told us if our videos were a success, then he would come back to shoot more and we would earn more money and so, we should be prepared because we have to do better next time. He also gave us some names that we should follow to learn more about sex and how to fuck in porn videos. I had to follow men like Mick Blue, Johnny Sins, and others whereas my sister had to follow girls like Angela White, Lana Rhoades, and others. My sister was a quick learner and one night while having sex, she started moaning like Angela.

“STOP! Hey mate, now that I got your attention I’d like to share with you this new site I found with literally anything you can think of, ranging from orgies, grannies, teens, incest and you know.. the kinky stuff. I made this review just to help a brother out. Peace.”

– Jake A.

Our neighbours heard that and it was taboo in India to have sexual relations between a brother and sister. Everyone in our neighbourhood wanted to throw us out unanimously and we had to pack our bags and leave. We didn’t argue because that was the culture of the area. So, we decided to stay the night and next morning, we would be out of the society. It was a deal that I made with everyone in the neighbourhood and they agreed. When everyone left after cursing us, I saw my sister crying and it was very painful to see my sister crying. And, I was blaming Robert for putting us in such a situation where we would be blamed for having sex. I called him to give him an earful. But, when he received my call, he sounded very happy. “How are you my friend and how is your sister?”

I had to calm myself up and tell him everything that happened. He said something that made me respect him even more. He said, “You don’t have to live in that fucking place. I am sending you the tickets. Come to L.A. You and your sister are a start here. Everyone loved the scene and we want to do more shoot with you two. I told him, “We don’t have the passport and visa.” He replied, “Don’t worry about those things. It will be sorted. Go to the address I am sending you and tell him Robert sent you. He would create your passport and visa and you will be on your way to the L.A. by tomorrow.” I told that to my sister and she was delighted. While leaving the neighbourhood my sister and I showed everyone else our middle fingers and said, “Fuck you, poor bitches!” We knew that it was time to get rich in America.

America! Here We Come!

To be honest, I was a bit scared because my sister and I were going to America with a fake passport and visa. I knew if we get caught, we would be deported. But Robert said he would take care of things as soon as we landed. We just had to check into the flight and everything else would be sorted. Well, the flight check-in wasn’t even a problem and we went inside the flight, sat on our respective seats and we were off to America. We landed there and Robert and Shawn were there to greet us. They ensured that we go through the checks easily. Later, we learned that Robert bribed the officials there to get us through. He rented an apartment for us to live in L.A. and paid the rent for the next six months. After that, he took us to his studio where he shoots all his movies.

There was a shoot going on and I recognized the actress to be Brandi Love. I really liked her and wished one day I would work with that white bitch. But, Robert took us to his office and showed us his laptop. There was a ranking of the top 50 porn videos on a site called PornTub and all our 20 videos were ranked in those top 50 videos. He gave an extra $5,000 for that. He said, “Now, let’s negotiate your next contract, shall we?” We were ready. So, we nodded. My sister was so excited. Robert said, “This time we will be paying you 50 thousand dollars for 50 scenes. But, you have to do different types of scenes such as lesbian, threesome, gangbang, and other things depending on the need of the hour.”

I said, “That means you want her to have sex with different men and want me to have sex with different women. Right?” Shawn said, “Yes, you are right but not exactly. Look, we want you to have sex with other people but you two are a team and so, in each scene, both of you have to be present.” Well, that relieved me to an extent because now I know that my sister will be safe as I would be there with her. Robert said, “Are we all right?” My sister and I nodded. And we signed our $50,000 contract. Shawn said, “Let’s start things off today with a gangbang.” I loved gangbangs and enjoyed watching them and being a part of one being naked in front of other men and fucking my sister with other men was an awkward feeling that I just cannot describe. But, Robert introduced us to other men and we got to know these men and after that, we felt comfortable.

My Sister’s First Gangbang

My sister, Deepika, never looked sexier in her entire life. The makeup guys made her look like an angel. She approached the set as Robert was dictating. I didn’t know that my sister can do such an amazing catwalk. But, she did and as he came towards the centre of the room, all men in the room surrounded her and I was also one of them. She was touching the crotches of all men including me. After that, they opened the top of her bikini exposing her small tits. Two men were sucking her tits. Also, one was kissing her lips and I was watching my sister getting devoured by all those men and I was enjoying the scene as a spectator. Robert ordered me to get into the act by opening my zip and bringing my dick in front of my sister.

I did that she kneeled and started sucking my dick. While she was working on my dick, the other 7 men brought their dick out as well and she started working other dicks as well. She was sucking one and playing with the other two in her hands. She was sucking each cock one by one just like we see porn stars do. And, let me tell you she was brilliant at it. Even Robert and Shawn were surprised by her expertise. Shawn told me that my sister and I were born to do this. Once she was done sucking all those dicks, it was time to fuck her. I was inside her ass and another man was inside her pussy and she was on top of that man and was facing her back to me. Also, she was working on two dicks with her hands. She was stamping her authority as a porn star with the scene.

Each man took turns to fuck her hard. Once they were done, it was time to ejaculate. She told four men to cum inside her mouth, two men to give her a pearl necklace, and me and the other guy to give her a facial. When were done, Robert said cut and everyone clapped because my sister performed amazingly. She was the star of the set. Even Brandi Love who was watching the scene from behind, a legend of the porn industry came to congratulate her. I knew that we have arrived in the kingdom of the porn business and it was the time to take over the kingdom. Robert was the first step on the ladder to the top of this industry. We have climbed it. Now, it was time to take things to the next level. I knew we would be rich in this city of porn hubs.

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