The Banging Millionaires: Final Chapter (Brother / Sister)

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Act 1

In the last part of this story, I told you that we cut off ties with Robert and started our MyFans account which is a subscription-based platform. Deepika my sister edited our sex tape and uploaded it to MyFans and after a day, it was time for the verdict from our followers, and guess what, they loved it. We also enjoyed making such sex videos. But, one man we didn’t realize subscribed to our MyFans account was Robert. We got a DM from Robert and he threatened us to destroy us and deport us from this country. But, I retaliated back by saying, “If you want to do that then we will expose you before we get deported. Remember Robert Moore, this is your country. You will be punished heavily.” He thought he would get us working for him again by threatening us. He didn’t know that we learned to survive from a very young age.

So, we were generating a large amount of revenue from MyFans. But, they were taking a large share of cut from our revenue. Thus, we asked our audience whether they would want us to continue with MyFans or if we should create a new platform of ours where they could enjoy our content. After a while, we got a huge response from our followers that we should create our own platform. The reason why they wanted that was MyFans was charging them $60 per month and was paying us $40 per month, therefore, they were earning $20 per month from each of our subscribers. At that moment, decided to leave MyFans. Also, seeing that we were looking to move on from their platform, MyFans banned our account. We didn’t care because all the content that we published on MyFans was saved in our system. The next day, we launched BrownButter.Com.

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We announced the site on our social media handles including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. When our account on MyFans was banned, we had 1.2k subscribers. So, we were generating would $50,000 per month. But, when we started BrownButter.Com, we kept the subscription charges on a monthly basis and on a yearly basis. The yearly basis cost was $500 and the monthly was $50. We got around 800 yearly subscribers and 250 monthly subscribers. So, as we launched the site, our revenue rose to $4,12,500. Our dream was to become a millionaire. And, within the next six months, we were about reach that milestone. But, we wanted to generate more revenue so we decided that we would host our live sex shows and the audience would pay us to make us do whatever they want. It was something fun that we wanted to try as people were coming back to normal life after the horrible days of lockdown.

A Known Figure

We started our first live sex show on the day we about reached the figure of one million dollars in terms of revenue. We wanted to share the moment with our audience. So, we hosted the show and asked the audience to contribute to us and make their wishes heard as we would do whatever they tell us to do. Thus, our followers started requesting different things like spank her ass or suck my dick and many more things. After a while, a name emerged and it was an Indian name that literally gave us a shock that we didn’t expect. The name was Rajesh Chaturvedi. I remember that name because the man who murdered our parents had the same name. So, I asked him on the chat, “Where are you from?” He replied, “India!” I typed, “Where in India?” He said, “Rajkot, Gujarat.” I wanted to be specific, “Do you know Mr Giriraj Singh?” He replied, “Of Course, he is our leader.”

Now, he wanted us to come to Rajkot as he wanted to have sex with my sister. My sister didn’t remember who he was but she wanted to know how much he would pay for that. I told her, “It’s not about my sister, it’s about revenge.” He agreed to pay $10,000 for one night and he along with 4 other men and Giriraj Singh would fuck my sister and I could stay in that room as well and enjoy the show. We agreed and it was time to come back to the land that took our parents away from us. It was the time to get the revenge. I forgot about it because of the dwelling of everyday life. But, now I remember everything. And, I told my sister everything. We both were ready for revenge.

Known But Unknown

It felt so good to be back home after 7 years. The Delhi airport didn’t change much. We took a flight from Delhi to Gujarat and then by car we went to Rajkot. Before, moving there, I contact the opposition gang of Giriraj Singh and told them whether they would want to kill him or not. They were ready instantly. I told them that we would pay them. And, while my sister will have sex with Giriraj Singh and his men, they shouldn’t attach at that moment. I will mix sleeping pills in their drinks and thus when they would doze off; they would attack and kill them. We would be gone by then safely. They agreed. And, everything was in place as we reached Rajkot. They welcome us and some of those men even started pressing my sister’s boobs. Yes, Indian men like boobs and you should know. We entered the place where my sister would have sex and then on that very night, we would leave the city.

Giriraj also came to meet us and said, “Oh! This is my meat for the night. Nice choice. Let’s see your weight.” By saying he touched my sister’s tits and said, “Nice!” I did say anything because I was waiting for the night and so was my sister. After a while, Rajesh came to meet us and said, “Boss wants to you stay tomorrow as well. His son is coming and he wants you to make him feel good. You know what I am talking about.” I intervened and said, “Just say you want my sister to fuck your boss’ son as well. We will think about it.”

When Rajesh was gone, I was left with my sister and I wanted fuck her before that bastard would get his hands on her. So, I fucked her so hard that the guards outside the room started peeking from the keyhole and saw us fucking. In the evening, Rajesh and three other men came. They have grown a bit old but I can recognize all of them. They were present when they fucked my mom and killed her. I know who slit her throat. I greet all of them and served my sister to them. I sat on the chair just like my father did and watch all four men fuck my sister. One was fucking her as she was sucking another’s dick.  The rest of the two were playing with her boobs.

After a while, Giriraj Singh came to the room and said, “Where is my piece of meat? I want to fuck that slut’s brains out!” All four men laughed at the horrible joke of their boss. I was quick to pounce on this situation and started serving them drinks. An Indian-made whisky that I served with water and 4 high-dosage sleeping pills. They were fucking my sister and having that drink. I was getting nervous. The pills should’ve started working by now but Giriraj Singh was fucking my sister and nothing was happening. I decided to increase the dosage. And I have each of them a peg with 8 high-dosage sleeping pills. I was watching how Giriraj Singh was fucking my sister. He had no clue that this would be his last night on earth and just like we found our parents dead on return, his son would find the same.

Suddenly, everyone heard a loud groan from Giriraj Singh as he ejaculated inside my sister. One of those four men who were intoxicated informed everyone that their boss was done fucking. But, as soon as Giriraj was finished he dozed all along with all the other four men. I told my sister to get dressed as soon as possible as we have to leave. Before leaving I went near Giriraj Singh and said, “You killed my parents and now you will be killed, not in front of my eyes but I will hear the sound.” By saying that, I texted the men I paid to kill him. Within a minute they would arrive. For the one final time, I said to Giriraj, “Just we found our parents dead when we returned; your son will find the same.” He opened his eyes but couldn’t say anything.

But, I knew he wanted to know who we were so I said, “You want to know who we are. Don’t worry; I will let you die with the mystery.” When we came out with our luggage, his other men wanted to enter the room. I asked them not to check in before a couple of minutes as their boss was getting dressed up. Our cab was ready as soon as the driver drove the cab to the airport, my sister and I heard the gunshot. And, I received a message, “The job is done.” I transferred the payment in bitcoins which would save my identity. Now, we are emotionally and mentally free and starting our own porn production house. Our next target is to become a billionaire.

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