True and dirty sex stories

True sex stories are an amazing genre to sink into, each tale either based on, or a complete recount of real events! Delving through the pages of someone’s intimate life like that, pouring through and taking in every juicy detail, that’s what makes true sex stories special.

Based on true stories

One story, you may be peering into the private life of a rather kinky woman, seeing her depraved and perverted pleasures take hold, using a myriad of kinky toys as she goes. Or you could be reading through a recount of a pure woman who succumb to her lust, finally giving in to a man that radiated too much sexual energy to resist! No matter where the story falls on the spectrum, if it’s incredibly dirty and raunchy, or if it’s a more romantic style, you’ll find plenty of them, as well as everything in between. 

Dirty and real stories

Let yourself descend into the tales of other people’s pleasures, experience it through their eyes, or see a romanticized version of their events. Either way, you’ll find yourself changing from different dynamics to a variety of kinks with every story. Take the surprise plunge and let the raw emotions and passions take over.

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