Dangerous love with my mother

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In the morning, I woke up and saw my mom sitting on the couch wearing a robe and having a cup of coffee. I went up to sit on the opposite chair and made a cup of coffee for myself. We didn’t speak with each other at all while enjoying our coffee. We knew if anyone one of us speaks, we would end up fighting again. There was silence in the room again although both of us were staring at each other. Once again, there was a loud knock on the door. I went ahead to open the door and two men with guns came into the room. They grabbed my collar and dragged me downstairs. There, I saw Santos Escobar wearing a white suit and sunglass. His smile was becoming more and more villainous because of this goatee.

He greeted me well for the very first time. I was surprised. I didn’t know how he would want to torture us today. He told me to sit down and have breakfast with him. I was sceptical because I thought he would kill me with poison. I don’t know how but he read my mind and said, “Don’t worry, I will be eating the same food as you. I wouldn’t poison you to death because that would be quite silly of me.” I told him, “I don’t trust you.” He said, “All right, let me take a bite of this bread first. After that, you will see what happens to me.” He did take a bit and was all right. So, also took a bite. Santos was smiling again and that once again made me curious.

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He said, “I know you would be thinking how I have suddenly changed my attitude towards you and your mom.” I was shocked now. I was thinking about whether this man in front of me was reading my mind or what. But, I didn’t say anything and just nodded. He continued, “Last night, your mom was amazing. When I went to sleep last night after fucking her, the only thing that I could think of was her. I know I have been a jerk to you and your mom. But, could you please talk to her about me and how I felt about her? I know she hates me and she should after what I did to you and her. But, can you please make her understand what is going on inside my heart for her?

The floor was just swept away from my feet. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. The man who wanted to torture me and my mom was now telling me to convey his romantic love to my mom. I thoughts he was joking and that’s why I said, “You can’t be serious about this. You might want to torture me emotionally, right?” Santos went down on his knees and said, “No, no, I am serious. I am sorry if I tortured you and your mom. I would apologize in front of her as well. But, I want her to know that I have feelings for her before I apologize to her.”

I wasn’t sure how to react and that’s why I said, “I killed your daughter, remember?” Santos said, “Forget about that, I have many daughters. She was a whore’s daughter that I fucked. I used to pay her mom every month. I didn’t know that he would end up becoming a whore too. I myself wanted to kill that bitch for a long time and you did the work for me. I hope you fucked her hard. Forget about those sour memories and let’s make some fresh ones which will be happier.” I was in utter disbelief. I just couldn’t believe how things can change overnight. The man that wanted me and my mom dead, was now praying for me to tell my mom that he loves her. I was feeling empowered by now and in my mind, told my mom, “Well done, bitch.”

My Mom is a Player

Santos’ men escorted me to my room where my mom was sitting eagerly waiting to know what would happen to us tonight. She opened the door when I knocked and she hugged me and started sobbing. I told her, “Mom, you don’t need to cry anymore, our happy days are coming back!” My mom was also a bit surprised. She said, “What did he give you? Have you don’t mad? We are in hell and we can never escape this unless we die.” Shook her and said with jubilation in my voice, “No Mom, things are changing. I had a long conversation with Santos Escobar and if you learn what he told me, you would faint.” My mom was curious to know what he told me. I said, “I will tell you, Mom, let me sit first.”

We sat opposite each other just like we did in the morning. I told my mom, “I didn’t know that you were a player, Mom.” My mom got angry and said, “What are you talking about? Spill it out clearly.” I said, “You made Santos Escobar fall in love with you.” She shouted. “What!!!” I told her to calm down. “Santos is in love with you and he wants me to convince you to accept him as your partner. He enjoyed fucking you more than anything else.” My mom was in utter disbelief as I was when I first heard this. “He must be joking. I can assure you that men like Santos Escobar can only kill people and look; he can even forgive you, the man who killed his daughter. How can such a man love a woman?” I got frustrated and gave my mom a reality because I realized that my mom was getting romantic about Santos.

I said, “Cut the crap, Mom. Santos Escobar loved fucking you and now wants to have you alone. He is a sick bastard. But, you are a true player and because you made him fall for you, now he has given us an opportunity to set ourselves free from here. But, you have to be the slut you have been so far and fuck her as many times as possible. Make sure He is in love with you. In the meantime, I will be on the lookout for a chance to set us free. Can you do that, Mom?” Samantha, my slutty mom said, “You know what, I was a player at my college and I fucked so many men. So, I can handle Santos Escobar as well. I will make sure he never realizes that we are setting a trap for him.”

A Face-to-Face Meeting

I told the guards standing in front of our room to tell Santos everything was in place and that he should come to our room for a face-to-face meeting because my mom wanted that. It was 7’o clock in the evening when Santos Escobar knocked on our door for the very first time. I knew that Santos wanted to fuck my mom tonight. So, I opened the door and my mom was sitting in the bed. I wanted to go out of the room but he persisted that I should stay inside. He also let one of his men stay inside and ordered others to stay outside the room. He asked my mom, “Did your son tell you what I told him in the morning?” My mom nodded. He asked her again, “Are you happy with my proposal?”

My mom said, “I could show you how happy I was only if your guard wasn’t here.” Santos ordered the guard to go and lock himself in the cupboard. He asked, “Should your son stay here?” My mom replied, “Oh Santos! My son fucked me with you last night and it was amazing let me have you both now.” By saying this she unzipped Santos’ pants and started sucking his dick. Santos could fathom what was happening because he was in ecstasy already. I also unzipped my dick because I also wanted my mom to suck my dick. She did that amazingly. While my mom sucked my dick, Santos went down on her and started playing with her pussy. She was wet and Santos didn’t waste time and started fucking her instantly.

I was also fucking my mother’s face hard. After that, she wanted two dicks inside her at the same time. So, I entered her ass and Santos kept on fucking her pussy. She was having the time of her life and I can tell that by looking at her face. After some time, Santos and I switched positions and continued to fuck her. Santos and I both choked her and slapped her face and tits along with her ass. At last, after fucking her for over an hour, we came inside her. She pushed our loads out and ate them. She told us, “Never waste your loads by putting them inside of me. They are precious and I want to eat cum.” At that time, I realized my mom was a bona fide whore and Santos Escobar was head over heels for her.

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    Wish I could have been there. I would have given her my 10 in cock. She really sounded hot an wet. I had to jack off because I was so hard. Tks the story was great.


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