Squealing in Bliss

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We have been married for four years. My husband has always been the dominant one in our relationship, but he loves me a lot and likes to spoil me. Outside of the bedroom, he respects my decisions but still has a very domineering personality.

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Since it was a very busy and stressful week for him at work, we haven't had sex all week. I was like a bitch in heat; I wanted my husband so badly.

I reached home from work and checked the time - 5.30pm. My husband should be home soon. Suddenly, I had this wicked idea. I went up to our bedroom and stripped all my clothes. At 28, and by going to the gym regularly, I had a hot body: C cup breasts that don't sag, topped with a tight ass and a flat stomach.

I laid down in bed with my legs spread and started touching myself. I was nearly dripping, and was surprised at how wet I was already. I swirled two fingers around my clit and moaned. Gosh, that felt good! I slipped one finger into my pussy, and my other hand rubbed my clit. It felt so good. I quickly added another finger. At this point, I nearly came. But I did not want to displease my husband that much, so I slowed down my thrusting, and tried to keep my hips from moving too much.

My other hand went from my clit to my nipples, to calm my excitement. That didn't work well, because I have incredibly sensitive nipples. I pinched and rubbed my nipples one by one, and moaned again because the sensations were nearly too much to bear.

At this point, my husband walked into the bedroom. I knew he would be furious as I'm not allowed to cum or touch myself without permission. That was the whole plan!

His presence made me hornier so I started thrusting faster and bringing my hips to meet my fingers. I saw my husband’s facial expression change from shocked to angry.

"Babygirl," he said, trying to keep his calm, "you know you're not supposed to touch yourself without my permission." His voice getting angrier and angrier.

I whimpered, and stopped moving my fingers, but kept my hands at my pussy and nipples. "But daddy, I didn't make myself cum."

Daddy began to slowly take off his work clothes, leaving just his boxers on, and I got wetter looking at his sexy ass and body. He came to me holding his tie. "Hold your hands out." Deftly, he bound my wrists.

Sitting down on the bed, he said, "Over my knees, now”

Awkwardly, I tried to get over my knees and placed my bound hands on the bed above my head, with my legs spread. I know daddy likes to see me struggle as my helplessness turns him on a lot.

I could already feel his cock poking into me as I got into position. He started rubbing my ass, saying "Tell me babygirl, why am I going to spank you?"

"Because I touched myself daddy," I moaned.

"And why are you not supposed to touch yourself without my permission, babygirl?"

"Because it's your pussy and you want all its pleasure ee."

"That's right baby girl, it's MY pussy," he bellowed, as he landed a hard spank on my pussy.

I half screamed and half moaned. It was so unexpected because he never started spanking my pussy first.

"MY. PUS-SY." He articulated as he spanked me with each syllable.

I screamed to expel some of the pent up sexual tension, trying hard not to cum.

Daddy started to spank my ass all over. "You know daddy loves you so much, and daddy will give you the world. All daddy wants is that you obey his simple rules. I'm so disappointed with you." He started to spank me even harder.

At this point, tears started to form in my eyes. Shit! Was daddy more disappointed in me than I thought he would be?

"Go get your hairbrush," he said curtly.

I stood up and slowly walked to the dresser, my ass burning more than it ever has, but my pussy wetter than it has ever been. Most of my spankings have been playful, even when it was punishment, and thus they were light spankings not meant to hurt.

I got the brush and handed it to daddy. "Bend over the bed, this is going to hurt, babygirl. This is punishment!" I put my bound hands above my head again, trying to bend over the bed.

Once I got into position, daddy thrust two fingers into my pussy hard. I moaned at the sudden intrusion. "So wet already, slut. It seems you like this, babygirl." I moaned again, trying not to cum on his fingers.

He then pulled his fingers out and started to spank me with the hairbrush, not missing any spot of my ass. "Why do you defy me babygirl? All I ask is that you don't touch yourself."

Tears rolled down my cheek from the disappointment and physical pain, yet my pussy juices were now dripping down my thigh. "I'm so sorry daddy," I screamed.

Daddy ended my spanking with an ever harder spank to my pussy and clit. He's never used anything other than his hands to spank my pussy, so I was surprised at the pleasure that shot through me when the hairbrush hit my clit.

Satisfied with my spanking, he entered my with one hard thrusts. I moaned as I felt my knees go weak. "You will be pleased, babygirl, but only when I want to pleasure MY pussy. And you will cum, but when and where I want MY pussy to cum."

He grabbed my hips and thrust roughly, harder and faster than I've ever had it before. I could tell he was closed from the sounds he was making. Spanking me really turned him on.

"Are you ready babygirl? Ready to cum for daddy?"

"Yes daddy. Please let me cum. I want to cum all over daddy's thick cock. Please let me cum all over daddy's thick cock."

"Argh Cum now!" Daddy said as he released his load in my pussy. I felt my pussy walls spasming, milking him as I came with him. Damn, that was the best orgasm I've had in awhile.

But he wasn’t done.

He moved one of his hands to my breasts and started pinching them. Daddy then guided his cock to the opening of my pussy. He chuckled as he saw my pussy muscles clenching and unclenching. I leaned back into him hoping to aid him in his entrance to my depths. He backed up refusing to enter me just yet. I begged him to fuck me, i moaned and screamed, yet all he did was run the head of his hot cock up and down my pussy, circling around and around my clit.

When daddy realised that I couldn't take it any more he entered me painfully slowly. It would have been easy for him to enter all 10 inches balls deep, but entering slowly caused me to buck violently against him. My eyes rolled back Into my head as he began to move in and out of me excruciatingly slowly. His hands gripped my hips pulling me back against him harder as he slammed himself into me. I could feel the head of his cock hitting my cervix. I was practically drooling, my mouth open, panting breaths.

Daddy groaned as he felt himself come closer to cumming again. However he wanted me to cum fist again. Taking a vibrator he pressed it against the entrance to my asshole, I screamed when he forced it inside me, effectively double penetrating me.  Reaching around with his other hand he rubbed my clit. Keeping as fast a pace as he could he fucked me with the vibrator, his cock and rubbed my clit until he could feel my pussy muscles contract around him. He sped up and fucked me like a jackhammer with no hint of relenting.

When I came I shook and shimmied. Juices squirted from my pussy, coating his entire lower abdomen. I was still shaking. He realised with satisfaction that I had almost passed out from the intensity of my second orgasm. Holding me up like a sexy rag doll, daddy started pounding into me.

Daddy slowed down as we came down from our mutual climax, and pulled out of me. Then he unbound my hands and pulled me up to bed to cuddle with him. I buried my head into his chest.

"I love you so much daddy," I said tearfully, overwhelmed by the emotions I felt for this man.

"I love you so much baby girl. Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, daddy. Can you tell?" I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"Naughty baby," he said, giving my ass a light spank. "You did that on purpose, didn't you, you cheeky baby girl? Touching yourself so I have no choice but to punish you."

"Mmm," I said, falling asleep from that amazing orgasm already…

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