The Banging Millionaires: Chapter 3 (Brother / Sister)

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In the last part of the story, I told you how we established ourselves in L.A. But, we wanted to go and become mainstream stars. We knew that would difficult for the next six months because Robert had signed an agreement with us and with each scene, he was paying us a cheque of a thousand dollars. It was a massive amount in India. But, in L.A. that was not enough we needed more. But, we couldn’t tell him that. Otherwise, my sister and I would be in a lot of trouble. We only had five more shoots left and after that the contract would be over and our rental contract where we were staying would also be over. So, the number of cases of coronavirus affected was also on the up. Thus, our landlord didn’t want to renew the contract and we were struggling to find a home in the L.A.

We told that to Robert who ignored. We knew that our time with Robert was over as he found new faces for his videos. I was thinking about what we could do. We couldn’t go back to India. The flights were cancelled. We didn’t know what to do and Robert wasn’t talking to us as well. So, my sister and I decided to shift to a different place in America. We decided to move to Texas once we were done shooting the last 5 scenes with Robert. He was also behaving rudely with us because he had his gains from us and now he wanted to gain money from others. We had seen two pretty American girls in his office and he wanted to push them now. We were dejected because he was the only man we could rely on in this foreign country.

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Once we shot the last five scenes and we took our payments, Robert escorted us out of the studio and told us if he needed us again Shawn would call us. And just like that, we were alone in the US. And, we had a week to find a new place otherwise we would be homeless. So, we went back to our apartment and started to find cities in the US where the cost of living would be a lot lesser than the L.A. We found that Brownsville, Texas was a place where we could live. We looked for a few places there and in the end, we found one. The landlord was very amicable and agreed to give us his property for rent and the cost of that place was also very cheap. We loved L.A. but circumstances made us leave our favourite city and settle in a place where we could at least survive.

We paid the rent for the next 6 months in advance. The day we moved to Texas, the entire country was locked down and thus, hitting hard on the sex industry. People now were going crazy because they had to sit in the house all day long. They were not allowed to go outside. People lost their jobs and escorts and other sex workers didn’t find clients. Robert was also struggling to produce porn videos. So, he called us. “Are you guys ready to shoot new videos?” Robert said. I replied, “Do you really want to work with us?” Robert replied, “Did I ever tell you that I wouldn’t work with your anymore?” I lost my temper and said, “I know why you are talking like this. A couple of weeks back when we went to you for a new contract, you ignored us. You didn’t even want to hear that our rental contract was ending. I know who lives in that property now, your new pet. Shoot with her.”

A New Beginning

By saying that, I cut all my ties with Robert. I didn’t tell him where we were because we wanted to be safe in such a tumultuous situation. But, we needed to generate income. We can’t live on our savings for long. The job opportunities were limited. We didn’t know what we would do. However, my sister Deepika was a social media geek and she had over 100k followers on Instagram. There people would message her and ask for her nudes and they were even ready to pay a large amount of money for that. Deepika one day told me about this and I was like why didn’t you tell me about this?

It was a business opportunity that I wasn’t ready to let go. So, we collected emails of those people that wanted nudes of Deepika and charged $20 per picture and they would send it to us through PayPal and after that, we would unlock that picture for that email ID.

Slowly, we had an audience base of around 1000 people paying for her nudes regularly and we were generating $20,000 dollar a month approximately. We started to feel confident again that we would be able to survive in America and become rich. After a couple of months, some people started asking for videos. They didn’t want photos anymore. So, we were thinking about shooting porn videos ourselves but where could we sell them? That was a huge question mark. So, we asked our audience who wanted our videos where they wanted to see them. Many people said that we should email them the video file and they would pay us just like things were happening in the past. But, we noticed that all of her pictures were getting leaked and we were losing revenue for that. From one of our followers, we learnt about a platform called MyFans.

This platform proved to be a game-changer for us because it was a subscription-based platform where our followers had to pay a monthly fee to make sure that they can watch our content. We signed up and verified our IDs and we were accepted to MyFans. We set our subscription price to $50 per month and people would get 3 long videos every week and 4 pictures. The day we announced that we were at MyFans, 100-150 of our followers signed up. They were happy because they could see our exclusive pictures and videos. So, we decided to shoot our first video. I was a bit nervous but Deepika was confident. We had sex many times before so she told me that she would take care of the camera angles and all. I should focus on fucking her solely.

The Art of Production

We bought the equipment for the shoot online. Deepika did all the work setting up the lights and cameras as I had no clue about those things. She was pretty hands-on while working with Robert and that was why she learned everything about producing porn videos. Once she was done, she asked to come closer to her. As I went close to her, she kissed me hard. I also kissed her back because she was looking so hot and I just wanted to fuck her. She told me to forget that there were cameras everywhere. After a while, she started removing my clothes. She kissed my chest, neck, and shoulders. I also took her clothes off and kissed her neck, cleavage, and shoulders. I slowly unhooked her bra and her small tits which were a bit large now were exposed. I kissed one and started sucking and the other one was in my other hand.

I squeezed her tits hard and sucked them so hard that they became red. She enjoyed it. After that, I went down on her. I pushed her pussy lips apart and place my tongue slowly over her wet pussy. She was shivering in pleasure. I sucked all the juices out of her pussy and played with her clitoris. I was enjoying eating my sister a lot. After a while, she could bear it. She just made me lie in bed and unzipped my pant to start sucking my hard cock. She was sucking magnificently. I was also making her deep-throat my dick. It was perhaps the best sex we ever had. She also licked my balls and after that, put my dick inside her pussy and started riding me. The way she fucked me was an amazing feeling and I also started fucking her from the bottom.

Next, I dropped her in bed and made her lie as I started fucking her missionary. I was fucking her very hard. After a while, I place her on all fours and started fucking her pussy from the back. It was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t control myself and ejaculated on her ass. I slept beside my sister who was very happy with the way I fucked her. The next day she started editing the video and I didn’t know she was that good in editing. And, within a couple of days, our first video for MyFans was ready. We uploaded the video and were feeling tensed for the very first time because we didn’t know how our subscribers would react. Our careers depended on it. We were hopeful that they would enjoy it.

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