Erotic mind control sex stories

These erotic mind control stories focus on people using powers or tools to enter or rewire someone else’s mind for their pleasure. Some goals are to turn the subject of their desires into a mindless sex toy, others change their personality to be much more accepting of being used by them. No matter what end result you desire, there’s a wealth of methods to get them there.

Sex while beinig under hypnosis

Some techniques used are more subtle, such as telepathy, but others require a compliant, or even restrained individual, like hypnosis. In that case, it’s much slower, drifting the person into a lull, then taking advantage of their mental state to strip their mind away from them! Another tool is to alter their body in the way that you like, such as using an aphrodisiac to make their mind helpless to your advances, or even change the way they respond to your touch.

Real all erotic mind control stories

No matter the method, they’ll end up the same way, their resistance broken down, their personalities replaced with what you envision, and their body eager, even desperate to please! Anywhere from a slight shift in arousal or personality, to an entire wipe of a person’s mind, leaving them as a blank sexdoll, there’s a myriad of ways to achieve this. People often have a variety of motives behind this. It could be that after longing after a person for such a while, the desire becomes too strong, and they turn to controlling their mind to get what they want! On the other hand, perhaps someone offers themselves up willingly… their thoughts and aspirations stripped away and turned into a sex puppet, eager to please

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