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It all started with something stupid, me opening a box that had been left at my door, and now this. I couldn’t tell myself why, but I found the most revealing clothes I could and made my way to the mall, and had been walking around now for around twenty minutes without a goal in mind.

All the while, I felt a constant, burning desire welling in my chest, as if I was going to break down and start fingering myself in front of everyone! I was half-sure of myself that someone had done something to me, but I wasn’t sure who or what exactly…

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Then it finally happens, before I have a chance to slip any deeper down this pit of desire, out of the corner of my eye, I notice the familiar face of my sister, hand-in-hand with her boyfriend. It stings that whoever this is can manipulate my family so easily, but nevertheless, I bite down on my pride and obscenely wave up in the air at her. I watch as my own sister squints at the sight before her, unsure if her eyes are playing tricks on her or not, until finally her gaze widens in shock, and the look on her face turns to disgust.

“What the fuck are you doing?!”

She hurriedly drags her boyfriend over, eyes glancing across your outfit.

“You cannot wear something like that out in public, what are you thinking?!”

I know she’s right and I wish I could explain what’s going on, but instead I’m forced to screw my eyes shut for a moment, steeling myself for what’s to come. Deep down I know this’ll permanently damage the relationship between my sister and I, but this could also permanently damage the rest of my life if I don’t do it. With that in mind, I bite down on my lip and embrace her in a hug.

“Oh my god, Sis! I’ve missed you~”

Once my arms were wrapped around her back, I looked back at her boyfriend with my face out of her view, and licked my lips in an obscenely seductive manner, before blowing him a kiss and flashing him a wink. The act itself topped all from this morning, mostly because I know where it’s hopefully leading, and shiver in a perverse arousal at the thought.

Before I get the chance to seal the deal, my sister breaks away the hug, seemingly more concerned about how I was acting. The look in her eyes is genuine, which makes it hurt even more when I know I have to ignore her kind words in exchange for my continued life of freedom.

“Sis… why are you doing this? We were raised better than to act like some bimbo slut!

For some reason, those words elicit a shiver of pleasure across my body, as if a button had been pressed in my mind. As I’m locked there in shock, her boyfriend steps forward and wraps his hand around my back, standing by my side.

“Hey now, Honey, don’t be so hard on her. I’m sure there’s some reason she’s acting like this, shouldn’t we talk to her first?”

This talk must seem genuine to my sister, and it’d seem more genuine to me too if his hand hadn’t slid down the back of my skirt and his fingers weren’t currently prodding at my tight butt. I couldn’t help but fall into the airheaded demeanor I had kept up all day, and idly grinding my hips back against his hand, my sister looking on quizzically, but answering anyway.

“I suppose so… Sis, why are you doing something so disgusting?”

It was now or never, any other answer would just prompt more questions, and god forbid she might actually try to help me. Once again swallowing my pride, I glide my hand down her boyfriend’s chest and toward his crotch, whimpering through my lips.

“I just want some cock between my lips so badly, Sis! I can’t help being this needy!”

Her eyes suddenly widened with absolute shock at my actions, not knowing whether to focus on the fact my hand was now clasping around the outline of her boyfriend’s cock, or to focus on my face as I revealed my supposed intentions.

“I came here so some stud would ravage my mouth with his big thick shaft~ Can I borrow yours?”

Her face was frozen in complete surprise, breath caught in her throat as she’s clearly struggling to process what’s going on. Thankfully, her boyfriend pipes up to join in.

“Maybe she’s just having a rough time, Honey? And wouldn’t it be a better idea if it was in the safety of us rather than some stranger?”

She turns her gaze to him in what seems to be anger, until her face softens when the thought of her sister being throatfucked by a stranger pops into her head.

“Fine. If she wants to be a slut, it may as well be with someone trustworthy… let’s go somewhere private…”

The both of us look on in surprise, but don’t question it. After finding a secluded area, a bathroom that was hidden away at some closed-down area of the mall, the three of us enter it and awkwardly stand there for a moment. The room is silent as the three of us glance across one another, until her boyfriend finally breaks the awkwardness by unzipping his pants, flopping his half-hard cock free.

My sister opens her mouth in shock, about to protest until she realized she had agreed to this, and simply watched on with her arms folded as he walked up to me, leaning his back against the sink before I bend at the waist, giving my sister an eye-ful of my ass as my fat lips slowly slide across her boyfriend’s tip.

“Just finish with her quickly, I want this to be over with as soon as possible.”

My sister speaks rather nonchalantly, given her reluctance earlier, but I can’t complain. Instead, I focus on the currently twitching cock pressing against my lips, and sensing his eagerness, I plunge past his tip and finally take in his entire shaft. I reckon I could slowly urge his cum out slowly, sliding my lips across his dick with little effort, but it seems he has other ideas…

With a rough movement, he grabs the back of my head before thrusting his hips forward, forcing me to gag on his cock as every inch is bottomed out in my throat. For a moment he just holds it there, lodged in my throat as I desperately retch around it.

“You wanted to get your throat fucked, so enjoy it you little whore!”

Those are words I’d expect from the man currently fucking my lips, but instead they’re feminine and coming from behind me. My own sister was talking dirty to me as her boyfriend fucked my throat raw. He thankfully doesn’t suffocate me and starts pulling back until just the tip is pressed against my lips again. I breathe desperately in these few seconds, before I hear my sister’s voice from behind me once again.

“Fuck that little bimbo’s throat like a pussy, Honey~”

I let out a pathetic whimper before he forces his dick down my throat once again, my tears welling up enough to run mascara down my face as he begins pounding my mouth without a care for my own enjoyment. Soon the room is filled with the wet sounds of my throat being forcefully stretched around his dick, so much so that I can’t hear the sound of my sister’s heels clack against the tiled floor as she walks closer, but her boyfriend can, and he’s well aware of what’s about to happen.

As my brains are turned to mush, my tongue beginning to be stained by the taste of his precum, I feel a sudden sharp pain spread across my ass. My own sister had begun spanking me as I sucked her boyfriend’s cock, and giving me no break, she didn't stop, continuing her flurry of punishments.

“You dirty little bimbo slut!”

Each slap elicits a pained squeal from my mouth, which only served to vibrate my throat around her boyfriend’s cock, acting as if I’m a sex toy for his pleasure.

“Suck his cock properly, you dumb little bitch!”

My eyes had long since rolled up into my head, my moans around his cock had become frantic and filled with pleasure. I couldn’t believe it, but it was true, I was getting off on being spanked by my own sister, her boyfriend’s cock plunging down my gullet as I moaned around it!

It seemed he was appreciating my wet mouth squealing as he fucked it, because I could feel him begin to tense up, his cock spasming in my mouth as he suddenly exploded, his cum surging across my tongue before he bottoms himself out again, pumping his cum directly into my stomach. At the same time, my sister delivers an incredibly hard flurry of spankings, apparently noticing her boyfriend was currently pumping his cum inside of me, wanting to make me squeal like a bitch for him.

It was too much, the entire day had me on edge, and after finally being put in this situation… I was overwhelmed. My body caved and her spanks urged me on, I came shamefully as I stood between the two of them, squirting down my legs and onto the floor between them as she continued her assault on my ass, not letting up.

“You desperate little cunt!! Did you really just cum?! Maybe you were meant for this after all, you’re just a perverted little bimbo!”

She was right. She emphasized her words with a spank, each insult dug that much deeper, dragging out my orgasm even more as she relentlessly punished me for my inner desires that had finally been unleashed. Her boyfriend finally popped his cock free from my lips, and I collapsed into a heap on the ground, a wet mess, almost completely out of my mind as I spasmed on the floor. As I look up from the ground, I can see my sister’s face soften slowly back to her usual demeanor, her hand still red from only moments ago.

“I don’t think we can rightly leave her here, can we? Let’s take her back and look after her.”

They both agree, and her boyfriend slings me over his arms, helping me walk as I drip my mess down my ankles with each step. On the way out of the mall, I see my sister discard some white cards into the bin beside us, but brush it off in my delirious state, more focused on how I’d convince them to keep me even longer.

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