Feeling the rhythm

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The music was playing loudly as Ava danced around under the lights. Her hips moving back and forth, synchronized with the beat of the music a wanton display of simulated sex. Ava twirled around, her unbuttoned blouse blowing out to the side, her bra barely able to contain her breasts. Her head twirled in circles, her hair fanning out as her head moved up and down. Her short, plaid skirt rose up high, almost to her waist, her black panties silhouetting her white thighs as she twirled sensuously.

There was an audience sitting watching her; five policemen and a policewoman all in uniform, Mike, about twenty five students from Spring bank. Ava couldn't control herself. The bright lights were shining on her body, the students and those sitting in front of her, had their eyes peeled to her body as she danced.

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The music went straight through to her brain. She looked at Mike, her eyes pleading with him, but she could hear his voice, even over the loud bass of the song. "Take off your blouse." No, her eyes silently pleaded with him. She looked down at her hands, her fingers already unbuttoning the sleeves, her hands pulling the blouse off her shoulders and throwing it to the floor off to the side. Her face was flushed red in humiliation as she began to twirl around again, her hair as her hips moved back and forth. She arched her back out, humiliated as she saw how she looked, her breasts thrust out as if she was trying to show them off to anyone watching. She bent at the waist, breasts hanging down, afraid that they would break free of the confines of the bra. She shook her shoulders, her breasts swaying back and forth, over half of the white flesh revealed to the students, the music providing the tempo for her gyrations.

Ava's eyes staring at Mike's crotch. She looked up, embarrassed at being caught looking. "Your bra now Ava. Let these people see your lovely tits. Make them naked and then dance for us. Let us see them bounce."

Her back was arched, her proud breasts thrust up high as she fought the urges in her brain. She refused to do such a thing! She wouldn't do it. She shivered as she felt fingers behind her back, fumbling with the catch of her bra, her hips gyrating wildly as she stood in place. Who was doing it? Looking down, her arms had disappeared out of sight behind her back, her own body betraying her again. NO! She silently screamed when she felt the sudden release as her bra swung loose. She felt her breasts swing down. The pendulous flesh was no longer in the tight, constraining device; her breasts were free and naked.

"Rub your tits!" The woman's voice in her head shocked Ava. It was not Mike that Commanded it but a woman’s voice, another woman had power over her as well. Ava's hands cupped her breasts and rubbed her tits and played with her nipples as she danced. Her light brown areolas and nipples were swollen from her arousal, Ava was scared, her body was Mike's to control, she did not want to be aroused but he had made it so, her breasts began a gentle roll as she continued to dance.

Why was she doing this? Not only was she following his orders, she was even going beyond them, forcing her own body into perverse acts she'd never known before.

. "I think you would be comfortable on the floor Ava. More room for you to stretch out."

"But..." she found herself sitting on the floor before she could even think of protesting, feeling a little uncomfortable down there.

“spread your pussy open for me." His eyes watched as she hesitated, finally her legs moving up, and slowly began to part, her pussy lips parting, her wet pink insides glistening in the brightly lighted room. He smiled, her eagerness her downfall. It was time to fuck her. "Take out my cock, Ava."

She looked up at him. Was he going to fuck her? Her hands already moved down to his pants, unbuckling them, her fingers finding his zipper, feeling his large cock throbbing beneath the straining pants. She let her fingers touch it, her hand moulded around the hard cock, letting her fingers slide up and down the shaft, feeling it jump and quiver beneath her touch. How could she act like such a whore? His cock felt huge beneath her hands, pulsating beneath her fingers as she stroked it, feeling it jump and twitch beneath her touch. Her fingers slipped inside his shorts, almost jerking back when she felt the hot flesh burning her fingers. She heard him moan softly, pleased at what she was doing to him. Her fingers became more insistent now, the thought of being fucked slowly slipping from her thoughts, just thinking of the pleasure she was bringing to him.

Mike moved into position laid on his back making Ava straddle him so that his cock was at the entrance to her pussy, she started to lower herself on to his election.

Mike watched her pussy slowly swallow his cock, enjoying she was the one that was doing it. He made his cock jerk inside her, feeling her vaginal walls clinging so tightly to his flesh, squeezing the blood from the head. He had to fight the urge to cum, her pussy clenching and unclenching on his hard cock, massaging it with her silky insides. "Push real hard Ava," slowly drawing his cock from her pussy until it was barely grasped by her tight hole, getting it ready for the final fuck.

"Now Ava," he shouted at her, seeing her body react to the loud boom of his voice.

His voice scared her, the demanding tone forcing her to drive her hips down with an urgency that she couldn't understand. She screamed through her clench lips, her scream muffled as raised his mouth to hers lips crusher hers as his member penetrated deep into her.

Mike flipped Ava on to her back, his weight pressing down on to her his cock embedded in her. And started to fuck her. She bowed her legs out to the side so, his hips able to slide between her legs easier, able to use his strength to pump her with his cock. She felt it dragging out, then the sudden rush back inside that almost took her breath. She felt a finger touching her anus, surprised at how different it felt, sending a tingling feeling along her spine, the thick finger tapping at it. She didn't want him to touch her there, fearing how far he would go, but she couldn't stop him.

Her pussy felt so good wrapped around his cock, the tightness milking him, knowing he would have to cum soon. He was still driving her hips up with his hands, making her take deep, hard strokes, loving the way her breasts bounced as he fucked her, her eyes wide open, her breathing heavy. 

 She arched up, trying to escape the finger, only driving his cock deeper inside her, his fingers giving her no way out, moving with her, pushing harder. She could feel the strange burning in her anus as his dry finger slid into her rectum, unable to control her own sphincter as it clenched and unclenched on his finger involuntarily. She wagged her hips to the sides, hoping to escape the finger, his hard cock rubbing along her clit, moving her closer to the orgasm that she needed so bad. "NO," the finger digging into her butt deeper, feeling it bend inside her, knowing that it was at least up to the knuckle, stretching her open from the inside. Why was he doing this to her? She began to buck her hips up and down, she had to make him cum quickly. And herself too.

He was ready, her fucking driving him to an orgasm, his balls tingling, ready to pump her pussy full of his hot cum. He shoved his finger in deeper, burying the entire finger in her asshole, bending and twisting it, making her hips go into wild gyrations as she fought the intrusion up her backside. "Cum with me Ava," he cried out as his balls emptied his cum into Ava, his cock buried deep inside her, spraying her insides with his hot, salty cum.

Her jerking hips kept driving their bodies together, her pussy rubbed and smashed by their bodies as she fucked him, his cock feeling so good as it filled her pussy. Only her asshole hurt, his finger buried deep inside her, moving around inside her, forcing her to move around frantically, attempting to escape the finger forced so deep inside her asshole, her sphincter fighting to push it out. "No," she cried as she came, forced to cum with while being fingered in her asshole. Her orgasm hit her like a train, her pussy filled with his hot cum, shooting deep inside her, bathing her pussy for the first time, shuddering as she felt his fluids shoot deep inside her passage. His finger kept her hips moving, jerking back and forth, driving a second orgasm from body, his cock still dumping his cum inside her.

Mike finally slumped down on Ava, his finger pulled from her asshole with a loud pop that embarrassed her. He pulled his cock from her pussy, cum flowing freely out of her hole to dribble beneath her, her eyes closed, humiliated that she had cum with him. He got up, leaving the room, leaving her on the floor still naked. She hated herself and hated that she had enjoyed that hateful student.

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