Hypnotic sexual therapy (Sex with my therapist)

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Ever since I was a little kid I always had issues speaking up, with saying the things I want, with being talkative, I'm always shut in a bubble inside my head and socializing is a very hard task for me to do. Dating is of course horrible, I've always been single because of this, I really can't understand why it is so hard for me to just be. 

I always speak to myself, I even give myself advices, but when it comes to speaking with someone else I get very nervous, my hands shake, I get a little sweaty. My job is one in which I don't need to interact with anyone else, which has kept me in the comfort zone for years. I want to get out of my head, I want to date, meet a guy who likes me and I can be myself completely. 

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It got to a point in which I felt on the edge of life and I had to change this, that's how I found Dr. Robertson. I searched online for therapy methods, things that could help me, and then I read about him. He was a speech therapist, certified by the psychology board of the state, it all seemed legit. I was so excited when I read testimonies from his patients that I made an appointment right away. 

The closer the appointment was, the more nervous I felt. I had no idea how to control myself knowing I would go to this appointment and I would have to expose the reasons I was taking the session. Then the day came, I felt nervous from the moment I woke up. I chose an outfit consisting of a white blouse and a denim skirt, then I pulled my hair up in a high ponytail. It was a decent outfit but after spending hours debating if I looked good or not, I decided to move on. 

I went to Dr. Robertson's office; his secretary greeted me and the second I heard her voice I choke on my words. "It's okay, just nod, you're Ashley, right?" she asked me with a big smile.

I nodded, "Alright, take a seat, and I'll call you in a moment," she said and continued her work on the computer. I turned and walked towards the seats, there were a couple of people around me, probably with the same problem as me. After a couple of minutes, the secretary called me and I got so nervous it took a lot of effort to stand up from my chair and not fall. 

As the secretary led me to the doctor's office, a man walked out of it staring down at a wooden board with papers on it. I was stunned, he looked so good, I thought he looked very sexy and naturally, I became a nervous mess. 

"Dr. Robertson," the secretary said, and my heart skipped a bunch of beats when I realized the sexy man was my new therapist. "This is your next appointment."

He raised her bright blue eyes at me, and then he opened the door wide for me to walk in. "Hi, I'm Dr. Robertson, but you can call me Clark."

I only smirked as I walked in, then he followed and closed the door behind him. I was all alone with Clark. "Please, sit down," he said, and I sat in a couch he had in his office, then he dragged a chair and sat in front of the couch. 

"So, Ashley, I read you had a speech problem, can you tell me more about it?" he asked, and I remained silent, it didn't matter how much I wanted to speak, it was impossible. "I see," he commented, and then he got closer to me, "can I examine you?" he asked and I nodded. 

He pulled out a little flashlight and pointed it at my eyes, then she placed his hands on my cheeks and stared at me closely. I was shaking hard by then, he was so handsome, so sexy, he had brown shaggy hair, glasses, big bright blue eyes, he had that superman look. Suddenly he turned off the flashlight and went back to his chair. 

"There doesn't seem to be any physical problem for this issue, maybe there is some sort of trauma you lived in the past that unleashes in this form, how about we do a little hypnotic exercise, this way you'll be able to answer my questions."

I nodded, and then he pulled out a pocket watch. I stared at it, he gave me instructions to follow, and then he instantly started repeating a mantra while I stared at the watch, without blinking. After a while, I started feeling lightheaded, and somewhat different. 

"Alright, what is your name?" he asked

"Ashley," I replied right away without hesitation. My eyes snapped open, I spoke to him and I couldn't believe it. He started asking me questions like my age, what was my job about, and the regular stuff. After a while, questions turn a different turn, they were more personal, and I answered each one of them as if I had no filter. 

It felt strange, like I had no control of my mouth, my tongue, and then Clark asked me what I was thinking about, "You," I replied and he seemed surprised.

"Me? What exactly are you thinking that includes me?"

"Sex, I'm thinking of sucking your cock," I said out loud, and then I shut my mouth. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't believe I said that, but I did, I couldn't stop.

Then he took his glasses off and looked at me, "well, you're a pretty girl, I wouldn’t mind getting head from you, your mouth seems like a nice place to be."

"What?" I said all of a sudden, and then he smirked.

"This hypnosis also allows me to control you, bark for me,” he commanded, and I did, I made a dog sound without thinking too much. He kept smirking. "It's okay, think of this as a fantasy becoming true, now get on your knees.

It felt as if invisible strings pulled from each part of my body, and I was a feather controlled by them. I got on my knees in front of him. He remained in his seat, and then he pulled down his fly. 

"Open your mouth," he commanded me again and I opened my mouth wide. He pulled out his cock, and I was amazed by its size, it was thick, big, and for a second I doubted it would fit in my mouth. "Come closer," he said, and I crawled closer to him with my mouth opened. "Suck my cock," and I fisted his cock and immediately lowered my head on it.

I felt his cock sliding against my tongue and deep into my throat as he leaned back and enjoyed. I felt strange from not being able to control anything, and I also felt incredibly excited for what was happening. It had been a long time since I had a man and having Dr. Robertson was quite exciting, he looked so hot that I even felt lucky to be sucking his cock. 

And when his head reached the back of my throat I tasted it all, and it tasted amazing, it was salty, a little acid, but it felt soft against my tongue, and the most exciting part was the way it throbbed against it, it was hard and hot, and I loved it. Then I slowly slid out of it, wrapping my lips around his head and fuck, the slippery texture of his head was amazing, it was so soft and warm, I sucked it as I swirled my tongue around the head. 

"Mmm you're good at this," he moaned as I slid it inside once again. "Gag on my cock," he commanded, placing his hands on my head and I complied without hesitation. I slid his cock all the way inside until I couldn't anymore, and there, I took him even deeper. I felt the vomiting reflex but still managed to get over it and practically swallow his cock. 

I felt it right on the back of my throat, throbbing and twitching in pleasure, and it felt delicious. I remained there for a couple seconds until I couldn't anymore, and pulled out to breathe. "Good girl," he smirked at me. "Do it again, gag on me."

I looked up at him and locking gaze with him, I lowered my head on his big size, I watched his face getting filled with pleasure as his cock slid against my tongue again, it felt so good seeing him so pleased. And it definitely felt great to get over all my inhibitions and problems, I felt I achieved something important as I sucked his cock. 

I took him even deeper, until my nose touched his crotch and right there, I felt his cock throbbing hard and spurting his load in the back of my throat. I swallowed it thankfully as I stared at him, I just hope our next session gets even more interesting. 

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