Sexual manipulation

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I have always heard I had some strange charm which make people give into my demands quite easily, especially when it comes to sex. There hasn’t been one person whom I laid eyes on and didn’t get. And this is what happened when I met her,  a twenty one year old girl with wavy hair. We met each other at the bus station and I used my charm, actually my ability to control people’s minds. In easy words, manipulation.

“I don’t even  know why I’m doing this.” She said giggling innocently, I tried my best to hide my smirk. I know exactly why she was doing this and that’s because I was making her do this. We finally reached the house. We had only got to the driveway of the house and we started going at it. Our tongues intertwined sliding in and out of each other's mouth. My hand grabbing her breast, sliding down to her thigh then to her ass. Squeezing it a few times then working my way back to her breast.  I kissed my way down her neck and buried my face in the ample cleavage below me. My unshaved stubble rasped against her soft tanned skin as I slid my tongue along the curve of her tit to take her nipple in my mouth.

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"Aaaaahhhh." She gasped as I sucked the hard nipple, my teeth nibbling on the sensitive flesh as my rough hands groped her other tit. Her fingernails traced lines across my back as I licked and fondled her. I slid my hand down her firm smooth stomach and traced my finger along the inside of the waist band of her jean shorts.

"Oh yes, oh please yes, please." She moaned as I kissed my way down her stomach and unbuttoned her shorts. She lifted her hips and I slid them down her long muscular legs. She kicked frantically, trying to get them off so she could spread herself for me and I saw her fingers dig into the blanket as I licked the inside of her thigh. Her pussy was still hairier than I preferred, not bushy but I liked the landing strip the most. I crawled in between her legs and gently kissed the hood of her clit. 

It was as if I had hit her with a taser. Her entire body went stiff and her back arched off the ground. She gave a long, drawn out moan as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over the sensitive nub and she squirmed and writhed in pleasure. I reached under her legs and grabbed on to her hips, holding her pussy against my face as I licked and nibbled.

"Oh God, oh god, oh my god!" she wailed as my tongue parted her pussy lips and slid inside her. She pounded her fist against the floor and her head tossed back and forth. I held her hips steady but she writhed around me like one of those dancing men at the car lots. Her hands tangled in my hair and pulled me hard against her as she wailed. I licked and kissed at the fragrant pussy flesh while she bucked and squirmed on my mouth.

"Oooooohhh, oh my god, oh my god, aaaaaaahh mmmmppphhhh!' she howled before gagging herself with one of her hands. Her other held me firm as she bucked and squirmed and I took the opportunity to reach up and grab her tit, squeezing it hard. She moaned loudly behind her muffling hand and I felt her orgasm start to build. Her stomach rippled and twitched and her legs squeezed my head like a melon.

She then got on top of me and  leaned over to kiss my nipple. Her tongue slid out of her lips to trace around it and once it was hard she gently sucked it into her mouth. Her other hand slid across my chest to trace the line of my other nipple and soon both were at attention just as hers had been a few moments ago. She looked up at me and smiled, then proceeded to kiss her way down my chest and stomach.

She fumbled with my belt then slid my pants and underwear down my legs. She didn't bother taking them off as I was still wearing my work boots, but instead kissed her way back up until she was licking my hard stiff cock. She took it in her warm mouth and started sucking slowly and sensually. The familiar feeling must have been confusing to her but she showed no sign as her hand slid up to fondle my balls.

I gave it a few minutes until I pulled her off of my prick and rolled her over onto her back. She spread her legs and eagerly reached down to guide me inside her. I held back teasing her by sliding the tip of my prick along her wet hot pussy lips. She squirmed and whined underneath me, pushing her hips up in desperate efforts to get me to penetrate her. Her hands grabbed my ass and tugged, trying to pull me down onto her. I held myself rigid as she squirmed underneath me. She looked up at me with pleading eyes, "Please, please put it in me." She gasped. 

But I decided to finger her first to make sure she was stretched enough to take my big cock. I put my hand in front of her mouth and asked her to lick my fingers, and she immediately complied. She started sucking my fingers like a hungry child, her slimy tongue twirling and sliding against my fingers. She kept sucking for a few minutes before I took them out.

After I get them all wet I take my fingers and stick them straight into her . “Fuck” She bellowed and kept moaning away as my fingers slide in and out of her. Her hips gyrate up and down making my fingers go deeper when I penetrate her. The tips just tapping her cervix every so often, letting out a little louder moan. I put my mouth back to her slit and sucked on her clit. Rolling it around my tongue, sucking it into my mouth, pulling on it lightly. “Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh” her moans I hear muffled by her thighs squeezing in against my head. When I run out of breath I sit up and slowly pull my fingers out and slide them down to her taint pushing on it and rubbing circles on it. I can see her juices leaking down to her asshole, I circle one more time and slide my fingers into her ass.

 Going slow at first then I pick up speed when I feel her getting wetter. I can feel her ass grip my fingers. She bucked her hips up and held them up while her thighs shaked. I pulled my fingers out and sat back while she caught her breath. I watched her slide her leggings back on. She leaned over and jammed her tongue into my mouth, rolling it around, her lips sucking hard against mine. 

I then stroked my cock for a few times, eyeing her squirmy body and wet pussy gaping and looking for a cock to fill it. But I decided  to fuck her mouth first. I put my cock in her mouth. I can feel the vibrations move down into my balls. As I kept sucking and licking on her ass, her hips dug down into my chest. She released my cock. As I feel her She tries to put them on my chest but I hold fast and push her legs open. I push into her wet pussy. I push deeper till our pelvic bones touch “Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh yesss Mmmm” I start slamming her with long deep thrusts.

My pace got rougher with each passing second as I slammed my body against hers. Her broken moans echoing in the air as I kept fucking her senseless, I could feel I was closed so I rammed into her even faster as I  chased my orgasm. I don’t have long before I cum, I can feel my balls tightening up, the tip of my cock starting to leak. As I thrust I can see our cum mixing up as she squirts all over my cock. Her pussy glistened with cum.

I pulled out of her and buried my face into her pussy and started collecting and eating the cum. Her  body convulsed with each push of my tongue into her cunt. I pulled away and watched her tired body and exhausted face but I wasn’t done yet.

“Get on your knees,” I commanded and even though she was tired her body immediately reacted to it. And that’s how I fucked her as I like without her going against me. She was just another prey who fell into my trap.

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