Teaching his assistant lessons

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Janet walked into her boss' office. She fixed her eyes on him as she pulled up her notes pad, he didn't even look at her, he continued with his work. "It's late, Mr. Spencer," she said interrupting her boss, making sure he noticed her presence.

"Yes, it is," he replied, still not looking at her. 

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"Tomorrow it's Friday, I guess you'll want the usual," she said, unenthusiastically, finally getting his attention. He separated his eyes from the computer screen and placed them on her, she liked knowing he was staring at her.

"Confirm your Monday appointments: arrange for a meeting with the board, schedule your wife for a day at the spa, schedule you and your lover in a hotel room, request the usual sparkling wine and room service, and take the dry cleaning," she said and then she held his gaze, challenging him. "Is there anything else you need, or want to modify?"

Janet had been threatening her boss with telling his wife about his cheating. She has got away with it several times by asking for money and luxury items, but her boss was getting tired. "Yes, I'd like to change something."

He then pulled out a book, and started writing a check with her name on it, and a large sum of money. "Here, a parting gift, you're fired, I don't need your services anymore."

Janet smirked as she sat in front of the desk, she took the check and then she laid it down, "considering the information I handle about you, I believe I'm quite necessary for you, Luke, don't you think?"

"I'm very patient, Janet, and my wife will always be patient even if you tell her what you've been planning to tell her,” he said to Janet, his cold eyes could make her feel chills down her spine.

"Mmm a classic woman, the one of a kind because they forgive everything, unfortunately for you, I'm not that stupid," she then took the check, folded it and saved it inside her bra, "I'm going to take your money, but I'm not going anywhere."

"You're fired, and this is my last word to you," he said again. 

"I'll make this public, your cheating, it'll be a scandal, are you sure you want that?" she threatened him

"I had enough," Luke stood up, he walked around the desk and caged her in her seat, then, staring directly into her eyes he whispered words Janet couldn't understand, it was an ancient language. Suddenly she couldn't move anymore, she couldn't speak, not even blink, she felt something cold sliding down on her skin, completely taking over every organ, every pore, every thought. Luke smirked, "I didn't want to do this, but you forced me, have you ever thought how I got here? To be so wealthy and powerful? It seems like you don't handle enough information about me, you don't know where I come from, my age, in reality, you don't know who I am."

Janet knew he was right but despite the frightening sensation of his words, the closeness she felt made her skin sensitive, it bristled beneath his presence. "The problem with you is that you think you're better than me, badder than me, and it never works, nothing moves," then he leaned even closer, she felt his breath fanning over her face, drawing her in, "I'm expected to be bad, and when I'm bad, everything crumbles, even you, I have powers you can't even conceive to be real, and you are nothing compared to me."

He then slid his hand inside her bra, reaching for the check. She felt the warmth of his hand teasing her, making her nipples hard, she gasped. "I've been spying on you, Janet, studying your moves, and I found out you want to dominate me, to keep me under your control, and you have to know it'll never happen," he said, still caressing the round shape of her breast. Janet hissed as he clicked his tongue in a negative manner.

Then he pulled his check-out, and teared it into pieces, "threatening me won't take you anywhere, do not play with a powerful man, especially one you don't know anything of." He stood up straight and walked back, "Now, beg me to dominate you, and get on your knees I’d like to see you dragging yourself on the floor, just like it should have been since I hired you."

"Dominate me," she suddenly said, getting on her knees in front of him, "please." Luke looked down at Janet, her brown eyes looked confused as he got closer to her. 

"Pull out your tongue," he commanded. He then watched the way she pulled out her tongue, ready to receive him. 

"Suck," Luke placed his fingers inside her mouth and she started sucking on them, slowly, gently, rubbing them with her tongue. He then took off his belt and placed it behind her head, pulling her closer to his crotch, she moaned and then smelled his cock through the fabric. She had no control over her actions, but nothing smelled as tempting and delicious as his cock. 

Janet's senses were sharp as he pulled out his cock and using the belt he started fucking her mouth. She licked his shaft, flicked her tongue on the head and sucked his entire length with hunger. Deep inside, Janet had longed for it for too long, and the jealousy she felt because of her lover had blinded her. To be his was all she wanted, but she never thought Luke could take control over her the way he was, she was completely powerless. 

Suddenly he pulled her up and placed her against the desk. Janet leaned on it, poking her ass out as he grabbed the belt and started spanking her. "You'll be a good girl from now on, no more threats," he said as he spanked her. 

"Yes sir!" she moaned without hesitation. Then he lifted up her skirt and pulling down her thong, he sank his face between her buttocks, smelling and tasting her wetness. Janet moaned when she felt his tongue caressing her sex, drinking her juices. "That feels so fucking good," she moaned. Janet felt completely inhibited, exposing her thoughts and feelings without thinking of them first, she suddenly was an open book to her boos, there were no secrets.

Then Luke stood up straight and slid his length all the way inside her. He went slowly and gentle at first, allowing her to process his size as he stretched her walls. But then he started moving fast and deep inside her. "Oh my gosh," she started moaning as he began moving. 

"Say you're going to be obedient from now on," he commanded her.

"Yes... I'm going... to be obedient... sir!" she moaned, feeling how his cock throbbed inside her as it went in and out of her wet entrance. He spanked her a couple times as he took her just the way he wanted; Janet loved feeling every inch of his cock. 

"Yes, just like that!" she cried out, feeling the heat inside her about to burst. He started moving even faster, taking Janet to a whole new level of pleasure.

The way he moved, the way his hands laid on her and gripped her hips, the way he delicately touched her and savagely fucked her was beyond anything she ever imagined. As he moved, she started feeling her inner muscles closing around him, "yes!" she moaned as she started feeling her own climax bursting all over her body. 

Her mind froze as she released her intense orgasm around his cock. Her walls gripped on his shaft as she quivered and quaked on the desk, feeling every inch of his cock throbbing against her walls. Luke pounded her a couple times more when he suddenly pulled it out and spurted his load all over her buttocks with a loud grunt. Janet felt his cock resting right in the middle of her crack, spilling his milk. She then felt it sliding down her skin, slowly and warm. She never thought Luke could be so powerful, for a moment she even though he caused her a little orgasm. 

She turned to see him and he was pleased, squeezing the last drops of cum over her ass. "You're mine now, from now on you'll do as I say, you won't complain, you won't talk about this, you'll breathe, exist, and do things for me only," he said to her. She panted, recovering from her orgasm. "I hoped you enjoyed that, it will be the last orgasm you'll have in a long time, until I feel pity and let you cum."

Janet felt an urge need of saying something but she felt her lips glued, nothing escaped her mouth. "Now clean me up."

"Yes sir," she suddenly said, getting on her knees, and taking his cock inside her mouth. She sucked his cock with energy, tasting her sex straight from it and swallowing the remaining of his orgasm.

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