Pressing the right buttons

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"Here," the doctor said, and then he placed a device on his desk. "Your husband has been through a rough journey, if he through a breakdown again in a dangerous moment, like last time, you might be able to control him and help him with this."

I looked at him, confused, "what do you mean? What is this?"

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"During surgery, the board and I thought it would be best if we implanted a neurological chip in his brain, is a very small device that connects his neurotransmitters again whenever they fail, this way you can prevent him from having accidents." The doctor then picked it up and stood up from the desk. 

"You could save his life if he gets a breakdown again, he was lucky he didn't crash too hard when he got the psychotic breakdown, but it could be very bad in the future, and you can save him," he led me outside his office, and we stood next to my husband's door, staring at him through the little window. 

"Look," he said, "you can help him move, you can even help him eat and behave, I'm going to make him raise his arm," then he pressed a button and suddenly, my husband looked confused as his arm raised in the air.

"If, during a breakdown, he cannot walk or move, you can do that for him," and he placed the controller on my hand. 

"Does he know about this?" I asked him. 

"No, I think it is best that he doesn't, but just remember, this is in case of emergency, use it only when your husband is going through a crisis, only on those cases," he told me, he seemed concerned, but I was amazed. 

"What does this do?" I asked, watching the colored buttons on the controller. 

"You can control his actions depending on the button combination you make, here's the manual, just make sure to learn it by heart, this is your husband's life we're dealing with here," then he leaned closer, "is not to take in lightly."

I nodded and then after speaking to him for a little longer, he left. I entered my husband's room, he was happy to see me, lucky us he recovered very fast from the accident and that day he was discharged. We went home and continued with our lives, just making a few adjustments for him. 

Days went by, I placed the controller on my bedside table and for a while I forgot about it, since it was only meant to be used in cases of emergency I thought I didn't need it. My husband recovered little by little, and he slowly regained his body movements. I was extremely happy to see him getting stronger. 

Despite this, I started feeling lonely, he had been so into his recovery that we never had the chance to have sex, he was not in the mood because he didn't feel 100 percent ready, and I felt so needy. I started masturbating in the bathroom, then I stopped bothering and began masturbating next to him while he slept. 

I began making suggestions and comments, letting him know I wanted to do it desperately, but he continued to ignore me, and stay focus on himself. I was getting tired, months went by, he was fully recovered, there were no more excuses. So, I decided to surprise him with a sexy lingerie set, one he gave me a while back before all this nightmare happened. 

That night, after he came back from work, he entered our bedroom, and I was on the bed, posing for him, hoping he would take me. All he said was "Ruth, I'm just too tired for this, let's try some other day."

I was pissed, I was so mad at him, after all I did for him, and still he refused me. "No! You're not rejecting me again, Brent, not this time."

"What are you going to do?" he asked, taking his tie off. "Force me?"

The second he said that I thought of the controller. I went to my bedside table and pulled it out, "I might," I said and pointing at him with it, I made him stop moving. All he could do was speak. 

He snapped his eyes open, "I can't move, Ruth, what did you do?" 

I explained to him everything the doctor said, the chip inside his head, how it controls him, how I can make him do things and stop him from doing things, and how I promised to use it in emergency cases.

"But this is not an emergency," he said, and I denied with my head. 

"Oh, sweetie, it is to me," I told him, walking towards him with the remote, "you haven't touched me for months, almost a year, you're fully recovered and still won't want to touch me, our marriage is on an edge and still, you think this is not an emergency?" 

Brent stayed quiet, "Now that I think about it, it's been years since you went down on me, I forgot how your tongue feels like," and then I pressed the purple button. Brent walked towards me, went down on his knees and as I pulled my pantie to the side, he leaned forward and started licking my clit as if it was a lollipop. 

"Oh fuck, that feels good," I moaned, leaning back and laying on the bed with my legs on his shoulders. "Are you going to tell me now that you don't like it?"

His tongue felt amazing against my entrance, he swallowed my juices while running the tip of his tongue up and down on my slit. I felt so aroused by this that I made him lick me for hours, taking care of my ass as well. He couldn't stop, he couldn't complain at all, he was like a robot, all I had to do was press the right commands, and thankfully I followed the doctor's advice. 

I made him push his tongue inside my cunt while he played with his fingers on my clit and my ass, Brent had never been so good at this before, not even when he was willing to do it. I came on his mouth a couple of times, and he swallowed my creamy juice diligently. "Good boy," I moaned, still releasing my orgasm and feeling his tongue moving like an eel inside me. 

"Now, it's time for your cock to get hard," and when I made him stand up, I was happy to see his cock was ready for me, "See, baby? Your cock is hard, all you had to do was try a little harder to want me."

"I'm sorry, Ruth, it is just that... I feel so tired."

"No excuses," I said as I got on my knees and pulled down his pants, then I took his cock and sucked on it, making it wet with my tongue. I didn't take a long time on it since I thought this was my moment, Brent was in debt with me, and he didn't deserve any rewards for making me wait. 

Then I climbed on the bed, got on my fours and pressed another combination of buttons on the controller. "Come on, baby, time to fuck me, and you'd better do it good, or I'll make you do it good."

As soon as I felt Brent get behind me, I pressed another button, and he instantly pushed his cock inside me, hard and deep, I felt his hard throbbing cock stretching my walls as it slowly reached the bottom. It had been so long since we last did it that it felt incredibly good. I had forgotten how big and fat his cock was until that night, then I made him move slowly, and he began grunting in pleasure. 

I loved that I didn't command him to moan, and he did it anyway, but I kept controlling his actions. I got so wet it was very slippery and nice, then I made him pick up the pace and keep a steady rhythm which made him moan even more. "Oh yeah," he moaned to me as I melted beneath him. Controlling him gave me the chance of making him move the right way to reach all my spots, and I was starting to lose control pretty quick. 

I leaned my torso down, and he hit my g-spot with his head over and over again, it felt deliciously good, then I commanded him to go faster and that's when I lost it, I started trembling and squirming all around him as his cock kept on sliding in and out of me, exiting my cunt completely coated in my orgasm. 

Suddenly, I felt Brent releasing his load inside me, it was so unexpected, I never command him to do that and still he did, he filled me up entirely making my orgasm more intense. It was amazing, it took me by surprised, and despite he came, he still moved. That night he confessed to me, he loved losing control over everything, and felt even more aroused. This controller might be only in case of emergency but... having orgasms feels like an urgent thing to me. 

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