The nasty professor

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“... and now for one last solution.” Professor Wilson cooed to himself with the ridiculous gas mask on his face as he worked late into the night on one of his longest experiments yet. 

Wilson was a forty-three-year-old scientist and professor at a local college who taught chemistry for a living. Obsessed with experimental analysis like every scientist, no one knew just how much of a psychopath professor Wilson was as the reclusive man with grey hair and beard barely socialized. If he wasn’t at college lecturing, you could bet your bottom dollar he was at his makeshift laboratory situated in the basement of his house, poring through endless notes or setting up a chemical rig with the countless apparatus he owned.

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 After a seemingly endless and diligent research, Wilson chuckled to himself as he held up a test tube filled to the brim with a bioluminescent green liquid, which he believed was the most powerful aphrodisiac ever created by man. Professor Wilson wasn’t willing to take any chances with his discovery as he carefully locked the steaming solution in a container and took off his mask. He would test out the potency of his said aphrodisiac the next day at the college. 

Carla was a nineteen year old science major and the blonde beauty that had caught the pervy professor’s eyes from day one. Carla possessed an athletic, curvy physique with bright blue eyes and a nice pair of C cup tits. She was always clad in something skimpy, which always got the professor hot and bothered whenever he lectured the class and tried not ogling in between her thighs. Knowing fully well he would kiss his job goodbye if he made advances at her, she had been his number one motivation to embark on creating the mind controlling aphrodisiac. 

“Miss Carla, see me at my office.” Wilson softly announced after his morning lecture the next day, and he could see the surprise on Carla’s face as he stepped out. A few minutes later, Carla knocked at Wilson’s office, and he ushered her in. 

“Uhm, am I in trouble?” She stood in front of his desk, twiddling her fingers around a bunch of her flailing hair. 

“Well, it appears so, Carla. I can see here you flunked last week’s test really bad.” He casually held up a piece of paper and reclined in his seat. 

Carla gasped in shock as she tried to grab the paper. “That’s not possible!”

“Oh yes, it is! And now you have to make up, or I’ll have no option than to fail you for the semester.” Professor Wilson casually moved his arm away, so she snatched a gust of wind. He ordered her to sit down, then reached in his drawer to pull out the case from last night. 

“And what might that be?” Carla had a sassy countenance as she watched him set the case down on the table but didn’t open it. 

“Your makeup test Carla. All you need to do is identify what chemical compound this is, and I’ll pass you right away.” He sat back in his chair, gesturing at the box sitting idly.

“Screw this!” Carla scoffed as she reached forward to snatch the mini box and propped it open to see the glowing test tube filled with green liquid. She carefully picked the test tube out and sniffed a copious whiff of its faint but distinctive smell, reeling her head back as her brain stung from the sharp smell. She returned it to the case with a grimace. “Ugh! What the hell is that stench?” She asked.

“You tell me.” Professor Wilson replied casually. He carefully watched Carla begin to palpitate quite erratically that her white blouse was getting soaked.

“Uhm, I think it’s uhm... sodium nitrate? No?” Carla shook her head with a slight groan as she unbuttoned her blouse down to expose her bra, not minding the Professor sitting opposite her.

“How about another try?” Wilson got up as his cock twitched in his pants to a full tent. Carla noticed his erection as he came around, and it surprisingly got her really hot and bothered. 

“Can we try something else, please?” She pleaded with wide eyes up at him as he feasted his gaze down on her glistening cleavage.

“Feel free... ” Wilson shrugged with a coy smug as he leaned against the table in front of her. In a flash, the hot and horny blonde darted for the buckle of his pants, loosening him free to yank out his thick eight-inch veiny cock. Without even thinking for a second, she parted her lips open and engulfed half of the thick musky meat in her mouth, pulling a groan from the professor as she began to bob quite loudly on his cock; drooling all over her tits as she deepthroated him. 

“Oh, Yesss... it works!” Wilson snickered with tensed breaths as he reached down to grab onto a chunk of her bouncing blonde hair and began fucking her pretty face with steady thrusts of his hips, consistently ramming her tight sealed lips around the hairy base of his cock. Carla gagged, slobbered, and wheezed breathlessly on his length for a few minutes before she pulled out with a sharp gasp and drooling lips.

“God, that cock taste so delicious! I need it inside of me!” The slut in Carla was out as she got up from the chair, spun around, and straddled it with her knees, so she gripped against the frame and accentuated her plump curvy pale ass to the professor’s view after hiking up her skirt.

“Oh, that’s a beautiful shaved wet cunt you’ve got there.” He gripped at the base of his cock and lined it up with her pink seeping entrance after sliding her purple lace panties to the side, pushing in with a bit of force that pulled out a breathless grunt from a dazed Carla. 

“Owww... fuck yesss... please slide that fat cock all the way in my pussy. Please, Mr. Wilson... ” Carla gripped tightly onto the chair and pushed down on his thick meat, engulfing it whole in her tight wet cunt and trapping Wilson between her accentuated ass and the table behind him. Without caring for his balance, a hysterical and erratic Carla began viciously slamming her asscheeks back against his crotch, letting out slurred moans and groans while the office chair creaked from the pressure.

“Good Einstein!” Wilson quipped with tensed breaths as he had to grab onto the small of Carla’s back and plant both feet steadily due to her consistent ramming against his crotch. Audible slapping sounds of wet flesh mixed with her heightened moans filled the air, and for a split second, he was slightly worried about somebody walking in. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to stop pounding the hot young blonde as her gushing tight cunt strangulated his throbbing meat with each thrust into her channel. 

Reaching underneath her moving body, Carla began to rub hard on her clit as she moaned to each thrust sent into her quivering frame. Each drill of the cock sent her into throes of pleasure never experienced before, and albeit she enjoyed every minute of it, deep down, she wondered why it was so. 

Unable to bear the repeated clamping of her gushing cunt as Carla came hard on his thrusting meat for the umpteenth time, Professor Wilson held onto her waist and rammed a final flurry of thrusts into her bouncing asscheeks before slamming all the way in as his pulsating thick cock erupted in rivulets if scathing semen deep down the young tight cunt. 

“Hollllyyy fuccckkk! Yesss!” Carla moaned loudly as the spurting semen threw her into another orgasmic fit as her eyes rolled back while the grunting professor pummeled her with every strength left in him until he went limp while his cock kept spurting deep inside her cunt until his balls were drained. Carla let out a slurred moan as she disengaged from his half flaccid meat after a few minutes, then sat back down to slurp his meat clean of their mess while gazing into his eyes. “Do I get a pass now?” She popped the cock from her lips to ask with pouted lips and heaving soft breaths.

“Oh fuck yes, honey. You get an A for that performance.” He quipped at her with tensed breaths as she smiled and returned to slurping his meat clean while he winced softly. 

“By the way, what compound was that?” She asked when she finally pulled away from his flaccid and shiny cock.

“Doesn’t matter now, honey. You may get properly dressed and leave now.” The professor replied.

“Okay. See you around.” She quipped casually as she got up to reveal a patch of semen that had leaked out from her cunt onto the chair and buttoned up her blouse then rolled down her skirt before sashaying her hips out the office with a smirk on her face and a slight headache still tingling in her head. She thought she needed to get some sleep, attributing her dizziness to the professor’s stellar sexual prowess. 

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