Rewired mind

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She closed down the laptop and gathered her things. Normally she'd stay for at least another hour but tonight was special. Tonight was different.

Tonight was kitten's night. The night when her master takes control of her and makes her pleasure him.

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An hour driving through the city to her home. It was an effort to force her mind to focus on the road. She impatiently rode the elevator all the way up to her apartment and nearly dropped her keys at the door. She stumbled inside and checked the time.

Seven-oh-five. Enough time for a shower. She stripped off, throwing her expensive business suit onto the floor as she walked quickly to the bathroom- stopping only to straighten a crooked picture on the wall. She turned on the water and waited until it steamed before ducking under.

Ten minutes to let the scalding water pour over her body, thinking vaguely of baptisms. Ten more minutes with the hair-dryer. She sat naked on the bed, her legs folded, and inspected herself in the mirror. Skin like mocha and dark eyes, the product of her black father and white mother. A body she kept nice and trim in the gyms, attacking the treadmills with her trademark single-minded ferocity. Modest boobs that were still a few years away from serious sag.

She put down the phone and then looked around. Master had told her to come to him now. That meant without delay.

When she finally arrived, all he said was;

"You're late."

Kitten did her very, very best to pretend to look contrite. Master sighed and pushed open the door. "Come on in, little kitten."

With a happy purr she slinked into the Master's house. The kitten had been in the house before- she came nearly every fortnight- but she was a curious little kitten and so she did a quick circuit, hoping to find some playmates. 

The kitten stopped and stared. Someone new!

The girl was Asian. She looked young- younger than kitten by several years- and was pretty in a slim and elegant sort of way that kitten naturally approved of. She sat on a chair, entirely still and unmoving, her eyes half-lidded and drowsy. She was naked too, which the kitten also very much approved of. 

He gestured to the girl. "This is a slave . She's new, so I expect you to be on your best behaviour." 

the kitten shuffled over to the master, who leant down to gently scratch her head. She purred and gently pressed her body against master's hips, rubbing her cheek against the bulge in his trousers. He chuckled again and moved away to the dinner table. Kitten noticed some covered plates. "Slave ? You may begin now."

The slave 's eyes fluttered closed and a soft, gentle sigh escaped her lips. A soft, gentle melody filled the room as she began to play the cello, her hands moving with calm, certain motions. She moved forward, licking her lips, wondering if she could spot the first glimmers of moistures between the girl's parted legs-

The girl's skin was flushed, her nipples hard and pointed. Her eyes stayed closed but she was moaning gently under her breath. Her thigh muscles tensed in time to the music and the kitten could see glimmers of dew between her legs. Licking her lips she slowly began to move towards the girl's cute little pussy- but then her master called whom she could never disobey.

Kitten sighed gently and then lent forward. She inhaled, smelling the perfect and delicious scent of master's musk. His cock was long and thick and veiny; it was, in the kitten's opinion, gloriously beautiful. She purred and rubbed her cheek against his cock, marking it with her scent. His hands ran through her hair and scratched gently against her scalp. She let her cute little tongue slide out and lick against his hot, hard flesh.

He smiled down at her and she tasted the first hint of cream on the tip of his cock and everything was perfect.

She moved to suck gently on the tip of his cock, enjoying the salty taste of his cream, before slowly- oh, so slowly- bobbing her head back and forth. One of her hands moved to grip his hips, steading herself, while the other moved to pull at the straps of her dress. A few seconds of wriggling and her red dress was pushed down to her hips and her pretty tits were bared.

She sucked his cock slowly, her tongue swirling around his tip, before pushing her head forward until he pressed against the back of her throat. She pinched and twisted her nipples, feeling the mixture of pain and pleasure shoot down straight to her clit. She moved her mouth to slave 's music, the two of them working in tandem to pleasure him. Throughout it all, she gazed up lovingly at her master, eyes shining.

It was always a bittersweet thing, when the master came, flooding her slutty little mouth with his cream. It meant the end of sucking him, of knowing that she was pleasing her master. She moaned as cream spurted into her mouth. Her throat began to gulp as she greedily drank down the thick, musky fluid. Too much, though; even for a greedy little kitten. It overflowed out of her mouth and she meowed with disappointment, her tongue darting out to lick and collect the cream that dribbled down her chin.

She sat back, happy and content, one of her fingers still idly pinching her nipples as she licked up the last of her master's cream.

"Happy little kitten?" the master asked.

She opened her eyes and smiled, purring like a furnace. She slowly hiked up her skirt and spread her legs so that Master could see her hot, wet pussy. 

But the master's attention was on slaves now. "You've been such a good slave ," said the Master. "Did playing your cello make you feel good?" The girl nodded. 

"That's right," said the Master. "Now come with me. Come with me so we can play with you, my slave ." She rose and he led the girl- who walked as though sleepwalking- out of the dining room and up a long flight of stairs. Kitten followed them, sliding out of her red dress so that she was dressed only in her gloves and stockings.

Master led the slave  onto the bed. The girl sunk into the soft satin sheets without comment or complaint. He poured himself a glass of brandy and turned to the kitten. "Now, little kitten- I want you to play with slaves for a while. Can you do that? And don't play with yourself, either."

The kitten looked at the young pretty slim girl and nodded eagerly. Master smiled and she basked in his love. Then he sat down on a chair, the brandy in hand, while she slid with liquid grace onto the bed. Tentatively, she knelt and licked at the girl's ankle; the slave  shuddered and sighed. the kitten grinned. Oh, this was going to be fun!

And it was. The slave  wasn't the most fun playmate that the kitten had spent time with. She didn't really move that much; not like a victim, who always pretended to squirm and beg. And so the kitten toyed with the girl like she would a mouse. She sucked on her toes, licked long lines up and down her thighs and nuzzled her stomach.

She kissed her fingers and left gentle hickies along the side of the girl's neck. Small things, little inquisitive tastes of the girl but soon enough the slave  was quivering and shaking like a frightened rabbit, her eyes wide and unseeing, her face crimson with built-up desire, her breath coming out in desperate pants. From time to time the kitten would move to suckle her breasts or leave breathy licks along the edges of her lower lips, and then the girl would thrash until she backed off. 

The girl grew hotter and hotter and the time between her desperate thrashings grew shorter and shorter. Kitten's own thighs became slick with pent up need and her nipples ached for attention, but she was having too much fun to stop and tend to herself; besides, Master was watching which meant that she couldn't be (too) naughty.

Eventually Master rose. He placed his empty brandy glass down and slowly stripped it off. Kitten stopped what she was doing to admire his body, licking her salty lips at his hairy chest, his strong arms and his big, perfect cock that was hard once more. He gestured and she slid off the bed to press against him. He slid a condom onto his cock.

Slave didn't look at him. Slave  might not even have been aware he was there, so wrapped up as she was in her sexual torment. "Such a good slave " he said, reaching to stroke her hair, "Now let's finish your song."

He slid into her and the girl screamed with release, her whole body going taunt. He pumped into her with slow, calm strokes while she trashed and babbled and twitched, her orgasms coming in fast and brutal. He fucked  until she suddenly went limp; but rather than being upset or disappointed master merely chuckled.

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