Obsessed With Her Butt

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There are a lot of things I like about Anika. She’s a super intelligent woman who single-handedly started a tech company that now spans across three cities. She commands a room. When she walks into a space, your eyes are just drawn to her power suits and her long, blonde hair. She’s a mix between a model and a boss. Her drive is enviable, and her smile makes anyone swoon.

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– James M.

But the thing I love the most about my new girlfriend? 

Her ass.

I know it makes me sound like a simple man. A lot of guys are “butt guys,” right? My obsession is a little bit more serious, and it’s one of the reasons Anika and I hit it off. On our first date, we were going for a long walk, and she mentioned that she loved when men were obsessed with her ass. She wanted men who were into anal, toys, eating her ass, massaging it, and spanking it.

My jaw nearly fell to the floor.

“Anika,” I had said. “I think we’re a perfect match.”

So we started exploring things. I came over that weekend totally ready and willing to eat her ass for as long as she wanted. She was spread out on her big bed, completely naked, with her ass up in the air. Her slender, long body had never looked more appealing.

I dove in. I spread her ass cheeks apart and buried my face against her asshole, tonguing it over and over. I slid my mouth up and down, again and again, while Anika moaned underneath me. She was clearly enjoying it just as much as I was. 

“You’re so good at eating ass,” she sighed blissfully, reaching around to grab me roughly by the hair and keep my face right where she wanted. “I love that you’re not scared to just get in there.”

The next time I saw her, I fucked her ass using a stainless-steel butt plug. Anika laid on her back with her legs up in the air. Her big blue eyes were filled with a glimmer of excitement I had never seen from her before as she watched me lube up the toy.

“Yes, put it in there deep,” she groaned, pulling her ass apart for me, to give me better access.

The butt plug opened up her hole for me, so it was easier for me to slide my cock inside. I loved Anika’s position, I was able to not only see her tits and pussy, but I could watch my cock plunge in and out of her adorable, tight asshole. 

Anika rubbed her clit while I fucked her ass, and when she came, it was like no other orgasm I had ever witnessed before. She was like a wild animal, her eyes rolling back and her jaw opening and closing as it let out a series of primal groans. 

I think I fell in love with Anika and her ass that day. 

But she wanted more. 

I brought out every toy for her—anal beads, whips, hard wooden canes. I fucked her ass and then smacked her with a paddle until she was a bawling mess.

“You have no idea how amazing it feels,” she said, through her tears. 

She stood in front of her full-length mirror in her luxury loft apartment and examined her bruised butt. She seemed fascinated by the watercolor mix of greens and blues, the way the edges of the bruise softened and spread.

But it wasn’t until I randomly pulled her over my legs one day that she realized how much she loved being spanked with nothing but an open hand.

It started off silly and fun. We were role-playing the entire day, with Anika pretending to be my assistant, while I was the domineering and cruel boss. It was a nice change of pace from her regular life, which is why I think she liked it so much.

“You cannot continue to drop the ball,” I said sternly to her, as we entered my apartment. “You’ve cost me a lot of money, and you need to be punished for it.”

Anika stood there in front of me, looking meek and mild, tugging nervously on her fingers. “Yes, sir.”

I lifted up her skirt and pulled her onto my lap. She was long and lanky, but she still fit perfectly. I massaged her bare skin for a few minutes, wanting to warm her up and make her sweat. I could feel her start to whimper very quietly, knowing what was coming next. When she began to squirm, I gave her the first hard smack of our session. 

“Fuck!” she cried out, clutching the bottom of my pants. “That hurts!”

“Well, did you think it was going to feel nice?” I said sarcastically, hitting her ass again.

Over and over, my palm landed against her adorable pale bottom, warming her up to me and turning her skin a nice shade of pink. It was intoxicating, really, to watch her ass change colors, and to listen to her desperate pleas as she lay in my lap.

“I hope you’re getting the message,” I said, smacking her harder now.

Thwack! Thwack!

She reached around to her ass to try to stop my hands from spanking her, but I quickly grabbed her wrists and bound them together. I held her in place while I continued my assault.

When I was finished, I laid her on her back and dove my cock into her, long and slow. We fucked like we never had before, with Anika a complete, dripping mess of a woman underneath me. Something had been unlocked in her. 

We started to incorporate spanking every time we fucked. 

I spanked her in the shower, with the water splashing off of her ass cheeks every time my hand connected with them.

I spanked her on vacation, in a hotel room over looking the beach, where her cries of pain matched the swell and rush of the ocean.

I spanked her all the way up to our wedding night.

“You look absolutely stunning,” I said slowly and intentionally, standing up from the bed as she came into the room from the bathroom.

Anika beamed at me and gave a little twirl. She was in what appeared to be a sexy version of a wedding dress, a silky white gown that barely covered her ass and pussy, and a pair of white high heels.

I moved my finger to her, saying “come here.”

She grabbed my hand and let me lead her over to the big chaise lounge that overlooked the crystal blue lake underneath us. The honeymoon was everything we had dreamed about, from the location to right here, in this room together.

Anika’s floral perfume wafted by my nose as she stretched out over my lap, sighing contentedly. This had become her favorite place.

I rolled up my shirt sleeves and started by massaging her ass. Her skin was perfect and smooth, not a bit of bruise in sight. I couldn’t wait to absolutely tear into her, like I knew she wanted me to. 

The sound of skin connecting against skin seemed to echo off the walls in this huge Airbnb. My hand meeting her ass was also met with the sound of Anika’s pitiful cries that I had come to know and love. She wiggled a little bit, but mostly she kept still.

She knew better.

“Just because we’re married doesn’t mean you don’t get spanked anymore, okay?” I said, my voice patronizing. “I know how much you need a firm hand, Anika. And I intend to give you one.”

Anika let out a moan. Her voice sounded girlish and quiet as she spoke. “Thank you, Eric. I’m so lucky you’re my husband.”

Over and over, I smacked her ass, fast and quick. The spanks were barely connecting to her, but the sting was sharp enough. Then I moved to harder blows, the type of smack that came down ferociously against her butt and stayed there a little longer, squeezing her raw skin. I knew that this was what hurt the most, and so I did it to her countless times. 

Her ass was starting to turn into a gratifying shade of deep red. Each spank sent her ass cheeks bouncing, her voice tapering off into a sad cry, and her skin blazing. I started to see bumps rise up on her ass, little welts that told me I had been effective.

Finally, I pulled Anika up into my lap and brushed her hair back behind her ears. 

“I love you,” I said sweetly.

She smiled at me and gave me a soft kiss. “I love you, too.”

I took her into the shower and turned the water on, but not too hot. The lukewarm temperature felt better against her sore and inflamed ass, and she stood there under the stream as I lathered her up with soap.

“And to think, this is just day one,” she said, looking at me pointedly.

My cock throbbed as I spun her around, giving her lower back a push so her ass stuck out.

“Six more days to go,” I said. 

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