Perverted obsession

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That day was a bit of a rush, things hadn’t quite fallen into place and Lazze was already running close to time. He didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to Isabell, who was still fast asleep in bed, the covers half on her body, leaving her ass hanging out for him to see, eliciting a throb in his pants and a sly smile as he hurried downstairs and out the door to work, a few fantasies of what’s to come later tonight swimming around in his head.

After having left, the early morning gave Isabell plenty of time to enjoy her sleep, oblivious to the footsteps making their way across the hallway. Lazze’s Father, Kostas was coming to check that his son hadn’t left his room in a state. As he crept closer to the door so as not to wake anyone, what he didn’t expect to see, was his Son’s girlfriend, her ass in full view, clad in a tight pair of gray booty-shorts that clung so tightly to her ass that half of it was spilling out!

The sight instantly sent a throbbing desire across his body, instantly set into a frenzy of lust as his cock rapidly hardened in his pants. The fabric strained against his shaft as he continued to greedily stare at her fat, juicy ass on almost full display, a myriad of thoughts struggling for dominance in his head, some of simply ramming his cock inside of her, others of the after-image of Isabell’s stretched-out hole. All of these thoughts urged his lust on even further, as he peered his head in even more, capturing it in almost full view.

Kostas can’t help himself, it feels wrong to lust over a girl her age, especially given his own, but that hesitation melts away at the sight of her. He wants to see her ass jiggle as she shows off for him, to see it jiggle as he rams his hips against it, to listen to her squeals as he feeds his desires by having her bounce in his lap. His thoughts are cut short instantly as Isabell stirs beneath the sheets, causing Kostas to recoil back out of the room, simply listening to her mumble, staying silent in fear of being discovered.

Not wanting to risk being found out, Kostas takes what he gained from this, a newfound desire to feel her asshole squeeze around his cock, and leaves back down the hall. There’s no second thought as to what he wants next, Kostas heads for the bathroom and strips down for a shower, letting the water steam up the room before letting his back fall against the tiles. Finally he sets to sate his lust, stroking his thick cock desperately, stifling his moans as he pictures Isabell again, how her fat ass struggled in those shorts, how he’d love to listen to her squeal on his cock as he made her his.

He doesn’t last long in this state, already having leaked a fair amount of precum into his clothes, now that he’s finally able to stroke his dick to the fresh image of her presenting herself for him, he can’t hold back. After only a few minutes, Kostas paints the walls of the shower in his load, several thick ropes shot across the tiles before sinking down into the drain, his body trembling from the post-orgasm clarity as to what he had just cum so hard over. His Son’s sixteen year old girlfriend… and he wanted more…

After cleaning himself up, finishing his shower, and getting dressed for the day, Kostas heads back out down the hall and toward the kitchen to eat breakfast.

On his way there, he hears Isabell’s footsteps as she clambers out of bed, and after hesitating a moment, decides to quickly head back to his own bedroom, waiting until he hears her leave. When he hears her feet tapping against the floor, he exits his bedroom, greeting her politely.

“Good morning, Isabell! Looks like you’ve slept well.”

She clumsily rubs the sleep from her eyes, smiling back at him.

“I did, though I may have slept in a little too much.”

The perverse situation of speaking so nonchalantly with her after having cum so hard from thinking about her ass only moments ago starts to get to Kostas, and his cock rapidly swells beneath his clothes. Now under a time limit before she notices his growing bulge between his legs, he tries to steer the conversation toward his initial intent.

“Hey, let’s go get some breakfast before we both starve!”

She smiles and realizes she was also getting a bit hungry, and as he motions for her toward the kitchen, he follows behind her. This is the sight he was after, standing right behind her as her ass jiggled in front of his face, Kostas was practically drooling at the sublime sight of her huge ass straining against the prison of those overly-tight shorts. He wishes he could just reach out and grab at the ass that’s jiggling in front of his face, already half-naked, but he wants so much more of her.

Once they’re in the kitchen, Isabell offers to make him breakfast, though he declines, quickly grabbing what he can find in the cupboard before slinking away into his own office. He wants nothing more than to be able to sit there, staring at her for the rest of the day, but there’s no way she wouldn’t find out sooner or later, and decides to figure out what to do with his newfound lust.

It’s not until the next day that he decides to act on it again, having suppressed the urge as long as he could. He wakes up at around the same time, listening in as Lazze’s footsteps disappear down the stairs and the door can be heard clicking closed behind him. After a few moments of waiting, Kostas creeps down the hallway, camera in-hand. After checking that Isabell was sound asleep, he gently pulls at the covers until her ass is revealed again, an intense shiver courses across his body as he stares down at her. Realizing why he’s here again, he fumbles with the camera before snapping a few shots of her near-naked ass, tightly confined in her shorts.

After noticing her begin to toss in bed, he quickly creeps back out, heading back toward his office to develop the photographs before work. He tries not to peer at the photos in his pocket whilst at work, not until lunch-break comes, where he dives off to the bathroom to sate his urges. He hadn’t noticed how obvious of a hurry he was in, but his co-workers did, and two of them followed after.

Whilst they went in with the intent to mock his desperate need to ‘go’, they instead hear his heavy breathing and frantic dropping of his pants in the stall. They both shush each other, listening in until they hear the familiar sound of masturbation, and they look at each other quizzically before knocking on the stall.

“Hey, Kostas! What’re you doing in there?!”

The sounds quickly stop, and Kostas comes out of the stall looking dejected, pants hurriedly pulled up his body and the photo still in hand.

“What is this?”

One of them snatches it out from his grip, then peers over it with a smile.

“Kostas, you dog!”

He hands it over to the other man who joins in the smile, patting him on the back.

“No wonder you were having a bit of fun in there, she’s got a fat ass!”

With a hesitant look, they both turn to one another before turning back to Kostas.

“Hey, mind if we join you? We won’t tell the boss.”

That had settled it, the three of them had the photo placed up on the edge of the sink, and they all began jerking off over it. The first friend came rather quickly, spurting his load across the picture with a grunt, followed soon by the other, who held onto the side of the sink as he blew his load across Isabell’s photo.

As they both thank him and leave, Kostas continues jerking off, stroking his cock until he finally sprays several thick loads across the photo, painting what’s left of it in his cum. After calming down, he has a bit of an idea, washing the several loads of cum off of the picture before wiping it dry, pinning it to the wall of the stalls for everyone who walks in to see.

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