Overwhelming Lust

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I stood at the entrance looking at my fellow members who were here for some kind of relief? All I knew was this was a meeting to help us. This was my first meeting and I was nervous, though I knew most of the people. The older gentleman that ran the group gave me a smile and a nod. 

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I looked down at the other addicts, their eyes glazed over with lust, especially the young girl who couldn't have been much older than Kaela.

"Let's give Mike  some time to catch his breath everyone, after all this is his first meeting." Everyone else stood up and split up into pairs or small groups. As I headed for the coffee pot the girl caught me by the arm.

"Can I suck your dick?" She said as she moulded her body to mine. I could feel her heat and it was intoxicating.

"What?" I was stunned and confused and very excited by the offer. She was very attractive with black hair and the most amazing blue eyes, which seemed fixed on me at the moment. Her firm breasts were pressed hard against my chest and a long muscular leg was wrapped around me. She wore a plain grey sweatshirt and matching sweatpants and I imagined that was to hide an amazing body beneath.

"I want to suck you off, you know swallow your cum..." I cut her off before the litany of oral sex acts continued.

"I thought you came here to get better?" I asked her.

"Yes," she moaned as she slipped her hand between my legs and on my raging hard on, "better at sex. Your cock doesn't lie, it wants to be pampered, let me!" How do you turn down an offer like that? In the end I simply nodded. With that I was drugged into the girl's bathroom, sat down on a toilet and she did the rest. She unzipped me and freed my iron hard erection. "Jackpot!" she moaned and lowered her lips over the head and began flickering her tongue over the very sensitive head. Then inch-by-inch she dropped her head until her lips brushed the base. Then she began to bob her head up and down over the entire length of the shaft pausing now and again to pleasure the tip. She checked her watch and groaned which sent waves of pleasure through me. Her mouth came off my dick for a moment.

She used her slender fingers wrapped around the shaft stroking it as her lips and tongue pleasured the tip. The stroking got faster and faster and it wasn't very long before I was on the brink of a very strong orgasm. It took everything I had not to scream when I came and as she promised she swallowed every drop. She even licked the head of my cock clean afterwards. I composed myself as she checked to see if the hall was clear of traffic. She nodded and I walked out and back to the meeting area. I fixed myself that well deserved cup of coffee and sat down. She returned to her seat and the old man called the meeting back to order.

"Well Mike, would you like to continue?" The old man asked.

And then I found myself with two girls.

"Mike  sits in the chair." I obeyed; I pulled out of Kaela and sat in the chair. "Now Kaela strip and let him see those firm young tits of yours; which you inherited from me by the way." Her friend did as she was told. She slowly peeled off the shirt from her and let it fall to the floor with a wet smack. 

"Come and have a seat, little girl." I moaned. She smiled and moved slowly, reached down and unzipped her skirt and let that fall to the floor as well, it too hit the floor with a dull wet smack. She moved towards me and taking a wide stance she straddled me. Kaela took my cock in hand and slowly guided the tip to the lips of her pussy.

"Ready?" She asked and I nodded again in response. Slowly she dropped down. I felt her pussy open to my cock stretching it once more and soon it was hilted in her again. We groaned in unison as she began to ride me and that tight pussy of hers gave me so much pleasure. She leaned down offering her nipples to me; and being the gentleman that I am, I opened my mouth and suckled them as she lifted up and dropped down on me. She started to moan louder and louder as I penetrated her deeper than ever before.

She stopped, lifted up and spun around and lowered herself down facing away from me. Using the desk for leverage she rammed her hips up and down much faster now. "Oh yes!" she growled over and over again. But this time I could feel her body tensing for her upcoming climax. Finally her entire body trembled, she lifted high and rammed her hips down climaxing as she did so followed by a muffled scream. When she lifted her head there was her friend standing naked next to her.

"My turn." Patty announced. Kaela rose up on weak legs and watched her friend approach me.

I took my cock in hand and tapped her sensitive clit with the head and Patty nearly jumped off the desk.

I eased the head between her pussy lips and slowly into her warm wet depths. She let out a sound somewhere between a purr and a growl. I put her legs one over each shoulder and began to move my hips slowly at first but then faster and faster. The slapping sound of wet pussy and hard cock was loud in the air.

"Take that and that you tramp!" I yelled at her. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them and used them for leverage as I drove my cock in and out her with as much force as I could. I took my pleasure from her and she adored me for it. I looked over at Kaela and she was still open-mouthed in shock at how I was treating her friend. "Turn around and grab your ankles."  She hesitated but it was her friend this time.

"You heard him, turn around and grab your ankles!" This time she did as she was told and spun around bent over and easily grabbed her ankles. I traced a finger along her slick cunt lips and then her very sensitive clit and watched her twitch involuntarily. So when I inserted two of my fingers into her oh so very tight pussy they slid in easily. She groaned and actually leaned back causing them to go in deeper. 

Soon my cock was buried deep and she was pushing back with each of my forward thrusts.  I eased the fingers that were slick with her pussy juices slowly into her ass and the other two fingers into her. Then slowly I started fingering both of her holes.

"Okay girlie, reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart." Kaela did as she was told without reservation and reached back and gripped each cheek and pulled. I stopped fucking her but she never missed a beat as she kept moving her hips backward driving me deep and hard. Her thrusts were slow but very powerful. "UNN... UNN... OH FUCK!!!" She screamed as her cunt gripped me like a velvet fist as she came. She ground her hips back hilting herself on me then as she continued to come Patty made slow circles with her hips. When her climax had finally stopped she was a sweaty panting mass of gorgeous women. Patty flipped her soaked hair out of her face and looked back over her shoulder smiling her evil smile. I eased my fingers out of Kaela's holes, which made her moan softly then I sat down which pulled my cock out of Patty's pussy. She leaned in enfolding my engorged cock with those soft pillowy breasts. She moved up and down and I began moaning now as the head of my dick poked out from time to time. Kaela walked over and knelt to the side of her friend, licking her lips as she saw the precum on the head of my cock.

"Can I?" she asked her friend.

"Sure." Patty replied. Kaela lowered her head and suckled the head of my dick. Kaela let my cock leave her mouth with a loud 'pop' and Patty adjusted her position and took the shaft of my dick in hand and lowered her mouth to engulf the entire head. I felt her tongue and lips come to play as her hand stroked the shaft slowly at first but then as my orgasm got closer and closer it moved faster and faster.

"OH GOD!!" I howled. "So fucking close!!" Patty's hand moved at a steady fast pace and her lips formed a tight seal around the head. Hardly had the last word left my lips then the first pulse of hot cum hit the back of her throat and she began to swallow as quickly as she could. Even when the last bit of cum was gone she continued to stroke me and I'll be damned if she didn't manage a second orgasm from me. I howled as more cum flowed and she drank it all.

Was this really what I came for? I had no idea.

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