Anal anniversary 

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Charles and Deena had hit the ten-year mark. Being married for a whole decade was definitely an accomplishment, especially considering that all of their friends seemed to be getting divorced left and right. It only felt right that they should celebrate the occasion. 

They clinked their glasses against each other and finished the rest of their champagne as Charles finished paying for their meal. They had just had a fancy dinner downtown, and now they were going to take an Uber back to the hotel room they had booked for the night. 

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“What if we walked instead?” said Charles, as he grabbed his wife’s hand outside of the restaurant. “It’s such a beautiful night. And you look equally beautiful.”

He looked lovingly at Deena, who was wearing a long black skirt and a silky top. Her red hair fell straight down her back. It really was a gorgeous night, a gentle breeze filtering through the summer air.

“Thank you, baby,” said Deena happily, giving her husband a long kiss. “I love you so much.”

They held hands and walked up the street in the direction of the hotel. Every now and then, Charles would reach over and give her ass a squeeze, which made Deena yelp every time. They were usually touchy-feely with each other, but Charles seemed even “handsier” than normal.

“Is this why you didn’t want to take an Uber?” Deena laughed. “So you could grab my ass while we walked?”

Charles wiggled his eyebrows playfully at her. “Oh, maybe.”

They got to the hotel and headed for the elevator. The place was beautiful and luxurious, the perfect place to celebrate ten years together. The room was one of the nicest that the hotel offered, with a jacuzzi tub and a massive, plush bed. Once inside their room, Deena pulled Charles in against her and parted his lips with her tongue. They made out against the wall for a few minutes, sinking into each other.

“I have a surprise for you,” she whispered into his ear. 

This caught Charles’s attention. “Oh yeah? What might that be?”

“You’ll just have to see.” 

They began to undress each other, with Deena unbuttoning her husband’s shirt and Charles pulling her blouse over her head. It wasn’t until Deena was bent over the bed, wearing just her lacy red thong, that Charles realized what the surprise was.

“Holy shit,” he said breathlessly, walking over to her. She was shaking her ass in his direction. He ran his hands across her ass cheeks and slid her thong down, revealing the stainless-steel butt plug that was buried snugly up her ass. “Were you wearing this all throughout dinner?”

Deena looked over her shoulder and giggled. “Yes, of course. What do you think?”

Charles inhaled sharply. “I fucking love it.”

He pressed on the pink jeweled end of the butt plug, sending the toy even deeper into Deena’s ass. She let out a low howl of pleasure.

She crawled all the way onto the bed and began to suck her husband’s cock. Charles moaned as she slid her mouth back and forth on his shaft, getting him nice and hard between her lips. 

“Stay just like that,” said Charles, joining Deena on the bed.

He got behind her as she remained on all fours and began to run his hands over her ass. The sight of the butt plug nestled between her cheeks made his cock throb even more 

“How have I gotten so lucky?” he said, squeezing each of her ass cheeks, making Deena groan and giggle.

Charles took the base of the butt plug and began to slowly work it out of her tight hole. She squirmed as he pulled out from her. He still couldn’t believe they had gone to dinner with her wearing a butt plug all evening. He loved his wife even more than he thought possible.

“Fuck,” Deena groaned. Her ass suddenly felt so empty.

Luckily, she didn’t have to worry about that for very long. Charles took the head of his cock and slowly pressed it up against her asshole, working his way inside of her.

“Baby!” gasped Deena. She fell forward so that she was face down, ass up. Charles loved this new angle and the way it made his cock plunge even deeper into her ass.

Slowly, Charles began to fuck her tight hole, gripping onto her hips.

“God, I love watching your asshole open up for me,” Charles growled. 

The butt plug had helped Deena’s rear hole stretch out for her husband, so it didn’t take long for her ass to accommodate his size. Every time his cock drove into her ass, an intense wave of pleasure rippled over Deena’s body. She reached underneath herself and started to finger her clit while Charles used her asshole.

“Yes, baby!” shrieked Deena. Charles had never heard her so loud before. “Keep going just like that!”

Charles certainly wasn’t going to stop any time soon. He slammed over and over into Deena’s ass, listening to her moans get louder with each thrust of his cock. Finally, Deena was coming completely undone as an orgasm crashed through her. Her body rocked back and forth as she came, and Charles kept fucking her the entire time, only making her climax last longer.

Deena’s fingers frantically twisted up the blankets as Charles thrusted even harder against her ass, his body slamming against hers. He couldn’t stop staring at every inch of his cock disappearing into her ass, the rim of her hole stretching out around him.

“Fuck, baby, are you ready for this cum?”

He could hear Deena swallowing hard, and her voice came out airy and eager. “Yes, Charles, fuck! Fill me up, baby!”
Charles plunged as deep as he could into Deena’s ass, and his cock instantly started to twitch. The cum shot out from him in a thick stream, filling his wife’s butthole. Deena moaned contentedly at the warm gush. This was better than any feeling a butt plug could give her. 

Charles withdrew from his wife’s freshly filled ass and watched as a stream of cum gushed from her. Deena felt it happen, and her cheeks turned red. She rolled over and collapsed onto the bed next to her husband, who pulled her in against him.

“What do you say we turn on the jacuzzi tub and have a nice soak?” he asked, kissing the top of her head.

While Charles filled the tub with water, Deena had a bottle of champagne sent up to the room. They lowered their bodies into the bubbly water, and as Deena leaned back against Charles’s legs, he began to squeeze her breasts. He tugged at her nipples, sending shockwaves of arousal surging through Deena once more.

“Come on,” she said, bending over the side of the tub, “fuck my ass again.”

Charles’s eyes widened. He had never heard his wife so eager to get fucked. Maybe they’d have to start doing anal more often. . .

Deena bent over the side of the jacuzzi, her skin dripping with water. Her ass was already bright pink from the heat of the tub. Charles leaned forward and began to tongue her asshole, probing it with his tongue. Deena reached back and brought his mouth even harder against her ass, keeping him right where she wanted.

When she finally released her hold on him, Charles’s cock was already rock hard. He lined the head of it up against her asshole and slowly slid inside. It was easier this time since Deena had already been stretched out.

“Holy shit,” Charles grunted. “Your asshole is so nice and tight.”

It felt like she was squeezing his cock with the tight walls of her ass. Every thrust made Charles groan louder and louder. He sank his cock into her as far as it could go, pulled out almost completely, and then slammed back into her. 

“Yes, go harder, baby!” cried Deena, her fingers gripping the sides of the tub.

Charles bucked his hips faster, crashing his body against hers as his cock filled up her ass. Deena arched her back, giving her husband an even better angle and making his shaft slide deeper into her.

Finally, Charles gave his wife a second load of cum deep in her butt. As he pulled out from her, he reached for the butt plug by the side of the tub and pushed it into Deena’s ass.

“I want to keep that cum nice and deep inside of you,” said Charles, as Deena looked at him questioningly. “We can take it out later. If you want.”

Deena relaxed back against her husband as a shiver ran over her. When she sat down on the bottom of the tub, the hard surface forced the butt plug even deeper into her ass.

“I don’t think I ever want to take it out really.” She laughed.

Charles handed Deena her champagne glass and clinked his against hers. “Cheers to that.”

“Happy anniversary, baby.”

“Happy anniversary.”

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