Brutish Control

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I met a handsome stud on a dating app. He was hot as fuck but cocky as hell. Despite that, I couldn't get him out of my mind and invited him over soon and we sat next to each other after having dinner.

“I would rate 10/10. Took me less than and hour to chat with the first woman and plan a meeting. I think the site overall is intended for older people and mature women seem to be very active. But can also find some younger girls.”

– Edward T.

It was around 2 in the morning when I looked at my phone and saw how late it was. I'd already been leaning up fairly tight against his side, holding onto his arm loosely and sitting on my feet, so I could sort of cuddle my knees up against his thigh. 

We caught each other's eyes dead on and things got very intense for a second. Then he looked down at my mouth, and then back to my eyes again. I looked at his lips too. I remember feeling my breath change. I remember knowing exactly what I wanted, right then.

I felt his fingertips hold my jaw harshly and I saw him lower his eyes again, down to my mouth, as he leaned in to me. And then I leaned in to meet him, and closed my eyes too.

The moment our lips touched is burned into my memory, and his gorgeous hot breath. He wasn't gentle but rough and dominating and I was loving it. I whispered to him without our lips ever really disconnecting. "I want you to stay the night with me." My voice was barely audible.

"Yeah, such a desperate bitch" and maybe I should have been offended but his smirk and deep voice sent chills down my spine. He kissed me again and it got more intense from the moment he knew he was going to fuck me. I could feel his lust racing through his veins.

Soon he placed his hand on my abdomen and teased a couple of fingers up over my skin, until he was massaging my boobs. He could tell I wanted it. He could tell I wanted him. And now my breathing was telling him I wanted more. A lot more.

He was already fully hard and there was quite a bit to him down there. I eased away from the kiss slightly, keeping my eyes on his lovely mouth, and I pressed myself tightly against him, full-on groping his hard cock.

"Should i fuck your little hole?" And all I could do was nod impatiently.

I have to admit I felt nothing short of admiration when he unclipped my bra with one hand as I groped his hard dick again through his jeans.

And then, there I was, laying back topless in my own shared living room, as this gorgeous, sexy man sucked my boobs. All I could do was dig my fingers into his hair and go with it, letting him lick and tease my nipples, floating away in the haze of alcohol and loving each flick of his tongue.

He left my nipples excited and hard, then rose to pin me to the sofa and kiss me like he'd just hunted me down and now was going to eat me. Fucking sexy bastard.

I took the chance to unbutton his shirt while we kissed, enjoying the firm strength of his chest and shoulders, his hair. I met his hunger head on with my own, pushing my tongue into his mouth excitedly.

He got the kissing and licking down my abdomen just right, then holding my panties by the elastic at the sides, pulling just enough to make me feel like they were going to come down, but instead kissing and licking me along the insides of my thighs, then through the soaked fabric of my underwear.

When they did come off, they came off decisively and I loved that about him. There was just this moment where he decided he had to have me, right then, and pulled them off me.

I helped, of course, by keeping my legs together and bending them up in front of him, lounging like a model having her clothes taken off for her by a man. He eased them along my legs and off my feet.

And then he threw them across the room and smiled his lovely smile at me.

I found myself laying right back on the sofa, spreading my legs wider than I thought I even could, and then seemingly forgetting I lived in a shared house.

And then I felt him.

I made a lot more noise than I should have when he was going down on me. He got really close to me, devouring my wetness and kissing me properly down there. Each time he sucked my clit or I felt his tongue dart deep inside me, he owned me.

I must have been a mess by the time I came, hair all over the place and feeling liberated by the deep, satisfying contractions of my spine as I pressed my head back into the cushions and whimpered for more love, tensing and contracting hard through my thighs and pelvis as he made me orgasm.

It was fucking glorious. Delicious. And I still seemed to be totally ignoring the risk of us being disturbed and what might happen if we were.

I added a little spice by telling him I was going to suck his cock and he was all mine, or something along those lines and he just pushed my head towards it.

Just for good measure I started to stroke his dick through his jeans again. The boy was certainly hard. And I was excited to find out more

I was still licking and kissing his abs when I unbuckled his belt and unzipped him, but I shifted around to kneel between his legs before I went further, letting him shuffle and get comfortable too. I needed his help to get his jeans off – Once they were on the carpet, out of the way, I didn't bother dragging things out for him. 

He had a lovely, solid size and, for a moment, I sat staring at him in my drunken haze. I let him stretch and shift a little, easing down into the cushions, digging his fingers into them hard. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be enjoying himself as my hand pumped firmly up and down his cock. Time to up the pace. I rose up onto my knees.

I spent a little time teasing the head with the tip of my tongue, licking around him like that lovely cock was an ice cream melting in my hand. Before long, I had an insatiable urge to press my lips against that gorgeous, big, firm, head, then ease them down over it, taking him fully into my mouth.

He slipped his hand around the back of my head, as they like to do, and I felt his fingers ease into my hair, massaging. I loved it. I loved the control. And that was my cue, so I closed my eyes and began to bob my head, making my sexy little murmurs as I went, loving him deeply, enjoying the slutty feeling of my spit all over his hard cock. I felt it build up in my mouth, then spread onto his length as my lips slid over it. The more of it there was, the more it made its way down his shaft, onto his balls.

I leaned back for a moment, letting him go from my mouth, gasping a little into the silence of the room. I knelt forward and licked my spit from his balls before it went too far and got anywhere it shouldn't have been, like onto the sofa.

A sense of urgency overtook and, knowing he was waiting for me -- knowing he needed my mouth -- so I slipped my lips tightly around his cock once again. This time, I went in intensely for a moment, bobbing my head quickly, loving him fully, flicking the head with my tongue each time I rose up high, letting him glide along my tongue each time I took him deep.

I lowered my pace to a level where he seemed satisfied but comfortable, then let him enjoy as I lovingly sucked his cock at a nice rhythm. It felt perfect, in fact. I was on cruise control, keeping him right at that sweet spot -- keeping the intensity up on his pleasure, but never taking him so far that he ended up filling my mouth with his sperm.

I didn't care about anything but the blowjob I was giving Micheal. I was enjoying myself, enjoying the anticipation. Looking forward to what was coming after.

The intoxicating mix of sensations hit me hard as I thought about our sex - the danger of being caught, the affection, intimacy and fiery hormones that filled the room. I felt like an irresistibly attractive object of his affection, as gorgeous Micheal stared down at me with his cock in my mouth.

I stroked his big thigh and looked up at him like I loved him -- something my ex used to like a lot. For Micheal, a concoction of sexual desire and affection would have to pass for love, but I was sure he'd be ok with that. Again, why not embrace it? You're only young once, right?

And so, I licked his balls, licked his lovely shaft, sucked the head of his hard dick and stared into his eyes. I knew I could have made him cum if I'd wanted to, but I wasn't going to. Not yet. It was a long night after all.

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