Perverted pleasure

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Bart and Harper finally got to see each other after two weeks. Harper missed her husband a lot during her work stay so here he was making things right when she was finally home.

"Bart, I want you to make love to me," Harper uttered. "Get down on your knees, as I bend over the bed. Bring your face up to my ass, and press it between my ass cheeks. I want your tongue to make love to my asshole." Harper commands.

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I happily and nervously did as I was told. Harper's pert, firm ass was arched sexily over the bed as I positioned myself behind her. I drew my face closer and she spread her cheeks. I pressed my lips against her asshole and gently began to blow hot breath against it as Harper began to moan in ecstasy.

"Bart, get your tongue in my ass now!" Harper shouted as she could no longer wait.

My tongue eagerly began to work its way into her ass hole, and soon the entire length of my tongue was buried into Harper's ass. She pushed her ass harder and harder against my face, begging for my tongue without having to use words.

Harper eventually pulled her ass away from my face and said, "Bart, I want you to press your nose against my asshole, and breathe in deep to take in the scent of my ass before you fuck me."

I again aligned my face to Harper's perfect ass, and pressed my nose against her asshole as she spread her cheeks exposing her ass hole for me. I breathed in deep as I was told, and nearly came at the sweet smell of her ass. I have never felt so connected and ineBartt with Harper as I did with my tongue inside her forbidden fruit.

What Harper did next, brought total surprise to my eyes. She opened the night stand drawer, and pulled out a strange object with a hose that I had not seen before. As she did so, Harper had a devilish smile on her face.

"Bart, this is something that I have wanted to use for a long time, Bart now."

I looked at her quizzically and said, "Harper, what on earth is that toy?"

"Bart, this is an inflatable butt plug. You slip that into my ass, and you can pump it up, making me feel full and ready to take your big cock."

I have never been more turned on by Harper than I was at that very moment. I was still on my knees, and so Harper knelt before me, facing me and brought the butt plug in between our faces.

As she did so, Harper handed me the pump bulb and said, "Here Bart, show me how big you want to make this inside my ass."

I took the pump bulb, and squeezed on hard. The plug expanded before our eyes and the air filled it. I think my already rock hard cock, may have expanded by another half inch at the sight.

Harper said, "Is that it Bart, is that how big you want to make the plug inside my ass?"

"Your ass can handle more than that, you think?"

Harper said devilishly to me, "Bart, my ass will handle whatever you are willing to give it."

I instantly gave the pump bulb five more hard squeezes until it was fully inflated before our eyes.

"Now Bart, that's more like it."

As she said that, she began to lick the inflated plug, keeping eye contact with me. Once the plug was soaked with her spit, I deflated it, and Harper got down on her hands and knees before me.

"Bart, fill my ass up now like I know you want to!"

I lubed up the plug, and brought it up against her spread asshole. As I pushed it inwards, Harper pushed backwards eagerly wanting the plug inside her ass. Soon, the entire head of the plug had disappeared inside Harper's beautiful ass. I noticed that Harper's already soaked pussy had become even wetter.

I gave the pump bulb a half of a squeeze, to set it in her ass. As I did so, I noticed Harper wiggle her ass as the pump began to fill her. I stopped.

Harper looked back with her sexy blue eyes and said to me sternly, "Bart, no one told you to stop pumping!"

I happily did as I was told and began to pump again, one squeeze after the next.

Harper shouted, "Oh my god Bart, my ass feels totally full! Pump that fucker up as hard as you can! Fill my ass, Bart, fill it now!"

I set the pump bulb on Harper's back and began to gently kiss each of her perfect, firm ass cheeks. After a few minutes, Harper told me to deflate the plug, and remove it from her ass.

"Fuck me Bart. Fuck my ass. Fill me up with your fat dick now!" Harper shouted at me.

Harper was as hot and horny as I had ever seen her. She spread her ass cheeks apart, waiting for me to put my throbbing cock inside of her. I moved closer to her, positioning the large mushroom head of my cock just outside of her asshole. Grasping my cock, I pressed the head into her ass crack, and rubbed it up and down between her perfect cheeks.

Harper handed me a bottle of our favourite lube, and I quickly coated my cock. I then brought the head of my cock up to and gently pressed against Harper's asshole.

Harper looked back at me and said, "Bart, I am totally yours. Take my ass NOW!"

With that statement, I pressed my cock forward and Harper pressed backwards, her virgin ass hole tighter than I ever could have imagined. After a bit of effort, the head of my cock popped into Harper's ass, and I stopped. I could feel and see Harper shudder after my entrance.

I said to her, "Harper, are you okay, do you want me to stop?"

Harper again looked back at me and said, "Bart, I love you. Don't stop. My ass and my body belong to you!"

I placed both of my hands on her hips, as I repositioned myself to enter her deeper. My cock has never felt so squeezed as it did at that moment, and it is a feeling that I don't ever want to forget. Inch by inch I slowly worked my cock deeper inside Harper's ass. After nearly five minutes, I felt my balls pressing against Harper's firm ass cheeks. I could not believe she was able to take all of me the first try!

Panting and out of breath from the effort of taking the whole length of my shaft inside her ass, Harper exploded into an entire body orgasm. I could feel her orgasm through her ass and around my cock. It was the single most amazing feeling I have ever had.

The sight and feel of Harper orgasming around my cock and the total tightness of her ass brought me to the edge.

With that, my balls tightened up and I exploded in Harper's ass.

Harper screamed out, "Oh God Bart, cum baby cum! My ass is yours, fill it with your cum Bart!"

After the last wave of cum left my balls, Harper and I collapsed onto each other, my hardened cock still firmly in her ass. Neither of us could speak, still trying to catch our breath after the most intense and incredible orgasms either of us has ever experienced.

With my cock still hardened in her ass, Harper looked at me and said "Bart, I love you. There is one more thing I want us to do to show how inebriated we have been with each other."

She then said, " Bart, I want you to lay down, and I will squat over your face. I want you to clean my ass out with your tongue, taking your cum into your mouth. I then want to kiss you deeply, sharing your cum between us. We will truly be one then."

I wasn't entirely sure about this, but after what Harper had just done for me, I could not say no. Plus, she could feel my cock begin to return to a fully hardened state in her ass.

I slowly pulled my cock out of Harper's ass, and positioned myself so that she could clean off my cock with her mouth. I could not believe how quickly and how eagerly she took my shaft down her throat.

I did as I had been told, and laid down on the bed. Harper climbed on top of me and positioned her ass directly over my face. She spread her cheeks as she lowered herself onto my awaiting mouth. Harper pushed out the cum, as my tongue began to probe her ass hole once again. I have never tasted my own cum before, and was intrigued with its flavour. I had cum more than I realised, because before long my mouth was full of my own cum.

Harper climbed off of me, and sat me upright in the bed. She climbed into my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. We leaned in and began to kiss. Our tongues quickly began swirling around my cum in our mouths. After we both had my cum in our mouths, we broke the kiss and Harper looked at me and without having to say a word we both swallowed.

We laid there in bed for the next hour, holding each other close, not needing to say a word.

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