Celebrity and fan fiction sex stories

Celebrity sex stories are quite common, taking well-known people and placing them in steamy scenarios, either seeing how they’d react to them, or watching as their personality and mind withers away when surrounded by so much pleasure. Whether a scenario between real people, or fan-fiction sex stories, there’s a wide variety to search through.

Free celeb porn stories

It’s entirely natural to want to see a celebrity taken down to such a lecherous level, seeing their prestige and class eroded in the face of extreme pleasure, or even seeing their natural personalities clash with the scenario they’ve found themselves in. Whether you want to see their natural reaction, or read them breaking and submitting completely to those around them, there’s a myriad of celebrity stories to pour through. At the same time, fan-fiction stories are just as popular, taking well-established characters and taking them somewhere else, somewhere you want them. You’ll be able to see them in the way you’ve been lusting over for so long, the constant ‘what if’ of steamy scenarios finally taking place!

Given the nature and openness of the stories, you’ll be able to find a wealth of kinks mixed into each story, being able to suit your specific tastes with ease! Whether you’d like to see them mixed in with something they’re known to enjoy, or have them brought into a new scenario for your pleasure, there’s no limits to what can take place. Being able to experience those pent-up desires of someone who seemed so unattainable is right at your fingertips, so release them here, find who you’d like to lose an evening with, and fall into desires.

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