Out of her league (Part 1)

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After joining the League so soon ago, Akshan was still rather new around the halls and had taken up an offer from Sivir to basically ensure he didn’t get lost in the endless halls. The offer was nice enough, though he could quite easily tell the ulterior motive. The overly-touchy nature and subtle clinginess was enough, she was absolutely vying for his attention, and he sort of enjoyed it.

“It’s nice talking to someone of the desert like this…”

As Sivir was practically clinging to his arm, doing little to hide her apparent affection, Ashe made a quick turn around the corner, bumping into the two of them.


Looking up, she locked eyes with Akshan, and instantly he knew there was going to be a bit of a conflict between the two of them. Ever since showing up, these two had been showing obvious interest in him, but worse yet, have been showing a distaste for being around him at the same time, some apparent conflict between them.

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“What’re you doing with this dry thing, Akshan?”

Sivir has a look of annoyance across her face, having anticipated a little competition for his attention, but not from her.

“At least I actually have some warmth to me, ice bitch!”

There’s a moment that it seems as though they may jump on one another at any moment, and Akshan’s mind races to come to a conclusion that’d settle this without a fight. Almost as if a lightbulb shines above his head, he comes up with an idea, it was common back in his tribe, but perhaps the girls would agree to it.

“Ladies, there’s no reason to fight over who’s warmer! It’d be much easier to prove who holds the most inner-desire…”

Sivir’s eyes widen slightly, as if anticipating what he’s going to say, being from the desert much the same as him.

“Why don’t we go back to my room and have a little competition. I’m sure a Queen like yourself would have no issue competing, right?”

Ashe takes the comment to heart, curious as to what’s in store, and adamant to show up Sivir and take something from her, but also something she wants herself. She clings to his other arm, and Akshan ends up escorting the two girls back to his room, letting them in before sitting on the bed and explaining the contest.

“Now, the two of you are clearly interested in me, there’s no denying it. So… let’s see who would be able to take my desires better! Both of you strip and let’s see how long you can last.”

The mere notion of it is enough to make Ashe blush, recoiling back slightly before looking to Sivir, who had already unclasped one of the straps to her top.

“What? It’s not exactly common but it’s a normal enough contest in the deserts. You’re not already thinking you’d lose, are you?”

The slight awkwardness Ashe was holding onto soon dissolved into bitterness at the notion of her being any lesser than some sand-peasant. With much more elegance than Sivir, she slowly took the time to slip her clothes down her body, the paleness of her skin emphasized by Sivir’s tanned body next to hers. In a few moments, the both had completely stripped down, their naked bodies on display for the man before them.

“Good. Now, let’s time an hour, and see who’s still left sane by the end of it.”

He reaches across to his table and turns a sand timer, the grains falling through the elaborate glass spiral as Akshan reclines back on the bed, anticipating the show before him.

Without much hesitation, Sivir had already begun sliding her hand up Ashe’s thigh, to which she slapped it away on instinct.

“Do not touch me, you filth!”

As she opens her mouth to speak again, Sivir can’t help but smirk at the absurdity of what she’s saying.

I’m the filth after she stripped with me?!

In response, she silences whatever Ashe was about to continue saying with a harsh slap on her pert butt, loud enough to make her tremble on her feet from the sudden shock. Ashe tried to bite her lip to silence her squeal, but it did little to stifle the sudden sound escaping her lips, which was much to the delight of both Sivir and Akshan.

Seeing them smile at her outburst was turning her cheeks bright red, clearly flustered, Ashe wasn’t thinking clearly enough to react to Sivir, still recoiling from everything happening so suddenly. This gave Sivir plenty of time to lurch forward, knocking Ashe off balance as she took her place on top of her.

“Not much of a Queen when you’re so beneath people, hm?”

The insult clearly struck a nerve, Ashe throwing one of her hands toward her face, but was caught with ease, instead both of her arms were pinned above her head as Sivir lowered her head to Ashe’s face, bringing their lips together in a forced kiss.

It only lasted a second, Sivir breaking it to whisper in the squirming girl’s ear.

“I’m going to make you squeal, little ice Queen~”

With those words swimming in her head, any response is cut off as Sivir dives back to encompass her lips with her own, letting Ashe whimper into her own mouth as their tongues battled for power. All the while, Sivir repositions herself on top of Ashe, until her leg is between both of hers, then grinding her knee against Ashe’s crotch, feeling the poor girl writhe beneath her once she understands her plan.

Ashe desperately squirms as she loses the battle for dominance in her mouth, forced into submission in more ways than one, the pressure building between her legs soon becomes too much, and moans begin escaping her lips. It’s easily noticed by Sivir, who decides to break the kiss, leaving her moans unfiltered by her own mouth, and flashes a smirk toward Akshan.

Whilst they were busy battling with each other, he had stripped down his clothes, leaving him entirely naked whilst he sat on the bed, staring at the two girls wrestling together. His cock was throbbing between his legs, though he gave her nothing back as she looked on, silently telling her to continue.

“As you wish~”

Sivir takes the hint, looking back to her little captive, and deciding it’s time to put on a show. She pulls her knee from Ashe’s crotch, and instead straddles her thigh, holding her in place as one of her hands moves down between her legs. She thrashes beneath Sivir as her hand traces her pale skin, wanting to avoid succumbing to her teasings so easily, but currently helpless in this position, pinned by her opponent.

Ashe’s eyes snap open, feeling the sudden intrusion of Sivir’s slender fingers between her legs, teasing her aching pussy. She had already been grinding her knee against it, by now it was sensitive and ready for the attention, despite Ashe’s reluctance. She couldn’t hold in the built-up tension any longer, her crotch subtly grinding against Sivir’s hand in a desperate attempt to gain pleasure.

“Oh~? Looks like the ice bitch is a little over-eager, hm?”

Ashe’s face shows disgust at her words, yet her body begs for more, which Sivir happily obliges. In a swift movement, she slides in a second finger and begins moving faster, pushing her crotch back into the ground as she picks up the pace even more, until she’s ruthlessly finger-fucking her little captive Queen on the floor. Ashe can’t help but squeal on the floor, held in place by someone she deems lower than herself.

“This is what you want, isn’t it? To be captive by a sand-peasant and forced to cum like a slut!?”

She practically spat the words down at her, almost as worked up as she was during the throes of passion between them. The image forced into her mind, as a captive, tied to a pole as a tribe takes their way with her… it was too much in her state, Ashe threw back her head in pleasure as she spasmed on the floor beneath Sivir, her body caving into the frustration and cumming in her hand.

Sivir leans back, watching as Ashe cums on her own, desperately writhing on the floor through her orgasm, squealing to herself until it finally subsides, and she seems to have relaxed to the idea of the contest a tad more. The look in her eyes were of one lost in pleasure, and Sivir took advantage of this by positioning herself to start their little game, crawling across Ashe’s body until her crotch hovered above her face, and quickly smothered Ashe, still moaning to herself, with her pussy. Sivir clenched her thighs around her face as she continued moaning between her legs, whilst she began also taking part, by grabbing onto Ashe’s pale thighs, burying her lips into her crotch, taking her first taste of the Queen’s pussy.

Akshan leaned forward, the sight of the two women finally battling it out in a sexual game for his amusement, as well as his favour, was causing him to begin leaking onto the floor, but he stared on dutifully, awaiting a clear winner once the sand had fallen.
The two women continued battling for dominance, Ashe’s attempts slightly dampened by her hazed mind, still recovering from the rough and sudden treatment from Sivir, her pussy not given a chance to rest after her fingers had forced an orgasm out of her. Though she was determined to elicit the same from her opponent, squeezing her hands around Sivir’s plump ass, she forced her crotch onto her tongue, shoving it deep inside Sivir’s pussy. The deep, penetrative technique of Ashe seemed to be working, as before long, Sivir’s thighs were trembling as they squeezed Ashe’s face, and her juices were dripping down her cheeks.

“It’s a lovely sight, girls, but your time is almost halfway up.”

The sultry tone of Akshan’s voice was a reminder of the stakes at play, and not just the satisfaction of beating the other. Renewed with intent, the two of them seemed to pick up the pace quite a bit, Ashe’s oversensitive pussy quickly becoming overwhelmed with Sivir’s tongue, brought to a mind-melting orgasm once again, causing her to sink deeper in her submission toward her.

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