Out of her league (part 2)

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Thankfully for her, a moment of disgrace came to Sivir, as her own orgasm finally washed across her body, urged on by Ashe’s unfiltered moans into her pussy, her tongue acting like a vibrator as she continued fucking her with it.

The two girls cried out together, wailing into one another’s pussies as the other trembled in bliss, which began an unending cycle of orgasm after orgams. They were both locked in a rhythm of teasing the other with their own orgasm, their moans sending them over the edge, which in turn did the same to them. Akshan watched on as they were quickly reduced to whimpering, moaning messes before him.

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With the game coming to a close, he decided to give everything a bit of a fair chance, rather than have them become dribbling messes without him even playing with them. Akshan stands from the bed, grabbing Sivir by the hair and removing her from on top of Ashe, letting the two recover on the floor by themselves for a moment. A wave of panting and gasping followed, both of them completely out of breath, but slowly coming to their senses now that the constant stimulation had ceased.

“Grab each other’s hands and trib together. We’ll see who comes out on top…”

His words are commanding and absolute, the girls hurriedly crawl to one another, exchanging sadistic looks as they lock fingers, pressing their pussies against one another before they begin grinding idly.

Their bodies were glistening with sweat after the intense session they had just experienced, but they were both still full of intent to win. Without any hesitation, they began gyrating their hips against each other, battling to force more stimulation on the other, whilst also trying to keep their own at bay. After a while of biting their lips, pretending as if they weren’t slowly slipping down the slope of ecstasy, Ashe was the first to cave, giving way just for a moment, but long enough for Sivir to take the advantage, forcing a moan out of her.

That was enough to turn the tables in her favor, quickly forcing Ashe to the edge of her orgasm, which Sivir felt no mercy over shoving her into that pit of pleasure.

“Go ahead and cum, you depraved ice whore. We both know it’s all you’re good for!”

Her taunting words didn’t help her situation, apparently having the desired effect, Ashe quickly tipped over the edge and fell into pleasure once again, her eyes rolling into her head as she thrashed against Sivir’s crotch, her orgasm overwhelming her body.

As Sivir enjoyed the sight of Ashe’s chances slipping away, it seemed appropriate to take a moment for herself, grinding away into her spasming cunt as she enjoyed the sight of her victory. Perhaps enjoying it too much, Sivir soon felt her own orgasm edge it’s way closer, and after looking at her opponent, felt no guilt in voluntarily letting herself go over the edge. She was even encouraged by Ashe’s thrashings, grinding harshly between her legs, eliciting a shrill whimper as Sivir caved to her pleasure, crying out to the ceiling as her pent-up orgasm finally quaked across her body.

It was earth-shattering, every inch of her body was shaking in pure bliss as she watched on at Ashe’s suffering. But in that moment, she saw a glint of defiance, and as she felt Ashe’s hands grip tighter to her own, she understood why.

“That’s a good girl, submit to your Queen, you little peasant!

It was like something primal had awakened within Ashe, her grinding became powerful and directed solely toward forcing moans from Sivir’s lips, which they succeeded in doing. The once-powerful and in control Sivir was quickly turned into a whimper mess, her orgasm giving way to many more, lost in a sea of unending pleasure as Ashe refused to give her a moment’s rest.

Before long, Sivir was reduced to a quivering, babbling mess opposite her. The confidence and taunting words had long-since melted away, replaced with whimpers and squeals as she came minute by minute. Her thighs were soaked in her own juices that had mixed with Ashe’s, trembling madly, but still held in place by Ashe’s firm grip.

It was maddening to have this amount of pleasure forced on you, Sivir’s mind quickly melting away as little was left but the burning urge to fall deeper into this pit of pleasure, which was happily given to her by the sadistic queen.

“That’s it! Cum for your Queen you slut! Cum for me!

She was clearly drunk on both pleasure and power, watching on as Sivir desperately tried to wriggle away from her grip, but was held firmly in place, forced to look up at Ashe’s sadistic gaze down at her. The minutes bled away as her orgasms quickly overwhelmed her. Sivir was soon a wet mess, tongue hanging out of her mouth, eyes completely hazed over in pleasure, and a lead lost to the Queen currently dominating her into the floor.

Much like Sivir had done to her before, there was little mercy in her eyes, instead nothing but pent-up hatred being let out all at once. Ashe was soon laughing down at her with each orgasm, seeing as Sivir was becoming much more vocal with them, having given up the guise of being the one in control.

Ashe wasn’t sure how long she was held under Sivir’s control, or even how many times she came, so she doesn’t allow for a moment of rest, not for either of them. The floor was practically soaked with their mixed juices, and their bodies were covered in a glistening sweat between them, emphasized by the gentle lighting of the room. Without realizing the last grain had fallen to the bottom of the glass, Ashe continues grinding against Sivir’s limp body, and even Akshan allows for another few moments so he can enjoy the sights.

Deciding it was finally enough, Akshan clapped his hands loudly, snapping the girls out of their trance and signalling the end of the game. Much to Sivir’s obvious delight, hard to notice through her twitches and spasms. They’re both helped to their knees by him, before he sits back at the end of the bed, ready to explain the end of the game to them.

“Well Sivir, I’m sure you know how far ahead you were at first…”

She bites her lip and struggles to hold back her squirming in an effort to remain composed.

“But Ashe took it away once you lost yourself, the numbers may embarrass you, so simply put, you lost rather handedly.”

It didn’t come as much of a surprise, but Sivir still couldn’t help but slump dejectedly, trying to ignore the smug look on Ashe’s face, a look that she made very clear to her by crawling in front of her, throwing taunts and jeers her way.

With the game concluded, the victor clear to everyone, Ashe can’t hold in her smug face, even between the occasional twitches of her own pent-up pleasure from her triumphant come-back.

“Looks like he’ll have no use for your sandy cunt after all~”

Ashe crawls closer to Sivir, having already started to recline on the floor in both shame of losing and relief at the chance to rest after being tortured by her for so long. Though as Ashe gets closer and she’s forced to look up at her wicked, lust-filled grin, she’s suddenly pulled out of view. Sivir props herself up on the floor, watching as Akshan had stepped off of the bed and had grabbed Ashe by the hair, pulling her ass into his lap as he knelt on the floor.

“I’ve been watching long enough… time to take what’s mine!”

Ashe had his hands grip around her waist, forcing her down into his lap, grinding his thick cock against her quivering pussy. The desperate, pathetic wailing of pleasure from her lips made Sivir smile, she may not have won, but it’s still a beautiful sight to see a Queen go from so smug to so broken this quickly.

The game was over, but Sivir could still enjoy the view of Ashe bouncing in Akshan’s lap, her almost limp body spasming as he forcefully slammed into her. Before long, Akshan had shoved Ashe to her hands and knees, and was pounding into her from behind, the sound of his hips slapping against her ass was filling the room, as well as her wet pussy being stretched by his cock relentlessly. Her arms soon gave out, and her body fell to the ground, ass still in the air as Akshan didn’t relent in his fucking, using her like a toy as she helplessly came on the ground, eyes long since having rolled up into her head.

Her wailing didn’t stop, as if every moment she had spent cumming was resurged back to the surface, forced to show itself for Akshan’s pleasure. Underneath Ashe’s sea of pleasure she was feeling, was a slight hint of humiliation at being fucked so brazenly before the woman she had only just finished teaching to submit to her. She’s not able to focus her eyes long enough to look up at her, but it’s easy to imagine the look on her face right now, which makes her next orgasm dig that humiliation even deeper, but no less intense.

Sivir watched on as she frantically fingered herself to the sight of Ashe being treated like a common whore, someone who was degrading her not moments ago, was now looking more like a bitch than she could have imagined. Maybe losing isn’t so bad afterall? Sivir and Akshan share a sly smile with one another, before they both sink back into their pleasure, the night only just having started.

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