Sylvanas Windrunner sex story: Queen’s Service

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Within the Banshee Queens' personal quarters, Nick, seated in a plush purple lounge chair, watched as Sylvanas stripped out of her armour. She had already shed everything but her trousers and he watched with lustful eyes as she began peeling them off. Skintight and made of leather, they stubbornly clung to her body, causing her to struggle briefly as she pulled them down over the hump of her behind. After overcoming that obstacle, the thick cheeks of her ass spilled out from their confines, big, blue and accompanied by a long pair of legs and thunderous thighs. He licked his lips, his own trousers tightening as his tool hardened.

Sylvanas was stacked from head to toe, and though it was normally hidden behind her cloak, her ass was perfectly sculpted: large and rounded just right, fat enough to wobble as she walked but not so much so that it looked ridiculous on her athletic frame. It was further accentuated by a wide pair of hips and, as she was tall for an elf, slender yet well-toned legs.

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There could be no doubt that her ass was impeccable—save for his claw marks faintly etched into her blue cheeks. Though she healed quickly—by magic or some other means he didn't know—their constant love making ensured that the marks he left upon her body never truly left. To him that only added to the appeal, and though he had likely knotted her ass close to a hundred times by now, and despite his lusting after the paladin, Sylvanas' god-like body never failed to excite him.

Sylvanas sauntered over to him, hips swaying purposefully and breasts jiggling enticingly. "Strip," she ordered.

Sylvanas Windrunner A Warcraft character

Remaining in his seat, Nick did as he was told, shedding his clothes and tossing them aside onto the rug covering most of the inner chamber. His cock was semi-hard, a great red pillar that Sylvanas eyed like a hungry animal. She raised her leg and brought her foot down upon his cock, pressing it against his tool almost painfully before she began to stroke it. Up and down she massaged his hardening shaft, pre-cum leaking from his tip and aiding Sylvanas with her rough footjob.

Nick squirmed in his chair, inclining his hips upwards into Sylvanas' busy foot. With his cock now fully erect and pinned against his belly, her toes and the ball of her foot frantically worked his lubed-up member, causing him to groan and, with an animalistic grunt, erupt. A heavy helping of cum poured from his tool, dirtying himself as well as the Dark Lady's foot which slowed but otherwise continued to stroke him off until at last the sticky stream of jizz came to a halt.

 She turned away and sauntered over towards the bed, draping herself over it with her feet planted firmly on the ground, legs spread wide for his convenience. Throwing her blonde hair back over her shoulder, she turned her head to look at him, her wickedly beautiful countenance as steely and fierce as ever albeit for the slight hint of a smile playing across her lips.

Practically salivating, Nick jumped up from his seat and positioned himself behind her, hands quickly taking to wandering over her masterfully sculpted body. He could never get tired of looking down at the Banshee Queen like this: naked and bent over with her ass angled upwards and presented to him. His heart raced with desire, and he traced his furry paws over her booty before raising them in the air, giving it a series of satisfying smacks and enjoying the way her thick cheeks jiggled like ripples on a lake. Sylvanas hummed in response, swaying her big ass from side to side and accepting the spankings, proud of her body and well aware that it was perfect.

Her eagerness to get fucked senseless was almost palpable, but rather than immediately fulfilling her desire, Nick kneeled down behind the Dark Lady, hands firmly grasping her cheeks and spreading them apart. He dove headfirst into her loins, pressing his tongue against her and earning a shiver accompanied by a coo as his tongue began to lap at her sopping wet pussy. He lapped at her folds like a thirsty dog, satiating himself with her juices, his broad tongue teasing at her clit and snaking its way inside of her tight pussy. Sylvanas' response was enthusiastic: she moaned and pressed herself back against his face, encouraging him with pleased murmurs and moans.

"Good boy," she said, her whisper morphing into a low groan as she came around his slithering tongue. Likewise encouraging her, Nick continued to lap at her blueberry-hued folds, and, after a moment to recover from her orgasm, she sighed.

His thirst seemingly insatiable, Nick ate out both of her pussies, swapping between them and not stopping until she came twice more. When he was finally finished, his furry chin dripped with her juices and he stood up, towering over her form, bent over the bed as it was. Still recovering from her triple orgasm, she stirred when she felt Nick's cock thump against her behind like a hefty weight. Raising her head and brushing a hand through her silvery-blonde locks, Sylvanas glanced back at the massive worgen preparing to take her from behind. He slapped his cock against her pussy as if claiming ownership and she snorted an amused breath of air through her nose at the idea. Laying her head back down, she prepared herself for penetration, large tits pillowing outwards from behind her back. 

One last slap against her bubbly booty and his cum-slick cock was redirected to her pussy, pressing against it and forcing its way through. With a groan from both elf and worgen alike, his girthy banshee-pleaser breached her sphincter and continued until it was nearly hilted inside of her. Even after pounding and knotting it countless times, Sylvanas' pussy was incredibly tight. He groaned in turn, voice becoming a pleased half-growl as her behind ate up the entirety of his massive member with ease. Being balls deep within the Dark Lady's  was wonderful for him, but she delighted in her own sensations: purring and arching her back, she pushed her body up and back against him, squishing her booty against his groin and turning her head to look at him, a sly smile on her pretty face. It was a simple but vulgar display and he huffed lustfully, enjoying how this beautiful and normally fearsome queen so openly displayed a depraved desire for his cock.

Deciding that he had been idle long enough, Nick tightened his grip upon her wide hips and withdrew from her before pushing in back. In this manner he fucked her, maintaining a middling pace that was neither slow nor fast, allowing her to savor every inch of his plundering manhood. And Sylvanas did just that, her hands gripping at the sheets in front of her and her head planted face-first against the bed. She groaned huskily, eyes closed and body quivering in pleasure as the enormous worgen took her from behind. 

Gradually, one thrust at a time, he increased the pace at which he deep-dicked the Banshee Queen, gripping her tightly. And as his speed increased, so did the rate at which his elven lover moaned, filling his ears with passionate feminine cries. He pounded her with all the force his hulking body could manage, his hips audibly clapping against her and forcing lewd mewls and shrieks of elven curses out of the cock-starved queen. Like a savage animal, Sylvanas shoved herself back against him, the muscles in her toned body flexing. He seemed tireless, an unstoppable force as he pounded away at Sylvanas' pussy. She came again and again, still throwing her booty back against him as she orgasmed, squirting her juices onto the bed and screeching like a delirious banshee.

This violent display of her sexuality sent Nick into a frenzy of his own: he gathered up her ghostly-blonde hair and pulled back on it, forcing her upper body off the bed and burying his cock balls deep inside her with a particularly jarring thrust. Sylvanas grunted as if she had been struck, yet she showed her approval by further grinding her cushiony ass against his groin.

Her profound love for cock was as apparent as ever, and he grinned, raising his hand and delivering a harsh smack to her ass just as he gave her another deep jerk. Sylvanas cried out and he tightened his grip on her hair, resuming the rapid pace at which he sought to destroy her, stretching her as only he did and making her cum as only he could. He fucked her with a fiery ferocity, drooling onto the bed and hammering her smaller frame, brutally humping away at the Banshee Queen's pussy until at last he reached his limit. Roaring in climax, Nick pumped her with quick, shallow thrusts as he emptied his balls within her. More virile than ever, this took some time, and he held her in place all the while, her body shivering in pleasure with her head angled up towards the ceiling and her eyes rolled up into her head. When he was finally finished, he retracted his lengthy meat from her.

With a weak moan, Sylvanas collapsed as he did, still bent over the bed rather than lying entirely upon it.

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