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Jessica walked in wearing an eye-catching black short black dress, showing off way too much leg for the office.

"Evening all." Jess said, smiling, her eyes lingering on me for a brief moment.

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"Let me take you through the final proposal....Boss." I said with a cheeky grin.

"Lead the way." Jess replied.

My office was just around the corner as I snuck another peek at her bronze legs before shutting the door behind me.

"Bit bold for the office?" I said smiling.

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"Ughh don't get me started, just rushed off a shoot with Women's Health, barely made it in time through the traffic." She replied, sitting down in the swivel chair and crossing her legs.

"So what did you get for me?" Jess said, tilting her head towards me.

I ran her through our slides, pointing out the key takeaways and messages of the campaign. I would have paid better attention as I found myself staring at her face before being brought back to reality.

"Did you just zone out, ha, for a minute there your face reminded me of when we first met." Jess said smiling.

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"What do you mean by this part?" Jess asked, pointing to one of the slides.

I moved in closer, feeling the slight brush of her calf on my leg as I explained the ins and outs of the slide. The touch of her leg on mine was not rebuffed as I continued with my explanation, using it as an excuse to gently continue to rub my leg against her bare skin, my knee now sneaking up her leg slightly as we sat side by side. I felt a slight jump in her demeanour so I quickly moved my leg away, maybe I had pushed my luck too far.

"Sorry, it's a bit tight in here." I said, breaking the silence, which was an odd thing to say as the office was large.

The awkwardness steadily grew as the tension cranked up, Jess finally looking up at me after I had finished my re-run through her query.

"" For taking me through it.

"It looks...good." She said,

Her face now a few inches from mine, the silence filling the gap, I felt a sudden rush of blood to my head, moving forward without skipping a beat planting my lips on hers. Initially feeling a tensing in her shoulders, this quickly dissipated as our lips melded together, my hands now resting on the side of her waist as we embraced in deep heavy petting. I continued kissing up her nape and nibbling at her ear lobe.

Her face was flushed red, hair slightly out of place as the ravishing brunette looked at me, slightly unsure and ashamed. I could see her breathing had accelerated by the way her chest was rising and falling rapidly.

Placing my leg in-between her thighs I slowly inched forward. The look in her eyes was full of trepidation, yet her body showed no signs of rejection as Jess sat completely still.

My confidence now shot to a hundred due to our kiss moments before so decided to take things a bit further, reaching out my hand and running it along the inside of her smooth tanned legs. Jess showed brief signs of resistance, squeezing her legs shut before I eased them open again with my other hand, travelling further up her inner thighs till my fingers made contact with her moist sex.

Her face was clearly conflicted, trying to hold it together while I pleasured her with my hands, cupping her wet pussy through her silky underwear, rubbing firmly on her clit.

 Easing her underwear to the side, I crept my fingers delicately along the length of her lips, piercing Jess's slick labia with my digits as I proceeded to stoke the insides of her married cunt.

Slipping in another finger and then another I was basically cupping her sex, removing her soaked underwear completely, placing it in my back pocket while I delved my hand deep within her folds, feeling her walls close in around me. Extending my finger deep inside her tight slit, my digits making contact with her G spot as applied pressure with my wrist making her twitch and writhe in her chair.

Jess's thighs were covered in her slick juices, my wrist now leaking with her nectar as I felt her cramping up. Her cunt walls squeezing down on my fingers as I impaled my hand within her womb, fucking her with deep steady strokes.

Her pussy was twitching in my hand as I felt her hips buck, stuffing more of my fingers deeper into her married cunt as she bit down on my shoulder to mask her cries of pleasure while climaxing on my fingers. We stayed in this awkward embrace as I continued to rub at her sex, her pussy leaking down my palms and onto the carpeted floor while she finished her conversation with Cash. Hanging up the phone the look on her face turned from the relief of just being brought to orgasm, to more of one of remorse of what had just happened.

Getting up without a word, she held out her hand, wanting me to hand back her sex soaked underwear to which I refused, standing up and cupping her face in my hands.

Jess's eyes were wanting, slowly turning to my way of thinking as I proceeded to lift up her dress and take in her essence. The smell of her sex was divine, a mix of the pungent natural notes of her cunt together with the sweet taste of her juice was a dream come true as I licked her slit from the bottom to the top, suckling on her throbbing clit with my lips.

"Ohhhhhhh......ohhhhhhhhhh..." Jess groaned lightly, running her fingers through her hair.

I was slowly breaking her resistance, feeling her push her hips into my face as I slung one of her legs over my shoulders while feasting on her slippery pussy. Dragging my tongue up her swollen lips, I pierced her folds, tongue fucking her slit with gradual spears, tasting her cream in my mouth as I eagerly lapped up everything she had to offer.

Jess moaned louder as I hit the right spot, her clawing more desperate now as she forcefully fed me her cunt.

Jess was on tip toes now, her initial resistance dissipated completely as I had my way with her, licking her pink insides with my tongue as I felt her inevitable climax build. Her thighs were now clamped around my face as I hoovered up her sexual fluids, adding my fingers to the mix, penetrating her sex with my digits while sucking at her reddened clit.

"SHIT.....SHIT....MMMMMMMM....SHITTT....UGHHHHHHHHHHH." Jess yelled, her climax hitting its peak as she shivered and twitched around my lips.

I stayed on my knees for a while, taking in her heavenly taste in my mouth as the sultry brunette eased me back to my feet. She was silent, not saying a word, almost as if saying something would be an admission of our wrong doings. If anything I was leading proceedings backing into my leather bound chair as I eyed Jess up and down. She knew what I wanted, a slight smirk forming on her lips as she slowly walked towards me.

We kissed softly, as I felt her hands drift slowly down my body as Jess descended to her knees, gently pushing me into my chair. Her expression was livelier riddled with hunger as the brunette bit her lips gently, hurriedly unbuckling my belt and removing my trousers.

There was a slight pause in her reaction as if to inwardly think if this was the right thing to do. Nevertheless, Jess complied with lust taking over, parting her thighs just enough for me to slip my cock into her pussy between her legs. I started moving inside her while she had her mouth parted slightly as she began to stifle her groans by slapping a hand against her mouth. I could feel the warmth emanating from her cunt as I pierced her folds in one fluid motion, filling her pussy with my cock as I began to stroke her from the inside. From this angle, her G spot was not attainable, settling for clitoral stimulation instead, rubbing circles around her sensitive parts as I felt her buck slightly in her seat.

"Tell me when you're close." I whispered, as she nodded in agreement, gripping my cock harder with her folds as I fucked her sex in my office.

The contractions from her walls were now so intense it hurt my dick at times as I fed her cunt more of me,  filling her womb with my hand as she leaked copious amounts of sex juice onto the seat. I pinched her clit sharply as Jess climaxed in my grasp, biting down into her forearm to hide her pleasurable excitement. Slipping out from between her legs I laid down exhausted.

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