Harry Potter sex stories (fanfiction)

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Hermione was laying on bed waiting for Harry. The moment he entered the room they immediately locked lips. Hermione felt her nether regions get hotter and wetter, she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. They kissed more aggressively both attempting to dominate each other. Harry felt his member rubbing against his pants as it increased in size, he swiftly rolled off the bed landing on the floor next to the bed, he bounced up awkwardly and in one swift movement his pants and underwear were piled at his feet. Harry gave the bed cover a tug to reveal Hermione's stunning figure.

Having sex with Harry Potter

Harry had once again pinned Hermione working short kisses from her mound back up towards her heaving chest. He gave her a mischievous smile before grabbing a handful of her D cup tits, massaging one breast in his hand and placing kisses around the other. Harry playfully nipped around her breast before switching to sucking on the other nipple.

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Hermione struggled to withstand the barrage of kisses aimed around her sensitive stomach. Harry, not one to dawdle, had decided to progress further down, almost skipping over her now sopping wet panties.

 She gasped as Harry placed his fingers on either side of her soaked panties, with an assisted hip movement from Hermione and a sharp tug her underwear was off, she was free.

Harry Potter's big "magic" cock

Hermione lay completely bare on the bed, her beauty overwhelming Harry as he briefly thanked his luck before resuming his duty. He positioned himself comfortably at her entrance licking around Hermione’s folds, kissing and licking, enjoying his excellent view of his gorgeous girlfriend. 

The waves of pleasure washed over Hermione culminating in a building pressure on her pussy, oh how she desperately craved relief. Harry kept licking intent on building her arousal, since he’d already reached her beautifully pink pussy he’d made a conscious effort to refrain from touching her clit, ensuring a building anticipation with no means of relief.

Smutfic story with Harry Potter

“Enough teasing my love”, thought Harry as he placed his hand on Hermione’s neatly trimmed bush. He manoeuvred his mouth to the top of her pussy, flicking his tongue gently against the small nub he knew was waiting. The action sent a shock through Hermione’s body causing an involuntary convulsion. Harry worked Hermione’s clit with his tongue, sucking hard then soft, gentle kisses mixed with rough tongue flicks, “mmmmm Fuck Harry” shouted Hermione “faster!”. Harry settled into his rhythm stimulating Hermione’s clit steadily building her orgasm.

The moment had arrived, Harry went in with his tongue splayed flat brushing against her swollen clit gently stimulating her to the point of no return, “aaaaaah” screamed hermione as her muscles tightened and relaxed, she was cumming wildly, her hips bucking smashing into Harry’s face, the convulsions ripping through her body. The joy she was experiencing had no parallel, the loss of control and the embrace of pure unadulterated bliss drove her to sensational new heights”

“Ouch ‘Mione,” Harry said, rubbing his nose, temporarily ceasing his tongue assault. Hermione’s intense orgasm had left her flush, and with a deliciously warm sensation throughout her body. “Fuck” thought Harry, “why does she have to be so fucking hot”.

Harry having settled the dull ache on his face dutifully resumed licking Hermione’s folds, knowing that after her first intense orgasm of the day that she would be extremely sensitive and constantly on the edge of bliss as their morning continued.

Continuing to gaze adoringly at the way Harry treated her pussy, Hermione was in 7th heaven. The way Harry respected, revered and even worshipped her sent her mind into ecstasy, she was sure that a passion like theirs was on a completely new level to the relationships she’d had had with Ginny, Ron or even Draco. Hermione was completely at Harry’s mercy, his whims determining her pleasure, the slow sexy power struggle, the intense build up and her sweet, sweet release all determined by the man she’d spent 10 years getting to know and love.

Harry having resumed his position at the foot of the bed was licking Hermione's sopping pussy with feverish intent, never ceasing his tonguing and sucking of Hermione's clit. Harry settled into his favourite cunnilingus position with his face buried in Hermione's pussy and his hand resting on her neatly trimmed tuft of hair. Harry loved playing with Hermione's bush, gently tugging at and running his hands through the soft hairs. The sensory experience was driving him crazy, taste, smell and touch all wonderfully engaging as he ate Hermione out. Lapping her juices and enjoying what her body had to offer.

Hermione balled up fistfuls of the duvet as she fought her second orgasm of the morning, the waves of pleasure once again rolling over her. “Fuck, fuck… FUCK HARRY”, she shouted as he maneuvered  his tongue over her clit. The heat she felt constantly building in her pussy drove her to seek out more pleasure as she lifted her hips to meet Harry’s tongue. “You want more?”…“Yes”, she moaned as Harry quickly sucked 2 of his fingers.

Harry slid his fingers into Hermione's pussy in a smooth motion, he spared a quick glance at Hermione's flushed face, gazing longingly at her blissful reaction, Harry quickly curled his fingers upwards feeling for the soft spongy feeling of Hermione's g-spot. He gently stroked Hermione's g-spot basking in the feeling of glorious wet pussy. Harry moved his tongue back into Hermione's pussy lips as he used his free hand to gently rub circles around her swollen clit.

Hermione screamed out as she was pushed over into the blissful abyss, the orgasm rendering her motionless as she lay navigating her way through the ocean of pleasure that had enveloped her.

 next to the brown haired beauty.

A few minutes had passed and Hermione had regained some of her awareness of her surroundings, she felt the heat near her pussy, a light breeze bringing goosebumps to her pale skin and hardening her nipples, she also felt a strange sensation almost as if the bed was bouncing next to her. Turning to see where the cause of the commotion was, she saw Harry furiously masturbating. “Love, I can take care of you,” she said seductively. Harry released his cock as a smile appeared on his face.

Watching as Hermione had a flick of her wand, Harry felt an unusual warmth around his penis, he was still hard and he was definitely still horny, but Hermione had done something, the wordless magic whatever it was, was now in effect. “Brilliant” squealed Hermione as she once again started masturbating Harry’s throbbing cock. Pumping up and down, she slowly lowered her mouth over Harry’s member. The warmth and the sensation of the blowjob was exquisite, Hermione bobbed her head as she used her tongue to stimulate the sensitive head of Harry’s dick.

Taking his manhood as far as she could without pushing herself, Hermione continued sucking Harry’s stiff rod, “Hermione, what have you done to me!” Exclaimed Harry as his bellend received more and more stimulation. “A simple mix really” she retorted, “ A little proximity spell mixed with some chastity magic, today we Fuck Mr Potter” she said teasingly. In truth Harry understood none of what Hermione had just said, however he knew that he was fully at the mercy of what was fast becoming a wicked witch.

Hermione had dutifully resumed her blowjob, sending a shock through Harry every time she hit just the right spot. “It’s time, he’s ready” thought Hermione as she stopped her blowjob to trail some kisses straight up to Harry’s chest. She crawled slowly and methodically, straddling Harry as she positioned her pussy above Harry’s cock. *Thump, Thump* she could hear Harry’s rapid heart rate as she rested against his chest. Hermione reached down and lined Harry’s rod up with her dripping entrance. At first slowly, she controlled her descent, feeling Harry fill her up.

Harry grabbed Hermione and pushed her to the side rolling over switching their positions, he pulled out of her tight hole and in a commanding voice said “You’re right Granger, today we Fuck. Get on your hands and knees.” Hermione obeyed, looking forward to being fucked doggy style. Harry lined himself up with her pussy and mercilessly thrust into her. Hermione absorbed the shock of Harry’s initial thrust but her arms collapsed causing her to faceplant into the bed. Harry continued thrust harder, faster and deeper into Hermione as she moaned helplessly in ecstasy. Hermione felt that all too familiar sensation of an approaching orgasm, her pussy tightened as she yelled out in pleasure “cum with me Harry ''.

As Hermione shouted out with pleasure Harry felt a rush of pleasure as all the built up sexual pleasure exploded out of him, he thrust one last time cumming deep inside Hermione's pussy, the continuing contractions of Hermione's orgasm and Harry’s twitching cock spurring each other on adding touches of pleasure to an already overwhelming experience. Harry pulled out of Hermione, completely spent collapsing on the bed. Hermione lay, cum leaking from her pussy.

The two lovers turned to each other, content with the comfortable silence. Harry looked at Hermione and Hermione looked at Harry, they embraced for one final time that morning, madly in love and indeed in lust.

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