Mom and son incest stories

Real mom & sons sexsual stories. It’s a very understandable fetish to enjoy, seeing your own mother in that light is perfectly natural, taking it to the next step is something that unlocks every young man’s fantasy! Hearing her caring tone of voice, feeling her soft embrace and even getting a chance to be close to her motherly body, it’s almost impossible not to fall for it! How can a young boy not develop feelings for his Mother after seeing her all day, how she strains in her outfit and jiggles as she walks?!

Real moms and sons sexsual stories

It doesn’t entirely matter how it started, what does matter is that you’ll be able to sink into a good story about it! Whether that involves a caring, gentle dynamic, or a more intense and demanding one. There’s also whether or not you both share a playful teasing relationship to start with, or a rough-and-tumble one, potentially taking charge over her. From the dynamics involved, you’ll be hard-fought to find something that doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Dirty incest between mom and son

Who hasn’t had a fantasy of winning a reward from their Mother, watching her face in surprise when you suggest something lewd, or being subjected to a new brand of punishment, one that involves your load being slowly milked out by her dainty fingers, as a punishment of course. Don’t shy away from the desires and fantasies brought on by those thoughts, they’re incredibly fulfilling to explore and with a myriad of stories at your fingertips, you’re in a safe environment to do so.

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