Son seducing mom

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My mom, aware that I was alone during the Summer months on campus, had invited me for a week in Venice. I had thought it very sweet of her and I had said yes. I was her only child after all. She had always been strangely possessive of me and never allowed me to be away from her. It was only when I became a college student that I moved away and couldn't visit her for months. 

So I received her call informing me that she had arranged a trip for us. I couldn't refuse her as I was missing her real bad too. So I packed up my things and went straight to my old house. Mom had hugged and kissed me nonstop, although it felt a bit odd. I let her be.

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We arrived at Marco Polo airport on a sunny August afternoon and took a water taxi. My mother had rented a beautiful 16th-century apartment near the Rio de Palazzo o de Canonica, owned by an elderly couple. Our room was spectacular, still in its original state, with a painted ceiling, wooden walls, and a marble floor.

Tired and jet-lagged, we had a short meal in a nearby trattoria and went to bed. I didn't notice mom removing my clothes or changing me into my nightwear as I was too gone. But I faintly remember someone touching my body while I was half asleep but I ignored it and drifted off to sleep.

The next day we got up late and  had lunch in a nice small trattoria and, starting to feel the Summer heat, jet lag and Bardolino, went back to our apartment after spending the whole day outside,. visiting different tourist attraction places. 

When we got back at night mom questioned me about my dating life. And I told her, unfortunately, that I had never dated before as I never really found someone attractive or close to my type. I had no idea why women of my age never attracted me but I kept this piece of information to myself and just told mom about my non existent dating life.

The topic closed and we took turns to shower and went to bed. The advertisement had mentioned two single beds, but we had been too tired to protest.

I was lying on my back and Mom on her side, looking at me.

"Can I give you a hug?" Mom asked.

Even though I felt a little surprised and awkward, as I was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and Mom only a nightgown, I nodded.

Mom moved to me, put her arms around me and her left leg over mine, and gave me a sweet, loving kiss on the neck.

Sensing her soft warm body under the silk nightgown, I involuntarily grew a giant erection and froze.

Mom felt my unease and moved back, but in doing so, accidentally brushed the bulge in my pants with her hand. "Sorry," she said softly. I muttered: "It's OK."

There was a moment of awkward silence.

Then, Mom asked: "Shall I... help you with that?"

The thought of Mom "helping" shocked me. Mom put her arms back around me, firmly pushing her body against mine. She moved down my shorts, revealing my fully erect penis, and started to slowly masturbate me. I turned around and we looked each other in the eyes. Mom smiled at me.

She guided my right hand to her left breast and I started fondling it.

We kept looking each other in the eyes while we caressed each other.

Then she took off her nightgown and undies. I saw Mom naked for the first time since I was a child. I had always thought of her as pretty. Nude, she was stunningly beautiful.

Mom smiled at me, and helped me out of my shirt. We lied down and held and caressed each other, breathing ever more quickly. A little while later, Mom let me lie down on the pillows, took my stiff penis in her right hand, and looked at it curiously.

"Geez, I hadn't noticed you were that big. Six inches?"

I chuckled. "I never thought of measuring it, Mom. Underwear doesn't come in penis sizes."

Mom laughed. "In this case, perhaps it should."

Mom gently pulled down the foreskin and she started kissing and licking and sucking my penis and my balls. She did not need any guidance. I held her head in my hands and caressed her hair while she made me reach my climax. I pulled out just in time and ejaculated on my own belly.

Mom licked the sperm from my belly and my penis, then lied down next to me, and again we held each other closely.

It was her turn now and she lied down. I quickly unzipped Mom's dress and took off her bra and undies. I looked at her pussy and saw that her labia was swollen, open and wet. I saw her  fully erect penis was again.I caressed her face, her hair, her back, her arms and her feet, and licked her nipples. Then, she took my head in her hands and guided me to her pussy.

Mom's labia were swollen and wet. I started licking her pussy. "A little higher. More pressure. Too fast." She kept giving me guidance until she felt silent. Then, she moaned softly. "This is lovely. Now let's work on the fingers."

I gently pushed my index and middle fingers inside Mom's vagina, careful not to hurt her.

"Don't worry", she said, "you're not hurting me. Now, push your fingers downwards. Not deeper, you're already all in. Right. Now, move them like this." She took my hand and we exercised until I understood how she wanted it.

"OK", she said, "now, you need to use your tongue and your fingers at the same time. I will guide you. Do not rush and do not stop. A woman's orgasm comes in waves."

She laid back and held my head in her hands while I licked her and moved my fingers inside her vagina exactly as she wanted it.

"God, I'm soaking down there." She looked at me as she said that. My heart was racing.

"Are you OK?"

"Mom, I'm going to explode," I muttered.

"Come here my love," said Mom. "If you need to explode, do it inside me."

She then made me lay back and sat on top of me, and guided my penis to the entrance of her pussy. It wouldn't go inside. Mom started rubbing her clitoris with two fingers while she kept pushing her pussy gently against my penis. I felt her arousal fluid running down my penis, and I slowly slid inside her. We tongue-kissed and I felt her nipples on my chest . Her vagina was open and so wet that I slid inside her fully.

Mom rode me slowly and for the first time I experienced the delightful sensation of being inside a woman. It felt so overwhelming that I came close to an orgasm almost immediately. I gently put my hands on Mom's hips to make her slow down. She stopped riding me for a moment, guided my right hand to her clitoris, and helped me stimulate her. Once I understood how she wanted it, Mom resumed riding me, her hands on her knees. 

After a while, Mom started to breathe ever more quickly. "Come inside me," she said, and we climaxed together. Mom started sobbing while I squirted large loads of sperm inside her, five, six, seven times. Mom kissed me even more intensely, contracted her vaginal muscles, and I felt like bursting inside her.

Mom laid down on top of me and we hugged each other. Mom pulled me up, and we held each other tight. "Oh God, this was good," said Mom. The tip of my penis pushed against the entrance of her vagina. "I know you want to do it again," said Mom.

"No rush, Mom", I said. "I enjoy seeing you so happy."

Mom looked at me for a long time, stroking my hair.

"Love me," she said.

I gave Mom a deep, intense, salty kiss, and put all my love for her in it. I opened up her labia a bit with my index and middle finger. "Look, doesn't your vulva look like a rose?"

Mom looked, but wasn't convinced. I opened her up a little further.

"Hmmm. Maybe a little bit."

Mom felt my hard-on and smiled. "You do love my pussy, don't you. And I love to feel you inside me. Shall we try doggy style?" We made love once more and built up a mighty orgasm together. We cuddled and kissed and stroked each other and I wanted to be Mom's lover forever.

"Next time you can come inside my mouth," said Mom.

"I don't think that's nice, Mom," I said.

"I like it. And I love the taste of your sperm," she said and I felt my cock stir up again.

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    Kõige mõnusam on ikka oma ema nikkuda

  2. Frank
    June 20, 2023 om 9:09 am

    From the age of 16 till 18 I had a sex affair with my mom


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