The Forbidden Act: Anal with mom

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Alex was a very good student. However, he was a sex addict. From his college days, he has fucked over a hundred girls. He had a muscular figure and that is why girls were into him. And, he took advantage of it and got girls to get laid with him all the time.

She is actually my stepmother

As a result of his sex addiction, he was unable to focus on his studies during college. So, he didn’t get the placement after college and couldn't even pay his rent. Even though he never wanted this, he had to move back with his parents. He was never in touch with them during his college days.

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Upon his return, he found out that his parents were divorced and his father had married another girl. Her name was Shyna. She was in her late 30s. Even though Alex was heartbroken, he quickly gathered himself with the changing circumstances of his life and started staying with his parents.

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Alex's sex addiction was unknown to his dad. Shyna didn't know about it either and that was why whenever Shyna came close to Alex, he had to hide his crotch. Sometimes Alex felt very embarrassed because of this. But, there was no denying that Alex had something for his new stepmother.

He used to often masturbate thinking about fucking her stepmom. Alex had nothing to do at home and that was why he used to go to the pubs to pick up girls and fuck them. Alex never brought girls to his father’s home and that was why Shyna or his father had no idea that their son was a sex addict.

Alex’s father, Jonathan, was trying hard to get his son’s career back on track. Alex loved to paint. So, he was thinking about setting up an art gallery of his son’s work. His father didn’t know that Alex’s speciality was nude painting. He didn’t allow anyone to get inside his room. 

He had a separate room where he used to paint. One thing that Alex used to do was because he didn’t bring any girls to his father’s house, he used to capture naked pictures of girls with whom he used to sleep. In this way, he was able to paint them when he was alone in his painting room. 

Alex had marvellous brush strokes in his hand. And, at times, he also gifted some of the girls their nude pictures with whom he had slept. They also liked them. But, Alex’s father didn’t know what sort of painting Alex did. He last saw Alex’s painting around 10 years ago.

Whenever he asked Alex about his painting, he used to say, “My painting is different. I don’t think you will find the right people to sell them. Don’t worry, I will find buyers for my painting.” But, Alex’s father kept on searching for the right buyers because he wanted his son to get established in life. 

Meanwhile, Alex was developing a very good relationship with his stepmom. Yes, he wanted to fuck her. But, that didn’t mean he couldn’t have a healthy relationship with her. That was why they used to chitchat a lot in the house. She slowly became his best friend in the house. 

Alex’s father was way over 40 and his stepmom was around her late 20s. And Alex was in his early 20s. Therefore, Alex and his stepmom had a good relationship. So, one day, Shyna, Alex’s stepmom requested him to show her his art room. But, Alex didn’t want to do that and so, he said, “No!”

“Why? What’s the problem if I see your artwork?”

“It’s personal. I don’t want anyone to see my artwork. It’s mine to see only.”

“What sort of artwork do you do?”

“It’s modern art. It’s very hard to understand and that’s why I don’t want anyone to see it.”

“But, I would’ve loved to see what sort of artwork you do.”

“Sorry, it’s not possible.”

By saying that, Alex left and Shyna became curious. She wanted to check out what sort of painting Alex did. But, Alex always locked his room before going out. So, she was unable to get inside the room and see what Alex did. But, one day, she did get the opportunity. 

She was following Alex the entire day. Shyna saw Alex going inside the room. But, suddenly he left the room hurriedly. He forgot to lock the door of his room. It was the opportunity for Shyna to check out what Alex did. She went inside the room and was shocked to see all those nude paintings. 

Alex realised his mistake and rushed to lock the door only to find out that it was too late. He saw Shyna standing in front of a nude painting on which he was working. Alex came behind her and said, “What are you doing here? I told you not to come into my art room.” Shyna got scared by the sudden sound of Alex’s voice and said, “Your work is fantastic. Can you do one for me?”


“Yes, I really enjoyed your work. Where did you get these girls? Did you bring them home?”

“If I brought girls home, then you would have noticed at least I think.”

“Yes of course and that is why I’m curious. Where did you find those girls?”

“Do you want me to tell you everything as it happens?”

“Yes of course.”

“Then you have to promise me that from now, we are no stepmom and son, we are friends.”

“I have always treated you as my friend, not as my son.”

“All right then.”

After that, Alex narrated everything. How he picked up girls from the pubs and fucked them and captured their nudes and painted them and also gifted some of them those nude paintings. Shyna said after listening to everything, “I wanted someone to paint me nude. Can you do that Alex? Please!”

Alex said, “I have a principle when it comes to painting girls nude. I only paint those girls that I fucked.” Shyna said to Alex, “Well then, fuck me if you want.” Alex was shocked, “What are you saying? My dad will kill me.” Shyna told him, “Your dad doesn’t fuck me. He is having erection problems. So, I am starving. If you fuck me, then I don’t have to go outside to have sex.”

Alex thought about it and then said, “Promise me that you won’t tell my father.” Shyna said, “Are you stupid? Why should I tell your father?” After that, Alex picked Shyna up in his arms and they both locked lips. He took Shyna to his room. She was wearing a skirt and Alex took it off. He said, “I want to fuck this ass badly.” Shyna said, “Please do that. My ass wants your dick.”

Alex gave his dick to Shyna and she started to suck. She was impressed by the size of his dick. She was going deep inside her mouth and Alex was having a great time. He also fucked Shyn’a mouth. While Shyna worked on Alex’s dick, Alex squeezed her big tits hard. He made Shyna lay down and opened her legs so that Alex could eat her pussy. Alex licked her clit, stroked her G-spot, and fucked her with his fingers till she had an orgasm. 

After that, Shyna spat on Alex’s dick and he entered her ass. He was fucking Shyna’s ass very hard. Alex also pulled her hair while fucking her from behind. Alex felt that it was the best anal sex that he could have imagined with his stepmom. Shyna was also having the time of her life. She couldn’t believe how good Alex was in bed. Alex unloaded his load in Shyna’s mouth and Shyna swallowed it completely. Since that day, they fucked 2 to 3 times daily. 

Slowly, Shyna realized that Alex was a sex addict. It was like a blessing in disguise for Shyna because she also had sexual cravings all the time. Only when Alex’s father, Jonathan, was in the house, they didn’t fuck. Apart from that, all the time, they fucked like maniacs. After a few years, Jonathan died due to a heart attack. Since then, Alex took over his father’s business. But, he never married because he was having sex with his stepmom every day. Both Shyna and Alex lived with each other happily. But, people looking from the outside, would see a stepmom and her son living together. Nobody ever found out the reality behind this relationship between Alex and his stepmom, Shyna. 

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