Suckin on mommy tities

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It was the worst vacation ever. What were you supposed to do at the beach when it wouldn’t stop raining? You couldn’t go sit by the ocean, you couldn’t explore the boardwalk, and you couldn’t go for a hike up the local cliffs. 

To top it all off, Doug was here with his family. He was 19 and felt too old for family vacations, but his mom, Nancy, had insisted that she wanted everyone together. It was a family tradition, she said.

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Doug’s father and older sister, Natalie, had gone to an aquarium for the day. The thought of looking at tanks of fish made Doug want to cry with boredom. When he announced that he was going to be staying back to hang out in the hotel room, his mom decided she would, too.

“So what should we do?” his mom asked, clapping her hands together excitedly. “I brought chess, if you want to play chess. Or we could read out on the balcony and listen to the rain. . .”

Doug rolled his eyes. Nancy was sitting on the bed, her strawberry blonde hair frizzy from the humid air. She was in a loose sundress, which was funny because there definitely wasn’t going to be any sun on this trip.

“Well, why don’t you come over here and lay with me?” said Nancy, patting the spot beside her. “We can watch a movie.”

Doug sighed and decided to join his mom on the bed. It was better than sitting there on his phone, looking at the Instagram pictures of all his friends back home, where the sun was shining brightly.

Nancy flipped through the hotel channels and found an old action movie. She turned up the volume and pulled her son in against her. 

“Aw, it’s like the old days,” she said, smiling happily. “Just mom and son time.”

They watched the movie for a few minutes before Nancy reached up to pull her hair away from her chest. In doing so, she accidentally revealed one of her breasts.

“Jesus, Mom!” cried Doug. “Your whole boob is out!”

Nancy laughed. “Oh my gosh, will you calm down? It’s nothing you haven’t seen before!”

“But still. . .”

Doug looked down in horror, wishing he could unsee his mom’s tit hanging out. But the more he looked, the more he found himself somehow getting aroused. His cock was slowly starting to rise in his shorts, which only made Doug more horrified. 

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” said Nancy, smiling down at her son. “Do you like what you see?”

Doug cleared his throat. He should have got off the bed. He thought about running out to the balcony to gulp down some fresh air, but he didn’t. Instead, he lowered his mouth down to his mom’s breast and pulled her nipple into his mouth.

“Mmm,” moaned Nancy. “Aw, it really is like the old days. You love mommy’s tits, huh, son?” 

She ran her hand through Doug’s curly mop of hair as he suckled at her breast wholeheartedly. He didn’t know what had come over him. Maybe it was the boredom, or something more depraved, but he didn’t care. This was the best part of the vacation yet.

His other hand reached for her other breast. She had a bigger pair of tits than what Doug had realized. They were slightly saggy with age and having had two children, but they were still great tits. They were heavy, with perky pink nipples.

“See how my nipple gets hard when you touch it?” said Nancy, as her son ran his thumb across her free breast. “My body is so responsive to you. It feels so good when you touch me like that.”

While Doug sucked, he squeezed the breast he was latched onto. If there was any milk there, it would have squirted right into his mouth. But it was still erotic and still made Doug’s cock hard. He suctioned his lips harder over her areola, pulling as much of her breast in between his lips as he could.

“Here,” said Nancy, gently pulling away from him. “Switch sides, honey. Do the other one.”

Doug couldn’t look his mother in the eye as he moved to the other breast. Nancy pulled him into his lap rather than allow him to lay on the bed next to her. Doug didn’t mind. It was strangely comforting to be held like this by his own mother. This wasn’t that weird, was it? He didn’t want to think about it too much. He just wanted to close his eyes and suckle on her tits.

It was nice to have one breast to suck on and one breast to play with. Doug had antsy hands, ever since he was young, and he still did at 19. His fingers flicked and tweaked Nancy’s other nipple while he sucked on her. He loved how it made his mom whimper just under her breath, so that he could barely hear it. He wanted her to be louder.

“Fuck,” Nancy moaned, finally louder in volume. 

Doug was unbearably horny now. He never thought he’d be so aroused from his mom’s titties, but here he was. He wished they had been doing this sooner, even though he knew it was wrong. His mom’s hand stroking his hair made him feel even more relaxed, and he soon found himself starting to slow down as he sucked on her nipple. . .

“Doug,” said a quiet voice. He felt someone gently shaking him. “Doug, honey. Your father and sister are going to be back soon.”

Doug opened his eyes. He was confused for a moment. Who was holding him? He looked over to see his mom’s bare breasts dangling by his face, her nipples soft now. It all came flashing back to him—the nipple sucking, the breast squeezing, Nancy holding him in her lap.

Doug quickly scrambled out from her legs and onto the bed. 

“Shit,” he groaned, running his hands through his hair. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” said Nancy. She patted his leg, sliding dangerously close to his crotch. “It was really nice, honey. You made Mommy feel good.”

Doug nearly ran to the balcony. He didn’t know what to make of this. It was a mistake, he knew this. But somehow, he couldn’t stop replaying the day’s events in his mind. It had been so sexy, so fun. Sucking on her nipples like that had awoken something in him, and he wasn’t sure how to take it back.

The next evening, after the family had gone out to eat, Doug’s dad asked if everyone wanted to go for a walk with him since the rain had died down. 

“I’ll go!” cried Natalie. “Mom, are you coming?”

Nancy waved her hand in the air. “No, I think I’d like to get a shower.”

Doug thought he noticed her flash a glance in his direction. He cleared his throat. “I think I’ll stay here, too.”

After it was just him and his mom left behind, Nancy went to the bathroom and closed the door. Doug realized he hadn’t heard the lock click. When he heard the shower start to run, he took a chance and headed into the bathroom after her.

“There you are!” said his mom from the shower. The steam was swathed around her head. “Come on in, sweetie.”

“I don’t know. . .” his voice trailed off. He really wanted to.

“Oh, come on,” said his mom. “It will be the perfect way to end the day.”

Minutes later, Doug was standing under the hot stream of water with his mom. He hadn’t seen her naked since he was little, and his hands automatically reached out to grab her breasts. He squeezed them together and jiggled them, which made Nancy laugh.

“You’re definitely a boob guy, aren’t you?” she said.

Doug blushed. “I guess so. I haven’t really touched too many, to be honest.”

“Really?” Nancy looked shocked. “I thought you had had lots of girlfriends! You’re a handsome guy.”

Doug was now pulling gently on his mom’s nipples while she rinsed her hair out under the water. “No,” he said, “unfortunately not.”

“Well, consider this good practice, then.” Nancy smiled at her son. “You really know just what to do. You’re not too rough. It feels good, honey.”

She pulled her son’s face in towards her breasts. He let out a low, grumbly moan as he latched onto one of her nipples while his hand squeezed the free breast.

“Yes, honey,” sighed Nancy, closing her eyes. “That’s perfect. You’re perfect, son.”
Suddenly, they heard a noise out in the hotel room that made them jerk their heads up. 

“Shit,” hissed Doug. “They’re back already. I don’t want them to know we were both in here!”

“Don’t worry,” said his mom, turning off the water. “We’ll just say you were showering, and I really had to pee or something.”

Doug quickly toweled off and headed over to the sink to splash cold water on his face. This was not the vacation he had expected. . .

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  1. David
    May 23, 2023 om 10:09 pm

    Love mom and son incest.., love sucking on mom’s nipples… was waiting for her to massage son’s cock… need stories like this to get hard … must be super hot so I can cum… masturbate every day…. I love it , x

    • Ryan
      January 28, 2024 om 12:30 am

      Yeah I want more mom and son in rest

  2. LovetabooWmom
    October 11, 2023 om 1:29 pm

    My mom is a single Latina parent. Her 36D are topped with dark areola’s and little taste bumps. With nipples like mini utters. Shes the only women I know that orgasms when sucked. I can suck and she says harder baby, suck mommy
    TIts . She came so hard.i was bucked off


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