Here sons first happy ending

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"When last did you get a massage?" mom asked.

"A massage?" I waved off her question with a laugh.

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– Jake A.

The last time I got a massage was when I sprained my ankle after falling off the school bus. That was years ago. Longer than I could even remember. Hell, I had even forgotten what a massage felt like. It was one of those luxurious things I could only ever wish for. Well, until I had enough money to afford those high-end massages that would end with me spilling a heavy load of cum. 

I wanted a happy ending. But it was my secret fantasy, and I shouldn’t share it with anyone who wasn’t my masseuse.

"Can't remember," I simply responded to mom. 

I didn’t think mom would make a big deal out of this, but instead of a verbal response—or none at all—she rose from her chair. We'd both been sitting in the living room, watching some reality TV show. And now, as she rose from her seat, she advanced toward me, her pink stretchy lips sporting a radiant smile which brought a gleam to her eyes. 

Her silky long hair was just as fiery as her personality. She’d packed it into a loose pony, keeping those strands away from her eyes. It gave me a chance to stare into that beautiful face without any disruptions. She returned my gaze, her eyes soft and pleasant, staring into my soul in a way that made me fidget in my chair.

“You can’t remember?” she clicked her tongue. “That's a shame, darling.”

While she advanced toward me, I couldn't help but notice her hour-glass figure as it moved graciously in her little white dress. At thirty-nine, she still had the body of a young adult. Her thighs were a little thick, but it only made her more attractive. Her hips swayed in her dress as she approached me. The dress was only long enough to cover her butt, but a soft whisper of breeze would be just enough to reveal all the juicy bits beneath that fabric.

I closed my eyes for a brief moment, trying to rid myself of the inappropriate thoughts crowding my mind. I shouldn't be thinking this way of a woman, especially the one who had birthed me. But this didn't change the fact that I wanted to fuck her so bad. I had lived in a hostel for most of my teenage life, and now that I was finally home after high school, I found myself wanting her in ways I shouldn’t even imagine. 

Whenever I looked at her, the only thing I could think of was how good it would be to feel those soft, squishy breasts in my hands.  I wanted to hold them, squeeze them, and suck them so good she would not forget the experience in a hurry.  

As these thoughts roamed my mind, her piercing eyes brought a wave of shame over me. But I couldn’t bring myself to look away from her magnetizing eyes. We only broke our gaze when she disappeared behind me. It was at that moment I released a breath I had no idea I had been holding. And then I felt her hands on my shoulders. Her hands were warm and soft, making me wonder if the rest of her body was just as soft.

Her hands slipped down my shoulders. And somehow, she found a way to smuggle her fingers underneath my shirt. I breathed deeply, my chest rising heavily, and then falling back down with just as much energy. She moved her fingers back and forth, and then she spread her palms. 

As she worked her way up to caress my neck as well, I felt her breath tease the back of left ear. Her breath was so warm and ticklish, it made me shudder. I grasped the arm rests of the chair for support. 

My cock rose at once. It jerked and twitched, and then it started to throb, desperate for a way out of my pants.

She leaned forward some more, until her lips were just beside my ear.

“How about we go upstairs to I can give you a full body massage?” she asked.

Her voice was a breathy whisper, making my insides tingle and melt. 

“Hmm?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Yes, mom…”

It felt weird calling her mom in this state—with a hard on. But somehow, it felt so fucking good.

“Come on then.” She tapped my shoulders, and then she slipped her fingers out of my shirt.

Without another glance in my direction, she headed up the stairs, her jiggly ass doing what it knew how to do best. It jiggled like jelly, her ass cheeks clapping to an unheard music. Having those jiggly cheeks clap on my dick would be heavenly. 


I didn’t realise I had said that word aloud. Now until mom glanced over her shoulder. 

“Is everything alright, darling?” she asked.

“Y-yes mom,” I said.

She giggled softly, and then she followed a left bend which led to her bedroom. She pushed her way through the door, and then she ushered me into the bedroom. 

“Lay flat on your chest, darling,” she said.

I mounted the bed and lay on my chest, but not even that posture could stop me from staring at her. I slightly raised my head off the bed, just so I could look at her even though I wasn’t directly facing her. My eyes were fixed on her, watching her as she walked around the room, getting some massage oils. 

Bringing a bottle of oil with her, she sat beside me on the bed, and then she gently helped me out of my shirt. My heart started to race. I could already imagine her getting rid of my under pants as well. But she didn’t. She only got rid of my shirt and pants, and then she started to massage my back.

“Take a slow, deep breath,” she said. “It will help you feel more relaxed.”

I did just as she'd suggested, and surprisingly, it made me feel calmer in a way I'd never thought possible. I shut my eyes and just surrendered myself to the serenity. With my eyes shut, I could focus on the smoothness of her palms as they glided all over my back, smearing my skin with warm oil. She soon started to knead my skin, and then she moved past my under pants. I released a deep breath, but when I felt her fingers creeping underneath the fabric to caress my ass, I found myself holding my breath again. She slowly moved the fabric out of the way, rolling it all the way down until I was butt-naked.

But my nudity didn’t seem to have any effect on her. She just kept massaging me with short, circular strokes, as though it was pretty normal to stare at her son’s nudity. She did some repetitive contacts with her hands, and then she flipped me over. 

When I lay flat on my back, I clamped my lips together. At that moment, I just wanted to disappear. I was too embarrassed to look at her. It was unnatural for a boy to want to fuck his mother, but there I was, with a full-on hard-on, and I didn’t even know what to do about it. Now that I was facing her, there was no way to hide my arousal.


But she didn’t even seem to care. She applied a gentle pressure, her hands moving like a windshield wiper as she worked her way down my chest.

She leaned forward, and her breasts almost spilled out of her dress. “What’s your definition of a full body massage?”

“Uh—” I tried to speak, but I wasn’t even the least coherent.

She giggled. “Silly boy.”

She straightened her spine, and then she reached for my cock. Her fingers encircled it, locking it in a firm grip. My airways froze at once. There was no way I could breathe when she gripped my cock so firmly.

“Breathe…” she said.

I stared deeply into her eyes. They were soft and amorous, pulling me in, and making me do her bidding. I surrendered to the power in those eyes—only then could I finally breathe again. I kept staring into her eyes, barely even blinking. She smiled at me, and then she looked away, transfixing her eyes on my cock instead. She stroked my cock with both hands, smearing every inch of it with massage oil, and then she worked her way down to my balls. My breath turned raspy, and my heart wouldn’t stop pacing, as though it were trying to burst out of my chest. 

It was only after she milked my cock that she finally let go. My cum was all over her hands and all over my shaft as well. 

“Now let’s clean you up,” she said. “Shall we?”

Unable to find my voice, I could only nod in response. I’d thought she would literally clean up my cock, but instead, she hopped on it to clean it up with her pussy. Her eyes gleamed with a sultry hint I had never seen in them. 

While she straddled me, she leaned forward, letting her breasts settle on my chest as she stripped off her dress. Although she was sitting on my cock, she didn’t let her pussy glide all the way down, and it made my heart beat faster. 

I didn’t think I would ever beg a woman for her pussy. Definitely not my own mom. But when she started to gyrate her ass, teasing me only with the tip of her pussy, the words slipped out of my mouth.

“Mom…” I gulped. “Please…”

She giggled. “Do you have a safe word?”

“Purple…” I didn’t even think. I just blurted out the word.

The word had barely rolled off my tongue when she slammed her pussy down on my cock, forcing my full length deep inside of her. The move was so abrupt, it made me cry out. But she quickly crushed her lips into mine, silencing me with a deep kiss as she fucked my brains out.

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