Mom Takes Her Son’s Virginity

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Andy was getting bored while sitting at home during the holidays. He was a nerd in school. He didn’t have any friends. Andy’s favourite companion was his books. So, when he came back from school during the holidays, he had nothing to do because he had finished all the books he had in his home.

He also couldn’t go out to play with other boys in the neighbourhood because they would bully him. His mother Jennifer was very protective of her son. She knew that her son was a brilliant boy and one day he would go on to do great things in his life. That was why she revered her brilliant son. 

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Andy’s father, on the other hand, Charles, wanted his son to become a stud. He wanted Andy to go out and play with other boys. He often told Jennifer, “You should let him play with other boys. Otherwise, he will never learn to stand for himself.” Jennifer, being a kind mother used to tell Charles, “He is a brilliant boy and I don’t want him to be like those other boys. My boy will do great things in life.”

Jennifer and Charles were happily married for 18 years. The only problem they had was their sex life. Charles wasn’t interested in fucking Jennifer at all. Jennifer never complained about it because she was a very happy housewife. She had everything a woman could desire, a nice husband, a beautiful home, a brilliant boy, and all the luxuries that a woman would crave to have in her life. 

However, somewhere down the line, she wished that they had more sex just like old times. Her friends advised her to cheat on her husband. But, Jennifer was a devoted wife and could never think about cheating on her husband. That was why she never thought about their sex life. 

Andy’s Urges

Andy didn’t know what to do while sitting at home during his vacation. So, she asked her mom whether he can help her in the kitchen. But, Jennifer told him to play games or watch a movie on the laptop. So, Andy went upstairs to spend time with his laptop. 

One thing that was certain about Andy was he had a curious mind. He wanted to learn about various things. And, he loved biology. The last chapter he read during his school was human reproduction. So, he wanted to learn more about out it. Thus, he searched the subject on the internet. 

He never watched porn before and when he searched about sexual intercourse, many porn websites popped up in the search result. He opened one and was shocked to see so many naked men and women and their genitals. He also felt some uncanny urges around his groin. 

Andy felt that his penis was getting hard. Nothing ever happened to him like that. He was getting a bit worried but knew that he couldn’t talk about it with his mother. He closed the door of his room and played a video. His curious mind compelled him to play that video. 

The woman and the man in the video were making weird noises. So, he thought that turning the volume off will be a good decision and so he did that. Andy was having feelings and urges he never experienced before. He felt like he wanted to be with a woman at that time. 

His hands went inside his pants to pull his erect penis out and he saw that a liquid was coming out of his penis. He felt it was like a lubricant. Andy saw that the man was stroking his dick before entering it inside the woman’s vagina. He did the same thing with his penis and it felt good. 

While watching the movie, he kept on stroking his dick without knowing why he was jerking. But, he was feeling damn good. He never felt so good in his life. After a minute of jerking, he felt like a flow of current just passed his entire body and with a shuddering sensation, he saw a white fluid come out of his penis and spilt all over his bed. 

He became worried because the last thing he wanted was her mother to find out about what happened. He knew that if his mother knew what he did, his mother would take his laptop away from him and spending the entire vacation without the laptop would feel like being in a prison for Andy. He heard his mother’s footsteps on the outside of the room and sweat started to appear on his forehead because he could be in for a lot of trouble now. 

An Awkward Moment

Jennifer knocked on the door of Andy’s bedroom. Andy was trembling in fear. He had no idea as to what to do at that very moment. His feelings of pleasure and ecstasy had just turned into a nightmare. He quickly shut his laptop down and removed his bed sheet and went to open the door. 

Jennifer walked into the room saying, “What took you so long, son?”

Andy replied, “I was reading something.”

“And what happened to your bed sheet?”

“I was thinking about changing it.”

Jennifer went to pick the bed sheet up and Andy’s heart was almost in his mouth. His mother saw the spots he didn’t want her to see. Jennifer asked, “What are these?” Andy started crying at that moment. Jennifer was surprised and asked, “Did you do something wrong?”

Andy paused for a moment and told Jennifer everything from how he found porn and the feelings he had. He was caught red-handed by his mother and he confessed everything. He thought that his mother would beat him up but to his surprise, his mother was smiling at him. 

Jennifer asked, “How did you feel?” Andy replied, “It was amazing mum, I never felt like this before.” And at that very moment, something happened to Jennifer. She ordered Andy to come closer to him. Andy had his head down when he came close to his mum. 

She lifted her son's face and said, “There is nothing to be ashamed of, my boy. What you saw was completely natural. Every man and woman needs to have sex to give birth to beautiful children like you, my sweetheart. If you had any question about this, you could’ve asked me.”

While consoling her son, Jennifer was running her hands all over Andy’s body. She felt an erotic sensation in her body as well. For a moment, she forgot that she was the mother of Andy. And somehow, Andy also felt strange sensations when his mother was caressing his body. The same sensations he had while watching porn. Things were getting awkward between them. 

The Training

Jennifer was starving for sex like a hungry animal and Andy felt the taste of the meat a few moments ago and now, he was getting the entire animal to eat. They both forgot their real relationships because the animal inside both of these human beings was triggered. 

Jennifer straight away took his son’s pants off. There was a little bit of semen left in his dick from the previous ejaculation. She sucked it off and Andy was pressing his mom’s head into his dick and making his dick go deep inside his mom’s throat. She sucked her son so nicely that he came inside her mouth and she swallowed his cum entirely.

After that, she laid down and Andy, just like he saw in the porn video, started to lick his mother’s vagina. Jennifer was in ecstasy. She forgot that the man who was licking her cunt was her son. Andy also fingered her mom by inserting his two fingers to make her squirt. 

Next, Andy placed his dick at the vaginal opening of her mother and pressed it hard against her mother’s already wet cunt and his dick slipped inside easily. What happened after that was a vigorous session of fucking in the missionary position. 

Andy fucked his mom for three minutes before he collapsed on her after ejaculating inside her cunt. At that very moment, Jennifer was smiling. She knew that she had done a horrible thing. And, if Charles found it out, their relationship would be ruined forever. 

So, she made Andy promise that he would never tell his father what happened because it was their secret. And, it is normal for a mom to teach these kinds of things to her son. So, she could train her again if he wanted to get better with girls. 

Jennifer told Andy that the more he slept with his mother, the better he would get at studies and he would get a great woman to marry because he would know how to treat a woman well when he would spend more time with his mother. 

Jennifer knew that Charles would never fulfil her sexual needs because he was too busy with his work. Now, she had her son, who she could train and make him do all the sexual stuff he wanted Charles to do and her miserable life would get better. Jennifer was delighted while sleeping with her son in her arms after sex. 

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  1. Sam
    October 28, 2022 om 3:54 pm

    Moms teach the best sex

  2. Dave
    November 28, 2022 om 8:44 am

    Since a very young age . I was forced to have sex with with my mother . I have no idea why my mother would stay living with her father but she did . At 3 years old my grandfather abused me sexually and violently .at around 6 years old he made me eat my mother’s pussy for the first time I remember the feeling of her silky underwear and her tit sitting nicely in her bra . My mother slowly found her way into my lap taking my young cock and inserting it inside her with her underwear pulled to the side . She fucked me slowly while she fed me my grandfather’s hard cock . . This went on for a few years I was 13 years old I had got my mother pregnant . I found that my little sister was attractive I asked mum if I could play with her before long I was making love to my sister. Last night I had my sister and mother filling them both till there tasty pussy were swallon messes.

    • Mylfwanted68
      June 14, 2023 om 10:15 pm

      Incredible!!! 😍

  3. Jan
    November 29, 2022 om 8:46 am

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  4. Frankie
    March 9, 2023 om 10:57 am

    I had sex with my mom from the time I was 17 until 22 it was the best thing ever she taught me so much and I had my first bi experience with mom

    • Mylfwanted68
      June 14, 2023 om 10:17 pm

      So sexy!

  5. ioanik
    August 10, 2023 om 2:23 pm

    Cred ca multe mame fac sex cu fii, asta nu e de condamnat,in subconstient sunt dorinte de cand isi nasc baietii…..


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