Mom spanking son: Cruel Seduction (Pt. 3)

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It was morning and Sarah just woke up. She was thinking what a night that was. Joseph made love to her the entire night and she was now the happiest woman in the planet. She wants nothing else in her life now other than Joseph. But, she knew that money was something that she just couldn’t leave without. Money and Joseph were the two precious things she now craved for. 

But, Sarah knew that once Stuart, her husband and Joseph’s father, comes back, everything will stop and Joseph would never come back to fuck her like the way he was doing. Sarah wished Stuart was a dead man then she would have had Joseph any time she wanted. Stuart would arrive the next day and that thought made Sarah sad because she didn’t want Stuart to come back at all.

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Sarah knew that no matter what, she was not a murderer that she would plan to kill Stuart. Joseph also wouldn’t want his father to die as he loved his father. But, Sarah knew that Joseph might live for at least 20 more years and her sex life would be ruined. She was ready to accept her fate as an unsatisfied wife. Sarah was happy that she would never have to face poverty again in her life. 

However, she was also a bit scared because Stuart was coming back and that was the last thing she wanted. She didn’t want Stuart to know that she and Joseph were having an affair and she wanted Joseph to get the job done by acquiring his father’s business even before he came back. 

So, the plan was all set and Joseph had the power of attorney and he would go to the office and use that power of attorney to acquire his father’s business. If things didn’t happen the way she planned, even if Stuart came back, he couldn’t do anything as everything would be over for him at that moment. Joseph woke up to find Sarah sitting on the bed thinking about something.

She looked worried and that’s why Joseph kissed her on the cheek and told her to calm down as everything will be all right. He got up to get dressed as he would go to the office to get the control of his father’s business. Sarah went to the kitchen to make breakfast. She turned on the television and the first channel was CNN. And, there was new about a blast in the hotel where Stuart was staying.

Sarah screamed and Joseph rushed to the kitchen to see what happened. She told Joseph to look at the television. Joseph saw the news. He immediately dialled his father’s number and it was unreachable. The news stated that everyone at the hotel died because of the blast. And, what Joseph saw next shook his entire world. There was news about his father. 

“The most popular basketball agent, Stuart Andrews dies in the blast.” 

The Trouble Just Began

Joseph was crying because he loved his father. There were some crocodile’s tears in Sarah’s eyes. She was consoling Joseph. But, deep down, she was happy because the biggest obstacle in her path was now gone. They didn’t have to worry about Stuart anymore and can live a settled life with each other and fuck whenever they want. They can now get married and go out socially. 

So, after consoling Joseph, she called the manager in Stuart’s office and told him the news of Stuart’s death. Everyone was shell shocked because this was the most unexpected thing that happened. Soon, so many people started calling Sarah to console her. She knew that she had to bring on her A-game because she had to act like a sad widow of Stuart. However, one call changed everything. 

Sarah picked up the call in their landline and there was a man’s voice saying, “Stop crying bitch and give my money back!” Sarah was shocked and said, “Who’s this?” The voice said, “Oh! You probably don’t know me. You late husband didn’t tell you about me. My name is Rafael Marquinhos.” Sarah now recognized the name. Rafael Marquinhos was the biggest gangster in Columbia. 

“Well, I think you now know who is speaking to you. Now, give me the money back that your late husband borrowed from me. Sarah was a bit scared to ask but still, she did, “How much money did he owe you?” The sum almost game Sarah a heart attack. It was 5 billion US dollars. Sarah, “Are you kidding me? What’s the proof?” Rafael Marquinhos replied, “I know you would say this.”

The doorbell rang and Joseph had no clue what was going on in that phone call. So, he opened the door and 5 men with guns in their hands went inside the house. One had gun pointed on the head of Joseph. He had no clue what was happening. Sarah saw those men and said, “What the hell is going on!” Rafael Marquinhos replied, “These are my men. Pack your bags, you are going on a vacation.”

Both Joseph and Sarah had to make phone calls to the office to tell the staff that they wouldn’t be coming to the office for a week. And, the work must go on; his father would have wanted that. They would be going to bring his father’s body back. They packed their bags, and now, they were escorted to a private jet waiting for them. They are going to Columbia to meet Rafael. 

Sarah thought that her troubles were over and now, she could live a happy life with Joseph. For Joseph, the troubles were piling on. He though these troubles were the result of the sin he committed by getting into the bed with his stepmother. He didn’t know what types of problems were laying ahead for them. But, one thing both Sarah and Joseph knew, the trouble just began. 

Money Recovery

Joseph and Sarah landed in Columbia with their hands tied to their back. Rafael Marquinhos came to receive them. He took them his limousine and drove to his mansion. It was the biggest house the Sarah and Joseph ever seen. In front of this house, Stuart’s house was nothing. When they came, Rafael Marquinhos told them, “By my guest, return the money and you shall be set free.”

Sarah retaliated by saying, “We don’t have that much money. We can’t repay you.” Rafael smiled and said, “We’ll see about that. Now, go and take some rest. My boys will go to your room and bring you to my courtroom where we will talk further. But, don’t start fucking as you always do here. Remember, you are hostages here. You are not in your honeymoon.” He walked away by saying that.

Sarah was a bit scared now because he couldn’t believe that Rafael Marquinhos knew that she was fucking Joseph. A few hours later, few men came to take them to Rafael Marquinhos and they were not in a position to refuse. Otherwise, they would be killed. Rafael Marquinhos saw Sarah and Joseph. He smiled and said, “Welcome Hostages. Now, let’s talk about how you will repay me.”

Joseph said, “We cannot repay your money. The entire turnover of our business is around a billion. How can I pay you 5 billion?” Rafael said, “That’s not a matter of my concern. You know what. I should order my boys to kill both of you. But, if they kill you, what will I get? Will I get my money back? No, so what is the way to get that money back? Does anyone have a solution in mind?”

One of the gunmen came close to Rafael and whispered in his ears. Rafael was ecstatic to hear that and said, “Fantastic, Santos. Great idea! We will do that. So, you two, take you clothes off.” Sarah and Joseph were reluctant and they refused to do that straightaway. Rafael said, “Unless you do that, my boys will take care of this and will tear your clothes off.”

Sarah and Joseph knew that they had no other option and that’s why they had to take their clothes off and get naked. Rafael Marquinhos ordered, “Now, spank your stepson just like you always do it bed. But, first suck his cock. I want to see how good you are.” Sarah started to suck Joseph’s cock. Rafael got his phone out and started shooting the entire thing. Sarah pleaded not to record.

But, Rafael Marquinhos was not ready to listen to what Sarah was telling him. He slapped her face and told her to keep sucking. Sarah had no choice but to suck Joseph’s dick. Now, Rafael ordered Joseph to turn around. Sarah started spanking him hard on his butt. Joseph had his hands tied. Sarah spanked him so hard that his ass became red. Rafael ordered them to stop.

He told his boys to upload that clip on the internet with a heading that says, “Mom spanking son.” The full video will be out shortly. He told his boys to mention that in the video. Sarah knew that something very bad was about to happen to her and Joseph and they have to be ready. 

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