Linda finds her ideal lover

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In the morning, Linda woke up beside her son. She saw Stephen standing in front of the door looking at her. His eyes were full of admiration for Linda. Well, she thought that. But when Stephen opened his mouth, Linda knew how wrong she was. “Good morning, bitch.” That’s what Stephen said when Linda woke up. But, Linda didn’t say anything because she knew that she had to find a way to get her and her son out of the trouble and saying anything to Stephen would only elevate the danger they were in. 

Linda just gave Stephen a look of disdain and Stephen just smiled and walked away. He came back after a while and said, “Get ready, bitch. You will have a hard day.” By then, Joshua was up as well. He woke up to hear a voice of Stephen and instantly knew that something was wrong. So, he got up and hugged his mom who looked a bit tensed. Linda knew that she couldn’t go against someone like Stephen who is the police commissioner and thus, she needed to be a bit composed and follow his orders. 

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Linda didn’t know why but she always had an instinctive feeling whenever she and her son was about to face a problem and on that day, she was getting the same feelings. So, she decided to take precautions so that they could get out of trouble. She knew that Stephen only saw her as a whore because she slept with her son. So, whatever Stephen would need from her would be sexual. She wanted to have a plan so that when the time comes, Stephen would be bound to release them and also, leave them for good. 

But, she was struggling to come up with a proper plan where she would know that Stephen will fall for the trap. Linda conveyed her thoughts to her son and Joshua thought that her mother is just amazing and smart. He was falling for her mom’s smartness once again. He was full of admiration for his mother. Linda told him that whatever happens, he should be aware and should not miss out on collecting any evidence of mischievous deeds that Stephen was doing. By now, Linda was sure that Stephen is not an honest policeman. 

If Stephen was an honest policeman, then Linda and her son would be in jail by now. But, he kept them on house arrest which means he wanted to get something from them and whenever there were sexual gains to be achieved by someone by force, that person was never honest. Linda was looking to find the weak spot for Stephen and when she would find that, she would capitalize on it so that she and her son would stay safe. Linda was aghast with herself for letting her feelings for the man to get ahead of her son’s future. She started liking Stephen. But, now, it’s all about hate and ensuring her son’s safety.

A Daughter’s Tale

Linda went to take a shower and get ready because that’s what Stephen ordered her to do. Joshua went out to get some fresh air. On the lawn, he saw Carmella crying. He was starting to hate that girl because she was the reason why his mom was in trouble along with him. 

But, Joshua also had a soft corner in his heart for Carmella. So, he decided to go and talk to her. He touched her shoulders and Carmella was taken aback. But Joshua told her, “Why are you behaving like this? You have done what you wanted to do and now, I am ruined.”

Carmella started crying harder and said, “I’m sorry. I was pressurized to do that.” Joshua was a bit surprised. “Who pressured you? You are the daughter of the police commissioner of this state.” Joshua asked and Carmella shook his head which sent a loud and clear message to Joshua.

He thought that something was fishy and wrong. He asked, “What happened?” Carmella first didn’t want to say anything but after Joshua insisted, she told, “I am not his daughter. I am paying for a mistake that I made by sleeping with this bastard.”

Joshua thought if Carmella wasn’t Stephen’s daughter, then why did she do all these things to punish her? He asked that to Carmella and she replied, “I had to do that to get me out of trouble. I was smuggling drugs and he caught me and fucked me. I thought he would let me go but he didn’t.

“He wanted to use me to get a new victim and then, he found you. One of your neighbours had already informed him about the relationship between you and your mother. He just used me to get you and your mother in his house. He used to sexually exploit me to get what he wanted.

“Now, he will be using you and your mom to get his things done. This guy is a shady police officer and nobody stood against him. And, nobody can, Joshua, you know why? Because this man knows that no man can control the animal inside them when they see a naked woman. 

“So, he will now use you and your mom to give live sex entertainment to his shady guests so that his corruptions stay under the carpet and he will also let those vultures have your mom. I fucked almost 50 men before he told me to get him you. I did that and now he told me I can’t leave.

“He will now also trade me with one of his vultures who liked me a lot. I have doomed Joshua. My life is finished. I just want to die now.” By now, Joshua realized what a big mess he and his mother had found themselves in. He quickly went to his mom and told her everything.

Linda was a smart woman and she quickly realized what Stephen wanted her to do that day. So, he decided to set up a plan and for that, they needed help of Carmella. She was ready to help them because she was now not scared of dying as that it would be better than living in that house. 

The Expose

Stephen came to Linda’s room with a pair of Lingerie. She had to choose one of the two. Linda without looking at any one of them chose one and Stephen said that he was expecting exactly that from a slut like her. Linda was enraged by his comments but kept her cool. 

She took the lingerie and started to get ready. Linda was presented in front of five men who had their dicks out and was sitting on the chair. She thought she had to suck them off and thus, she went ahead to do that. But, Stephen stopped her and asked Joshua to come and lick his mom’s cunt.

Stephen also introduced Joshua as Linda’s son making everyone laugh out loud. Joshua proceeded to lick his mom’s cunt. They were so embarrassed that both of them had their eyes closed. Just then, Stephen said, “Look how pleased they are that they closed their eyes.”

Suddenly, one guy whipped Joshua and he was in pain and stopped but Stephen pushed his head in her cunt once again. Stephen ordered, “Don’t stop and now fuck her.” Joshua now started to fuck his mom in a missionary pose and every other man in that room including Stephen was jerking off. 

They wanted Joshua to fuck his mom harder. But, as he was struggling to do that, they pushed him away and Stephen started to fuck Linda. This was the first time Stephen got directly involved in any sort of sexual activity with his hostages. He always used to organize shows before that. 

He was fucking Linda ferociously and everyone was cheering him up and thus, his strokes became harder and harder. At that very moment, there was a police siren and Stephen told everyone to calm down as he will take care of the situation. No one can harm the commissioner’s friends. 

But, he was late and wrong as the policemen first arrested Stephen and when he ordered them to release him, they showed Stephen a live video of him getting arrested which was getting broadcasted all over the internet. Then a policeman explained what happened to Stephen in detail. 

“Sir, we received a call from Attorney General’s office asking us to find out about your whereabouts. And, then the Senator called to look at the live feed and arrest you immediately. It was also the verdict of the Attorney General. We can’t help you sir. Everyone here apart from the victims will be in police custody.”

Joshua, Linda, and Carmella were happy as the plan worked. While Stephen was exploiting Linda and Joshua, he never saw Carmella who swiftly placed a webcam in the room and started streaming everything Stephen and his friends were doing live. It ensured their freedom and Linda knew that her real love cannot be any other man than her son, Joshua.

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