Sex story about mother and daughter

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You know the general notion around homosexuality. People like to slander the LGBTQ community because they are different from the norm of society. But, should that determine our choice? Should we become the slaves of societal norms? Or should we challenge them and become free and do things that we are willing to do in life?

This was a challenge I faced when I found the reality and it was shown to me by none other than my daughter. I am Pamela, a 45-year-old mother who works at a bakery. My husband died four years ago and since then, I was single. I never even considered getting into another relationship. I come from an orthodox family. 

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I was married against my wishes. I never wanted to marry. My friends were very much into men and wanted to sleep with them and lose their virginity. But, as I am from an orthodox family, my friends thought I didn’t show interest in men as I was scared to lose my virginity. You know what; I didn’t enjoy the company of men.

I would rather spend time with my female friends. I was like that from my childhood. I didn’t know the reasons for that. My family background was such that I was forbidden to spend time with my male friends. There were a few but I couldn’t spend time with them. The reality was I didn’t enjoy my time with them. 

But, I enjoyed every bit of the moments that I spend with my female friends, especially, Kayla. She was my best friend and we had a different connection. We lived in a village and it was common for most girls in the village to bond together and it was nothing unusual. Therefore, when I was with Kayla, nobody bothered and I enjoyed it too.

However, our enjoyment wouldn’t last long because school was getting over and it was time for us to move apart. There was a custom in our Village at that time. After school, the girl must be married to an older man. So, once school was coming to an end, Kayla’s parents started searching for a perfect husband for her.

My parents were not thinking like that. They thought that once school was over, then they would look for a husband because they didn’t want me to get distracted during my final year at school. So, they decided to postpone the search. Kayla didn’t seem to bother much about the search for her groom. She didn’t want to get married. 

But, her parents finally found a man over 30s to be her husband. She wasn’t happy but she couldn’t say no. Our world was different from what I see now. So, on the day of the marriage, I cried as if someone had died. Kayla and I were inseparable and now we would be separated. The thought of living without Kayla was killing me from the inside, I didn’t know why back then.

Get the Load Off

I was depressed and my family knew that after the marriage to Kayla, I was sad. I wasn’t eating well and didn’t go out. I also stopped talking to most people. In our village, girls were a liability and most parents would marry their daughters just to get the load off their shoulders. After some time, my parents thought, it was time for me to get married and they started searching for a groom.

They found my husband, Daniel, through a friend of theirs. Daniel was the most eligible bachelor at that time and I was also very beautiful. My parents knew that Daniel would accept me as his wife. Daniel was very wealthy as well. So, my parents were all over him. Daniel came to our house. I realised that he was drunk. But, it was not a problem for my parents because he was rich and that’s what mattered. 

They told me to spend some time with him alone and I did. But, those were the most uneasy moments in my life at that time. I knew after the marriage, my life will become a living hell. I couldn’t go against my parents as well. So, I decided to give up and say yes to him. Everyone was happy and nobody thought about me. I acted as if I was delighted with this marriage but I was dead from the inside.

During our first night, he raped me. He came to the bedroom drunk and I resisted. He beat me up and fucked me in my ass. For the first few months, he kept on fucking my ass and I was getting sick because of the way he was beating me every night. I couldn’t say no to him and after telling my mother what Daniel was doing to me, she said it was normal and I shouldn’t resist him.

After a couple of months, he started fucking my dry vagina. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced in my life. One night, he dropped his seed mistakenly as he was drunk. And, the result was that I felt alive again as I was holding Olivia after 9 months after that incident. After the birth of our daughter, Daniel also changed and he became a caring father something I didn’t expect.

And, because of that, for the first time, I felt happy that I had a good husband. Yes, the birth of a child can change a human being. But, sadly, when Olivia was just 2 years old, Daniel passed away. I was left with my only daughter and all of his wealth. Alcohol killed my husband. I felt heartbroken again after his death. But, I knew that I had to be a strong woman and bring my child up.

I wanted to give Olivia a good life and for that, I was ready to do everything I could. I became her mother and father. I saw Olivia become the woman in front of my eyes. She was 20 years old now. But, I found that she was also struggling with the same issues. So, I told asked her, “You seem to be a bit disturbed. What happened?” We shared a very nice relationship. We were open to each other.

So, she told me that she was having fights with her girlfriend. She confessed that she was a lesbian and that her girlfriend cheated on her. I was a bit shocked initially but then I realised that I was going through the same and my parents never asked me what was happening. I could feel the pain of my daughter and it took me back to the day of Kayla’s marriage. Tears started to flow from my eyes.

No More a Secret

Olivia asked me why I was crying. I told her everything about Kayla and how things were during my childhood. It was a conversation I should have had with her a few years back. But, as you know things happen when the time comes. So, after explaining my to daughter about my childhood, she understood my pain and embraced me. Well, this was not a normal embrace and I felt it that way.

I felt aroused for the first time in my life. My daughter was a modern girl and she knew that I was aroused. She said, “It is okay, mom. Let me give you a taste of what it’s like to be a lesbian.” By saying this, she planted a kiss on my lips. I couldn’t control myself and I kissed back as well and we locked lips and it seemed like ages. I wasn’t ready to let go of her moist lips.

Meanwhile, she started fondling my boobs. I quickly opened my gown and she started sucking my nipples. They were hard and erect. And, I was feeling so good. After a while, she also got naked and told me to suck her boobs. I never thought sucking boobs would feel so good. She told me to get naked a spread my legs. I did that. She started licking my wet cunt. She was slurping all my juices and eating my pussy like it was the tastiest thing in the world. After some time, she told me to do the same and she was right, it was the tastiest thing than anything I ever tasted. Next, she went on to finger my pussy.

Olivia made me squirt and it was the first time in my life I had an orgasm. It felt so good. I also helped Olivia by fingering her pussy and making her cum. It was the best experience of my life. I embraced my sexuality for the very first time and I was happy about that. Now, I don’t care what others think about me. I am a proud lesbian just like my daughter. I still have sex with my daughter whenever we get time.

And, the truth is, it feels fantastic. I am in love with my daughter. Even her girlfriend knows it. She doesn’t have any problem with my relationship with my daughter. I also had sex with her. For the first time in my life, I am happy and I am happy because I opened up to my daughter. I am a proud mother and I am also proud to have a daughter like Olivia.

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