Grandma and Grandson’s porn story (Pt. 2)

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It was a month ago when Lauren fucked her grandson Mathew and she wanted to have him again. But, Mathew didn’t even call or text her after that night. Lauren knew Mathew more than anyone else in this world. She knew that Mathew was a shy boy. He was struggling to make eye contact with his grandmother and that’s why he wasn’t coming to meet her. 

But, Lauren knew that his grandson would come to meet her again someday and she was hoping that day would be sooner rather than later. Lauren felt like a woman again and when Mathew said that he was falling in love with her on that note, uncannily, Lauren also felt that way. It was a feeling that was inexplicable for Lauren as she never thought that she would feel like that for Mathew. 

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One day when she returned home she saw Mathew back. Lauren was angry now with him because he never called or asked about the well-being of his grandma. So, when she saw him, Lauren angrily said what he needed from her now. Mathew was surprised by this behaviour from his grandma because this type of behaviour could only be seen among lovers. So, Mathew told her to sit first.

He informed Lauren that the porn video that they made was a huge hit and his lender made a huge profit from that video and he also gave him two million dollars for the performance. And he came here to give Lauren a million from that and he also had a proposal from that man. Lauren became angrier. She said that she was not a whore that would sell her body to make money. 

But, Mathew was a calm man and he hugged his grandma to calm her down as well. He made her sit and told her that the video went viral on the internet and now, people wanted to see more videos like that from her. She had become a porn star. People were going crazy about her. They wanted to see more videos from her. So, she had already shown her body to the world.

Mathew said something that shook Lauren from the core, “It’s not that people haven’t seen you naked and you cannot take that video down. So, if you could make a fortune by doing porn videos and by fucking men, then why shouldn’t you do that? It will ensure that you get to have sex regularly and you will also make a shit load of money, grandma.”

Lauren thought for a while and realized that Mathew was talking sense. She decided that she would do it but not with him. Mathew told her that they had to go to LA to meet the producer, sign the papers, get the cheque, shoot the videos, and come back. So, she needed to pack her bags as early as possible. Lauren packed her bags and the grandma and grandson duo were now off to LA.

An Offer from LA

When Lauren and Mathew arrived at the office of the producer, they saw a huge crowd and some sort of a party was going on. It was the success party of their last video, ‘Grandma and Grandson’s Love Story’ in which Lauren and Mathew performed. When both of them joined the party, everyone was congratulating them as it was the most trending porn video on the internet. 

The producer also asked Lauren to come to the stage but she declined. After that, the producer took her to his office and said that his name was James and he was also a porn star. But, she wanted a new face and he found her. He wanted to fuck her as well but Lauren wasn’t ready. He gave her a contract which was for 10 million dollars and it had many scenes that Lauren needed to shoot. 

There would be another scene with Mathew along with a couple of gangbangs and solo scenes. The money was so huge that she could resist signing the contract. James took Lauren to the stage now and announced that her sex scene would be out on their website that weekend and people got excited. Lauren was also enjoying her newly found stardom as many people wanted to take selfies with her. 

Lauren asked Mathew what a gangbang was and Mathew sent some gangbang videos to Lauren and which got her excited. She was eager to get to the set and film that scene. She now went to her hotel and relaxed for a while. She couldn’t sleep because all night she was anticipating what those hungry men would do to her body and somehow she wanted it badly. She woke up very early. 

Mathew came to pick her up from her hotel. She became more excited when Mathew told her that he would be among those five men that would fuck her that morning. Lauren was now more excited than ever to go to the set and bring the slut inside her out in front of all those men including her grandson. She didn’t even realize that she didn’t look at Mathew as her grandson anymore. 

Mathew was another meat for her that she would devour whenever she got the opportunity. She was starving for more than a month and now she was ready. Lauren realized that she was already wet down there. And, Mathew was also guessing what was happening with her grandmother. He told her to wait because things could get wild for her because these men would not spare her. 

A Slutty Grandmother

Lauren said something that shocked Mathew. She said, “I don’t want you or any other man to spare me. I want all of you to fuck me as hard as possible.” Mathew knew that his grandmother was horny and so, he drove as fast as he could to take her to the set. He parked the car and took his grandmother inside the set and she was straight off to the make-up room. 

She put on sexy lingerie that was transparent and after the makeup, she looked at the mirror and said, “You are a sexy bitch. Now, go and fuck them all.” She went straight to the shooting area and saw five men including Mathew waiting for her. She went to each and every one of them and sucked their dicks as she kneeled in front of them. They were skull fucking her and she was enjoying it. 

She spat in all those dicks as she kept sucking them one by one. There were times when she took two dicks in her mouth at one time. While she was sucking those dicks, one man would do down on her and eat her pussy. It was a heavenly feeling for Lauren. Now, those men had enough and one black man set her up and drove his dick inside her ass. Lauren had a virgin ass and that’s why it was painful for her. 

Lauren screamed hard when that black dick went deep inside her. But, no one was ready to listen, not even her grandson. Mathew slammed her mouth shut with his dick and there was another man who went after his pussy. She was sandwiched between two men and both used each of her holes. Her grandson was fucking her mouth and another man gave his dick in her hands to stroke.

It was painful at first for Lauren but she learnt immediately how to handle all those dicks. Every man interchanged positions to fuck her differently. The black man was the roughest as he was slapping her face and butt. He was an animal. Lauren was enjoying him the most. She was also enjoying how her grandson was fucking her. It felt good that all those men were worshipping her body. 

The scene went on for about three to four hours with many takes and retakes. However, every man ejaculated twice or thrice either inside her or on her tits and face. In the end, she was drenched in cum and she was smiling. She didn’t bring up her slutty attitude during that scene. 

Mathew didn’t think that his grandmother could be that slutty. He even had doubts about whether she could survive after the way these guys would fuck her. But, she was smiling in the end. Mathew went to her grandmother and took care of her. He also drove her back to her hotel room. 

He spent the night with her and fucked her again. After the night’s fuck, Lauren thanked Mathew for making her feel alive again. She was enjoying her life more than ever. She didn’t know that doing porn can be that great. Now, she resigned from her job and will do porn full-time. 

Mathew was surprised and hugged her. He didn’t know that her grandmother was so into sex but he realised that after staying alone for so long, she now wanted to enjoy her sex life and he was happy to give her that joy. They slept in that night hugging each other like lovers.

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