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Linda loved her husband very much. Her husband was in the US army and went to the Vietnam War never to return. It was the biggest loss of her life and she didn’t remarry. She had her only Joshua to take care of. Just like a devoted wife, she was a devoted mother taking care of her son’s needs. 

But, Linda was alone. Her family members tried to convince her to go on dates with other men and remarry to start a new life. Yet, she insisted that nobody could take the place of her husband in her life and therefore, she just cannot think about getting married ever again. 

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Linda focused on raising her son and making him a better man just like her husband. Joshua was a bright young boy and the teachers at his school were very happy with his academic performance. It made Linda happy because finally, she has a boy who can fulfil her aspirations. 

The last thing she wanted was for her son to join the army. She hated the army because it took away the love of her life. Also, the reason why her husband, Simon, had to join the army was that he was uneducated and didn’t have any job to support his family. So, he had to join the army.

That was why Linda wanted to make Joshua as educated as possible so that he didn’t have to join the army. She made sure that her son stayed away from the army as much as possible. Therefore, Joshua studied hard under the guidance of her mother which made him the best student. 

Joshua admired her mother. He used to take care of her mother’s needs. Whenever he saw his mother crying while holding his father’s photograph on her chest, he would sit with her mother and console her. Joshua knew that he was the only person in this world who cares for her mother. 

He was shy he had to be what his mother wanted him to be. In this way, he made sure that he kept his mother happy all the time. Also, Joshua didn’t have any friends because he was an introvert and the only friend in his life was his mother; he was happy with that as he didn’t like other boys. 

Joshua developed a hatred for other boys because they used to bully him for his introverted character. Whenever he used to tell his mother about those bullies, his mother would go to the school and complain to the principal and those bullies used to get punished for their actions.

This made Joshua very happy and he started to see her mother as a hero in his life. And therefore, he knew that whenever there will be trouble in his life, Joshua knew that his mother would be there to help him out of his misery. So, he grew closer to his mother and Linda became his world. 

A Complain for Joshua

One day, Linda received a letter in her mailbox. It was from Joshua’s school and it was from the principal. Linda didn’t wait for a second to open it and it was a complaint from the principal of Joshua’s school. Linda was shocked because she never had received anything like that ever before. 

So, she sat down on the couch and started reading it. In that letter, the principal addressed his concern about his lack of attentiveness of Joshua in the classes. Joshua wasn’t in the right frame of mind and wanted to know from his mother whether something has happened to him or not. 

The principal wanted to make sure that everything was all right in the family and Joshua wasn’t having any sort of trouble that was distracting him from his studies because the principal had high hopes for Joshua and he didn’t see such a brilliant student in his school for a long time.

This made Linda a bit happy because the principal was praising her son. The principal also said that the reason why he was writing this letter and didn’t summon Linda to the school was that he didn’t want Joshua to know that he told his mother about it. He wanted to keep things secret. 

Also, the principal requested Linda to reply to him back with a letter or a phone call because he wanted to make sure that they worked together to get Joshua back on track. They both had ambitions for Joshua that they didn’t want to get ruined because of anything. They knew they had a gem of a boy.

So, when Joshua came back from school, Linda went upstairs to ask about how he was doing and whether he was having any kind of trouble or not. Linda thought that he might be fascinated with a girl because he was 16 and this was the age when you would have sexual desires. 

Joshua wasn’t ready to tell his mother what was happening to him. So, his mother started to open up so that Joshua could get relaxed and open up to her as well. Linda said, “Do you like any girl?” Joshua replied, “No, mom, I don’t like any girl. I don’t have any problem. Please let it pass.”

Joshua was a bit rude in the way he talked to Linda. But, Linda wasn’t ready to let the matter pass. She pressed on. She said, “I know at this age, there will be changes in your body. Does that affect your focus and concentration? Please tell me, son, I am only here to help my little boy.”

By saying this, Linda touched Joshua’s junk and saw an erection. Linda smiled and said, “Is this what making you uncomfortable and giving you trouble?” Joshua jumped and panicked, “Don’t touch that mom, go away, and don’t come near me, mom.” Linda understood the problem and there was one solution only for that.

Linda’s Solution

Linda told Joshua, “Don’t worry son, I have the solution for your problem. Let me touch it.” When Linda touched Joshua's erect penis, something happened to her inside that never happened in years. The last time she felt like that was with her husband. Something was happening. 

Linda pulled down Joshua’s pants. She now touched the penis and started doing to and fro with it. Joshua was having a feeling that he never had before, His heart was beating faster. He didn’t know that the same thing was happening with Linda. Her heartbeat was also rising and she was sweating.

The sexual tension between the two was visible. Linda couldn’t control herself and started sucking his son’s dick. She was going deep because she tasted a cock in her mouth after a very long time. She was starving for sex for so long and now, when she was having a dick, she forgot everything.

She didn’t realize that she was sucking the dick of her son. Even if she did at that moment, she didn’t care. Joshua thought that her mother was solving the problem he was having. Suddenly he saw that her mother stripping. Joshua asked, “What are you doing, mom?”

Linda replied, “It’s part of the solution, my boy. Do as I say. Grab my breasts and squeeze them hard.” Joshua did that. His mother had big breasts and he was struggling to hold onto them with just one hand. Linda didn’t let her son’s dick go out of her mouth. She kept on sucking. 

After a while, she laid down and asked Joshua to lick his mom’s cunt. Joshua didn’t know what his mom was telling him to do. Joshua took her mouth closer to her mom’s vagina and Linda pressed her son’s mouth over the vagina and she ordered Joshua to lick it. Joshua did that.

Linda was having the time of her life after a very long time. Now, while laying down, Linda grabbed Joshua’s penis and guided it to her cunt and told Joshua to get inside and bring it out over and over again. It is the ultimate solution to his problem. Joshua started to do what his mom ordered. 

Joshua was having fun too as he slowly started increasing the pace of the penetration and ultimately started pounding her mom. Linda was having orgasm after orgasm as Joshua wasn’t ejaculating quickly and he kept on pounding her mom. 

When the time came for ejaculation, Linda tightened her pussy and allowed Joshua to cum inside her pussy. And, Joshua saw his dick get into the normal state. He was now relieved. Joshua thought that he was having some sort of disease and because of that, his penis was getting bigger.

He thanked Linda but Linda thanked him in her mind because, after a lot of years, Linda finally felt like a woman again. Her son can fuck a woman and she was happy that she was the first one for him. She didn’t care about what society would say because she finally found her ideal lover.

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