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Ryan now knew how to capture video footage and audio clips without making anyone aware of the things happening. He had to learn it while he was conning men with his wife so that they stay with Tyler’s company. Now, it was time for Ryan to use those same techniques and spy on Tyler. One day, Ryan sneaked inside the house of Tyler, This was the first time Ryan had come to this house after the death of William. The house was empty as Sharon and Tyler went on a vacation. He scanned the house properly after breaking into it. After that, he installed video and audio-capturing devices all over the house. He also hacked the CCTV cameras of the house so that nobody finds out that he was there in the house. He didn’t want to get caught for breaking into Tyler’s house. 

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Everything was set up perfectly and it was time for the show to begin. He was waiting for Sharon and Tyler to come back. They did come back a week later. Ryan had to go to the office as well. So, after coming back from the office, each day he would sit in his private chamber for hours watching everything that was going on in the house of Sharon and Tyler. At night he switched on the camera in his bedroom of Sharon and he saw Tyler fucking her ass from behind. He was treating her like a whore. He called Jessica to come and see what he had found. Jessica was shocked and suddenly tears started to flow from her eyes. They were tears of joy. They now knew that they have got Tyler and it was time to get back at him big time. 

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Ryan didn’t wait to record the entire tape. It was time to make Tyler pay for making Jessica a whore just to keep his client. He and Jessica watched Sharon and Tyler have sex for the entirety and after that, they embraced each other. Suddenly, the two started talking about something that made both Ryan and Jessica shocked. Sharon was telling Tyler, “Your father never had the balls to fuck me like that. Well, I should thank you to make me his trophy wife so that I can get all his wealth along with you.” Tyler said, “Yes, that’s why I made you his wife. If I didn’t, you still would’ve been working in that strip club where I used to go to fuck you.” Sharon replied, “Yes, I am very grateful to you, Tyler.”

“Yes, you should be and no one should know what we do in the home.”

“The secrets will stay buried don’t worry.”

“Good, people should perceive us as Mom and Son.”

“But, in the bedroom, you can fuck me all you want.”

“Well, remember? My father caught you and me fucking.”

“Yeah! That was a big scare. He was about to strip us from his wealth.”

“He was going to give all his wealth to those two idiots; Ryan and Jessica.”

“Yeah! That’s why we had to give peace to your father and take out those morons.”

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After saying that, both of them laughed out loud. Jessica and Ryan looked at each other. They now understand why William suddenly died. Sharon and Tyler killed him. He was fit and healthy and they also have their confession recorded. There was no way to run for Tyler. Jessica was itching to have a face-to-face conversation with Tyler because she wanted to kick him in the nuts. 

Ryan called Tyler the next day and said, “We are not coming to the office and if you want to stay safe, then come to our home, don’t go to the office. Bring Sharon with you as well because it’s time to get things straight.” Sweat started to appear on the forehead of Tyler. He said, “All right, we are coming over.” Ryan replied, “Bring your police friend with you.” Tyler agreed. 

The Round Table Meeting

Jessica, Ryan, Tyler, Sharon, and Robert sat at a round table. Ryan and Jessica were smiling but Tyler and Sharon weren’t. Suddenly Robert brought his gun out and placed it on the table. Ryan did the same. Jessica was surprised and said, ‘When did you get that?” Ryan replied, “Just before they came. I knew we might need this. I have also called Mr Morgan, the man who made William’s will to come here and join us about an hour from now.” Tyler said, “Why he has to come here?” Jessica said, “You will soon find out.”

Ryan got up and played a video on their TV and it was the sex tape of Tyler and Sharon. Tyler, Robert, and Sharon started laughing. Tyler said, “Do you think Robert doesn’t know that? We fucked Sharon together just le we fucked your wife.” Ryan looked at Robert and said, “Well, then perhaps you know this as well.” He played the clip where Ryan and Sharon were confessing their crime of killing William. 

Tyler, Sharon, and Robert were shocked. Robert said, “I have no idea about this.” Tyler intervened and said, “Oh really! Who brought the drug that killed my father?” Robert denied but Sharon said, “It’s you Robert how can you deny that?” After pressurizing Robert, he did confess to knowing everything. He said, “I can take you two out now as well.” Ryan said, “No, you can’t, everything going on here is being recorded and if you do kill us, you will be in big trouble.”

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Robert put his gun down. Ryan took the gun from Robert and kept it in a safe drawer. Tyler said to Jessica, “What do you want from us?” Jessica replied, “We want what is rightfully ours, the firm.” Tyler and Sharon together said, “No way.” Robert told, “Look, you don’t have any other option other than accepting their terms. Otherwise, you two will be locked behind the bars for ages.”

Sharon replied, “Is that everything you want from us?” Jessica said, “No, I want to see Ryan fuck you like a bitch just the way your son and this moron fucked me. And Tyler has to sit there and watch as Ryan demolishes you completely.” Suddenly Ryan emerged naked with his dick erect. He asked Jessica, “Can I get to business now, darling?” Jessica nodded. Ryan grabbed Sharon by her hair and lifted her up and dropped her on the couch. He tore her clothes and slapped her face. After that, he made Sharon suck his dick. He was fucking her throat and looking at Jessica. She was smiling. So, Ryan became more aggressive. 

He took his baseball bat and inserted it in Sharon’s ass. He said, “Look what it feels like to get stretched in the ass, you bitch.” Sharon was screaming in pain but Ryan didn’t stop. He kept on inserting the baseball bat. Tyler dropped to his knees begging for mercy. Jessica kicked him in the nuts to show there was no chance of it. 

After that, Ryan started fucking Sharon’s ass and choking her until she almost painted. Whenever she was about to faint, Ryan would slap her face to wake her up and then choke her again. Sharon’s entire body was now filled with red marks. Finally, Ryan ejaculated on Sharon’s tits. Jessica went to clean Sharon’s tits and eat the load of her husband. Sharon was unconscious. Robert and Tyler sat there helplessly just as Ryan was when Tyler and Robert fucked Jessica in the office. 

It was the perfect payback for the couple. Mr Morgan came with the will of William. He read it out loud that the rightful owner of the firm after the demise of William was Ryan and Jessica; not Tyler. Tyler would receive 10 million dollars only which he had already received. Sharon would get nothing from William’s will. Mr Morgan also came with the papers of the firm to get the signature of Ryan and Jessica. From that very moment, Ryan and Jessica became the owner of the firm.


Ryan and Jessica were now running the firm more successfully than William. They had also found several high-paying clients. Also, the clients that left the firm under the reign of Tyler came back to the firm because they trusted Jessica and Ryan. 

Tyler left the town with the money he received from his father’s will never to return. He opened a restaurant which isn’t doing that well. Robert quit his job as police to move with Tyler. Robert is now the manager of Tyler’s restaurant. 

Sharon moved back to her old profession which was stripping. She did have a degree in psychology. But, that was of no use as she failed to pay the rent of her office. So, she went back to the strip club where she worked before. Ryan and Jessica came to the strip club to celebrate their big win in a high-profile case. Ryan tipped Sharon and on that note, he wrote; “This is where you belong.”

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