Mom in bikini sex story: Cruel Seduction (Pt. 1)

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Sarah is a beautiful young woman who got married to a rich man in Manhattan, Stuart Andrews. He owns the biggest agency of Basketball players in the US. However, Stuart became a widower when he was 30 as his wife, Stephanie died in a plane crash. He had a son, Joseph. 

When Joseph’s mom died, he was only 6 years old. But, his father took care of him and never wanted to get married ever. However, when Stuart met Sarah, his mind changed suddenly. Stuart and Joseph went to a Santa Monica beach in California for vacation. 

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The tides were so high that Joseph lost control and could have died. Sarah was the one who saved her. Sarah was the lifeguard of that beach and she was young and beautiful. By saving Joseph, she became a very good friend of Stuart. Joseph also liked her. 

There were times when Joseph thought that she would be interested in him because Sarah was 23 and was of the same age as Joseph. But, when Stuart proposed her out of nowhere, Joseph felt betrayed but he accepted the relationship as he wanted his dad to be happy. 

17 years since his mom died, Stuart was finally ready to move on and that was what Joseph liked. But, the problem he was having was Joseph was attracted to Sarah. So, he wanted to stay away from their lives. But, whenever he used to meet them in various parties, he eyes were glued to Sarah.

She still considered her as the most beautiful woman she ever met in her life. But, Joseph was sad because she couldn’t get that woman. He was also struggling with his dating life as she couldn’t imagine any other woman in bed with him other than Sarah. 

Stuart was also a loving husband and Sarah was enjoying the luxurious life that Stuart gave him. She was delighted to ride luxury cars and stay at the most luxurious hotels. Sarah was living the life of her dreams. She had always seen the face of poverty in her life and now she the life of her dreams. 

She also loved her husband for giving her what she wanted in life. But, even she had everything; she didn’t get one thing from her husband, something that every woman wants in her life; the happiness of being a mother. Yes, Stuart was struggling with infertility issues due to the stressful life he was living. 

But, Sarah never complained about it. Stuart was 47 when they got married and because of his age, he was struggling to make Sarah pregnant. But, Stuart wanted to see doctors but Sarah always said, “You don’t need to see the doctor. I know you will do it, babe. You just need to relief your stress.”

Stuart was struggling to relieve his stress because the life of an agent of Basketball players was very stressful. That was why he just couldn’t afford to make a mistake because that would lead to a loss in reputation and possibly clients. Stuart wanted a break, but there was none. 

Passing the Baton

Stuart was looking for ways to relieve his stress and there was one way that he could’ve done that but, he didn’t know whether it was a safe thing to do. He wanted to leave the duties of his office to his office staff and go to a vacation with his wife. But, he wasn’t comfortable with it. 

He wanted the suggestion of Sarah on this and Sarah said, “It won’t be a good idea to leave your business in the hands of your employees. They will ruin everything that you built over the years. You need to look at someone who is very close to you. You need a break. But, don’t leave your office to your employees.”

After a long pause, Stuart said, “Then I think it would be better if I ask Joseph to take care of the office for a while as we go on a vacation. What do you think about that?” Sarah wanted to have the control but she didn’t object when Stuart said the name of Joseph. She told Stuart that it was a great idea and he should proceed with it. 

Stuart was delighted but also a bit scared. He wanted to know whether Joseph was ready for the responsibility or not. So, he called him to inform that he wanted to Joseph to take over the responsibility of his business. Joseph was shocked initially but recovered. 

He said, “I am still not ready father. I want to enjoy my life. I can’t get into your business right now. I am not ready mentally. I have plans that I want to complete before thinking about what I would want to do with my life.” Stuart wasn’t expecting to hear something like that from Joseph.

Stuart thought that Joseph would be delighted to get the opportunity to work in his father’s place. But, Joseph declined. However, being a businessman, he knew how to negotiate. He told Joseph, “Look, I don’t want to pressurize you. But, I want you to think over the decision you made again and come to the final resolution. I am going on a business tour tomorrow. Once I came back, I would look to heart from you.”

By saying this, Stuart disconnected the call and gave a huge sigh of relief because he knew that eventually his son will take over the business because he knew his son. He was angry with his father and that’s why he declined at first. But, now, with time, he will eventually come to his right mind. 

The next day, Stuart went to his planned business meet and it was time for Sarah to do something about the situation. The only reason why Sarah married Stuart and not Joseph was the business and money. Sarah liked Joseph and wanted to fuck him but money was more attractive to her at that time than Joseph’s dick. But, it’s time to mend things and get the control back. 

An Urgent Call

Joseph was out with his friends in a pub when he received a call from Sarah. She said, “Joseph, you dad is out and I am alone. I am feeling scared. Can you please come? I feel someone is here other than me. I am very scared, Joseph. Please come if you can. I need you urgent.”

Those last words of Sarah ignited the want that Joseph once had for her. He badly wanted to get her in bed and fuck her. But, he knew that he was going to meet his stepmom, and not his girlfriend. So, he had to be calm and composed. When she reached the house, one maid opened the door and left the house once Joseph got in. 

When Joseph went inside, he couldn’t find anyone in the house. All servants were gone and there was no trace of Sarah as well. Suddenly, Joseph could hear a beautiful romantic music coming from the pool side in the house. He rushed there and saw Sarah, his stepmom in robes. 

When Joseph came to the poolside, she took off her robes to expose her amazing and sexy figure. She was wearing a red bikini that was shining even more from the reflection of lights in the water. Sarah was looking like a sex goddess. A sort of magic spell got the better of Joseph. 

Sarah gestured him to come inside the pool with her finger and Joseph went with her sign and jumped in the pool. He was spellbound. He already had feelings for her and now, her sex appeal was getting the better of Joseph. His dick was up already and so, Sarah dipped in the water to take off his pants. She made his sit near the edge of the pool and started sucking his dick. 

Joseph was having the time of his life with Sarah. He forgot that Sarah was now his mother. He kept pressing her head on his dick making her go deep inside her throat. The ecstasy made him forget everything and she took her out of the water and made her lay down on the floor. 

He took off her panty and started eating her pussy. He was biting, licking, and sucking it. Sarah was getting the taste of fucking a real man now. She wasted no time in signalling Joseph to get inside her. Joseph did that and Sarah was moaning madly. Joseph was fucking her in a missionary position.

He had a very big dick and Sarah was enjoying him more than anything else. Joseph turned her over to fuck her pussy from behind. It was the greatest feeling that Sarah ever felt in her life sexually. She made sure that Joseph spilled his beans inside her pussy. Both were exhausted and happy. Joseph finally got her wish fulfilled. But, for Sarah, it was about the execution of a plan and stage one was done by then. She had a satisfying smile on her face because of that.  

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